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Introducing - The Super Moderators

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  • Introducing - The Super Moderators

    Hey Dragon Lords,

    I've doing the majority of the forum moderation for quite awhile. At times, this can prove problematic because my weekends are on Tuesday/Wednesdays (though the rest of PG still works during this time). PG is also located on the west cost of the United States, which means there's a good 8 hours when we're all asleep. This needs to be improved. I've chosen a few community members who I think would do a good job helping to moderate the forums.

    What does this mean for me?

    Players who frequent our forums will find that there are less duplicate topics, less spam, less ad hominem fallacies, and more answers from knowledgeable players.

    How do I apply to be a moderator?

    We're not actively looking for more moderators at this time. Though if you would like to be considered when/should future positions open up, please send me a PM. Include:
    1. Why you think you'd make for a good moderator.
    2. How long you've been playing War Dragons.
    3. And anything else you think might be relevant.
    What should I do if I don't agree with a moderator's actions?

    If you ever feel that a moderator has acted in a way that they should not have. Please send me a PM on the forums. You may also send in a ticket to in-game support. Make sure to tell them it's official forum business and to send the ticket to Joseph.

    Who are the Super Moderators?

    Currently the Super Moderators are: Matcava, CaptainC, & Psa

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    Congratulations super mods ! Deliver us from Spam evil !
    Level 135| entire Dragons roster| Quit the game on Aug 22'16
    Knowledge is Power| my Platinum breeding path


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      Congrats! And Oldmandragon 💪🏽 wtg


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        Supermods the spam returns! Get a fixing! And congrats as well


        • #5
          how much is the pay check?


          • TheBulldog
            TheBulldog commented
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            I'd assume nothing. And if there was some remuneration I'd be really pissed after work the likes of Amoeba, Jaq and myself did for absolutely nothing.

          • Rapsidy
            Rapsidy commented
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            Oldman offered for free, so I'm guessing they took people who also offered the same.

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          Congratulations Tzemisce, Matcava, OldManDragon, and PSA!

          I know Matcava is from Italy, so I think it's great to have someone from Europe as a moderator!
          Where are the other mods from (if I may ask)?

          MareZ ~ lvl20X ~ Garnet Tier Dragons

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          • Tzemisce
            Tzemisce commented
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            Thank you

            I am currently residing in Japan.

          • Psa
            Psa commented
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            I'm from the U.K.

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          Thank you all!
          don't worry there isn't a pay check, we were already very present in the forum, we now have only one more chance to help, especially with the latter spam attacks.
          This morning I have already banned a couple of users and eliminated a few posts.
          Winners find solutions, losers find excuses.


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            lol, maybe I was too inflammatory

            Oh well at least they took my idea and ran with it

            There is no way I'd have done it for free either
            Last edited by NinAK; 06-24-2016, 03:00 PM.


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              Gratz Tzemisce, Matcava, OldManDragon, and PSA!

              I think this is a positive step forward that will help with some of the issues within forums...


              • #10
                CaptainC is also one. He was a later addition from the original post.

                I offered cause I'm always here, and at least it's something to do rather than hit new topic and cuss at people.


                • JoeBot
                  JoeBot commented
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                  Updated the first post. CaptainC took a little bit longer to accept.

                • CaptainC
                  CaptainC commented
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                  Joseph and I also talked about this a long time ago Oldmandragon, it wasn't a real necessity then. But when the spam problem came up I asked him if I could help and he accepted me.

                  I know this software fairly well and even have a registered copy in my name floating on some server somewhere I turned over to a friend. LOL

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                Could one of you clarify what your duties/responsibilities are as a super moderator? I am (and I'm sure most others are) aware of what the general definition of a moderator is, but it would be helpful to know what "power" has been vested in you guys in case we need help with something.

                Note to self: remove Oldmandragon from bookmarks.


                • #12
                  General moderator duties.
                  Spam, duplicate posts on the same topic, if any personal attacks get severely out of hand. Ect Ect. Moderator.
                  I wouldn't say we have any in game power, we can't fix issues with the game, though we may be knowledgable enough to assist with suggestions and may be able to reach someone at PG a little faster. Maybe.
                  We have no control or access to any in game accts. Simply misc forum duties.

                  When in doubt on specifics, ask. If we can't help, we may be able to get you to the right person that can.

                  As far as being bookmarked, if you got that oldman marked, farm that sucker. He's a punk.


                  • CaptainC
                    CaptainC commented
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                    Let's not forget protecting the SOP (secret of Pog).

                  • Oldmandragon
                    Oldmandragon commented
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                    I didn't say anything cause, well, it's a secret.

                  • cbwolfe
                    cbwolfe commented
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                    I unlocked POG somehow. Can you guys please lock him back up for me? Seriously.

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                  Serously POG needs to go!


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                    What's the difference between a moderator (such as Havoc) and a Super Moderator?
                    MareZ ~ lvl20X ~ Garnet Tier Dragons

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                    • Oldmandragon
                      Oldmandragon commented
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                      Actual employment. I believe.
                      Super= volunteer.

                  • #15
                    Congrats Gratz, Tzemisce, Matcava, OldManDragon, PSA, and Capn C.
                    OG Pro
                    Insanity is doing the same thing over and over, yet expecting different results -Albert Einstein