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Updated Research Trees!

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    People are asking for refunds because they now reduced the costs? Really? PG finally did something decent for once and you still complain? Just be thankful and move on already.

    Well done PG for making this change.

    Hopefully you do it with the dragon costs for the sapphire-emerald dragons (and obsidian once the next tier is released).


    • Marvin Lamb
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      This does seem like they might be finally open to adjusting dragon costs for those who are lagging hopelessly behind the whales.

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    Ok thats something. Now researches cost half of they used to. However , i have 12 gold eggs and 173 plat eggs. I can't do plat research without doing gold researches and gold researches cost more than 200k tokens. No way i am wasting that amount.
    Adding generic eggs to team/season prizes would have been a better solution for research.


    • EmrahT
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      I stuck there too, and i made that suggestion to add during breeding events eggs at some points. I really hope PGJared can speak about to accomplish.

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    Are you sure that’s the complete list of “research rebelancing”?

    There’s been a game wide decrease in base defence power - coincidentally worse for those who have done a lot of tower-related research... perhaps what’s posted is only the ones where the rebalancing resulted in an increase of the research benefit?

    Clarification would be appreciated, or alternatively a clear and lucid explanation of the DP decrease (and DP calculation itself).

    As an aside, shame we have to police every move PG makes, but it’s the bed they made when they conditioned us through repeated errors, carelessness, lack of transparency, and occasionally outright deceit.

    You beat a dog long enough and often enough, and the last thing it expects is not to be beaten.


    • Warlord
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      My educated guess is that it’s a code error.

      Correct code research_cost x .5

      PG code research x .5

      That’s why we see decreased defense power.

      I lost 44 mil myself

    • Mechengg
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      I think Warlord may be correct on this.

      There is a 4% tower attack as well as a 6% tower attack which were both halved in cost in green tier. Most bases dropped ~10% or so (other research may affect this number). Reasonable to at least investigate this.

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    Why silent administration? We have become accustomed to, that every improvement in the game prtvodit to a multitude of new challen
    We spent more coins on research and as a result of defence force bases greatly dropped.
    Thanks for the sensitivity to those of us who have been with you for more than a year
    the question arises, "what else you imagine tomorrow and does it make sense to continue this game?"


    • kenshiki
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      or maybe too busy fixing the issues since we all know that there has been a lot of issues.Once the new forum is up and some of the issues has been fixed, they can start to chat with us again. Do let them do their work.

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    This is total bs, and I expect those of us that did pay full price for our research to get egg tokens refunded. Now we just wasted a ton of tokens that could have gone towards new dragons instead. Not everyone who got green/gold research is level 300 and a whale, some of us just saw a good upgrade and wanted to get it. "You had an advantage for a while" is a terrible argument against it because that advantage is now gone. A 6 month advantage in a game that never ends is useless.


    • EmrahT
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      Its not the argument, just read right. I paid much too for eggs and sidepathes, but it is only logical that it was for that time. And now after it it changed.
      Can you ask for the conditions of last year ? Chest had much more eggtoken in them... Just with bronze and active playing i was able to do 10k in week...
      If you think logical you get the answer that it wont be.... For myself , i wouldnt waste tokens too if i would imagine i could be better in breeding... but so it is for amateurs as we was. At least the situation with divines, which you had to breed, or other dragons with non backbreed was different... so people who was at that wall always had more to get.

      People really... you ask for the not possible... Just work after this, with saphir or platin or where you reached at least.
      I for example wouldnt even upgrade that lumbermill/farm capacity if i would be today.... but as always it was probably during events, or different situation which had a purpose!
      Btw.... in past times shard weapons had easier conditions to build... and todays higher player had that... do you think todays player can ask for ? Of course not... that change was made for balance... as this change is made for it too.... Really man, you should be smart enough to know yourself.
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    EmrahT Can you please stop spamming people who disagree with you? Thanks. I don't understand players like you who say it's okay for a business to practice bait and switch mechanics, it's not healthy for the community. People are not complaining about rubies and gold chest, stop diverting from the topic. They are complaining about egg tokens which either you spend carefully to get better, strong dragons or you spend frivolously on minor research bonuses. By lowering the cost without providing an easier mechanic for earning research they have created a more accessible money pit. And I'm appalled at players like you and MikeGoN2GetU sitting here congratulating them on such an achievement. Some of us have had to sit here and watch players burn out and leave the game from all of this customer-unfriendly business practices, so sorry if I don't agree with your Stockholm Syndrome opinions.


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      Regarding defensive power drop - one response from support states that the research named “precise ammo assembly”, which is a red tier research giving +4% dmg to archs and cannons, was bugged and giving +100% and is now fixed.

      Regarding research cost, I think its a good thing PG did and will benefit newer players who are early on in research. I do think its a little unfair that the whole issue of the research wall was brought to light solely by players who will not benefit whatsoever from the change. I do think some compensation for these players (even if its just something like 1/4 the eggs that have been reduced instead of 1/2) would go a long way to show appreciation for this large section of the long term player base, would be fair, and would still allow for a degree of “catch up mechanics” to exist going forward.
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        EmrahT I think the thing you're missing here is that those of us who went the green eggs path are likely to have lower dragons than those who ignored the research. So not only do they have better dragons, they will now have the opportunity to get the research cheaper.

        You say I've had the benefit of using the research all this time, but, I've also lost out on having the stronger dragons all this time and there's no easy way to catch up on that!

        Yes it's good that PG has finally done something, but it's also a small case of too little too late for many.

        I think the biggest problem is that PG doesn't really look ahead when they put numbers into place.
        So they made the original final tier of things hard to get, fair enough, but now, everything has to be bigger in order to make it feel better.

        I'd like to see a complete overhaul of the numbers system PG uses to generate new content. It all needs to be better from a progression perspective so we don't have massive jumps which make things seem so out of reach that we stop trying to get there.
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          laserlight So you would have preferred if they left it the same as it was?

          If you think for a second that I in general support PG then you need to pay more attention to the forums. I will be the first to call out PG on their BS moves, which is frequent. I dont know who you are in the game but i find it unlikely that you have any more experience in this game than I or that you have played any longer. In fact i would bet I surpass you in both of those categories.You think I don't see people burn out and leave game? What exactly about my posts suggest "Stockholm Syndrome opinions"?.

          What exactly is wrong with them decreasing the cost of research? This is something the player base has complained about for a LONG TIME and they finally did something about it. Could they have done more? sure. But at least they did something, which is more than they normally do. Be "Appalled" all you like, I will also be appalled at people who get what they asked for, at least to some degree, and then bitch about it.


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            Owlrager thank you for replying. Sadly, those explanations are frequent and awfully convenient. An error (assuming its true) that is THAT longstanding is no longer an error. It’s part of the game - and if they’re going to “fix” it they need to tell people in advance with some compensation. But they never do - they make a change that’s advantageous to PG only, and then wait to see if the outrage gets bad enough before they communicate or change it back.

            Your info tidbit came from Support as well - and is conveniently omitted from the post at the start of this thread (once again, assuming that Support is correct). This further supports my suspicion that the post is incomplete and only lists those changes that benefit players (and conveniently omits any that don’t).

            Repeatedly doing business in that way is disrespectful of the broader player base, and the root cause of the disrespect and distrust many of us have for PG.


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              Guys, all who ask for a refunding, IMHO, are wrong. The Chevy Volt when came on the EREV cars market was 50k in its first year. The price on the third year became 30k. You act like those first buyers who want to be refunded 20k. False ! You bought the Volt in the first year because you wanted it. If the price of it would have gone up in the third year, would you like to be asked to pay the difference ? Come on ! Yeah, the green research cost a lot - I refused to use my tokens for breeding greens. It was my choice and I live with my choice. You all should learn to live with the choices you made.
              I wish PG diminish the cost of Mythics too - at least for Sapphire and Garnet - 200 000+ tokens for dragons with spells less attractive than a divine is really a ripoff. The only mythics I think are worthy of their name are Apophet and Hauheset. The rest... don't even start me about them.
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                I agree Oldtimer... But to plays devils advocate, you can't compare research to cars.. dragons to cars, yes... but research doesn't exactly become outdated and obsolete like a dragon/car does... But i still agree they are wrong. They paid what they paid willingly at the advertised price. As did I BTW. I only feel bad for those that JUST used a bunch on research eggs. They could have given us a bit of warning i suppose...


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                  Originally posted by MikeGoN2GetU View Post
                  I agree Oldtimer... But to plays devils advocate, you can't compare research to cars.. dragons to cars, yes... but research doesn't exactly become outdated and obsolete like a dragon/car does... But i still agree they are wrong. They paid what they paid willingly at the advertised price. As did I BTW. I only feel bad for those that JUST used a bunch on research eggs. They could have given us a bit of warning i suppose...
                  I fully agree with you, especially when I used tokens to get Donivalis only to get some green eggs to accomplish a green research. Even though I will never hatch Donivalis because it is of no use to me. And yes, the green eggs I got were used for a research that now it is half the price. But you know what ? I am not mad about this, because I think PG did the right thing, finally ! And if this helps the new players, great ! They'll become stronger mates in the team.

                  Would I have liked a heads up about what's coming ? Of course I would ! Am I really mad about the situation ? Not so much. I would love though PG to listen more to what players ask - diminish costs of mythics bellow Emerald, stop scaling down event prizes.

                  P.S. I am half way through already to get my mythic garnet, so, I am not really advocating for my case. More for those who are now infront of the Sapphire wall.
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                    Comparing being screwed over by buying a Chevy Volt and to spending tokens on research eggs has to be one of stupidest comparisons I’ve read on this page by simple virtue you can sell a Chevy Volt at any time. I would sell this crappy research back even at the devalued rate. But I wasn’t offered ANY recourse but to quit or play the game and not spend any money. By the way did the dealership also lower the gas mileage in your Chevy Volt when the brought out the new one? Did the make tire wear out faster so you would have to buy more faster? No they left your car alone and decrease the cost of future cars. PG decreased the effectiveness of research while increasing the effectiveness of that poison crap that nobody uses. Flat out it was a bull crap move to its customer base that spent tokens to get research and now I’m suppose to be happy for new players that get the discounted rate. 😂😂😂. Hilarious!!! No need to reply, this is more aimed at PG.


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                      I did the comparison because PG uses the approach of cars vs game - Honda or something, don't remember exactly. Yes, it is a far stretch, but what I wanted to underline is that nobody forced someone to use the green eggs if he considered the price was too much. At least this was my case: I didn't do all the green research because what I get vs what I pay for it was too much, at least for me. Now it looks interesting, but I have 0 green eggs and I don't think I will ever return to research unless PG decides to really up 5x the number of tokens we can get now from bronze/gold chests.
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