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Updated Research Trees!

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  • Updated Research Trees!

    We are adding a new tier of research today in a minor update. This will allow your research building to go up to level 7, and will provide research using Sapphire eggs. We will also be lowering some of the costs for research using Green, Gold, or Platinum eggs. Finally, we have rebalanced some of the research abilities.

    Cost Changes:
    Research Level Research Name Description Old Value New Value
    5 Sharpened Steel +4% to All Combat Tower Damage Green Egg:3 Green Egg:2
    5 Heated Chamber +10% Incubation Speed Green Egg:3 Green Egg:2
    5 Fiery Breath +4% Dragon Damage Green Egg:3 Green Egg:2
    5 Protected Ordnance +4% Cannon Tower HP Green Egg:25 Green Egg:13
    5 Galvanized Beams +4% Lightning Tower HP|+4% Trebuchet HP Green Egg:40 Green Egg:20
    5 Advanced Hunter Training +2 Maximum Hunter energy Green Egg:50 Green Egg:25
    5 Enhanced Lightning Resistance +10% Lightning Tower Resistance Spell Green Egg:20 Green Egg:10
    5 Ammo Reserves +1 Starting Supershot Ammo Green Egg:5 Green Egg:3
    5 Economic Improvements +5% Construction and Upgrade Speed Green Egg:5 Green Egg:3
    5 Organic Dragon Meat +4% Dragon HP Green Egg:5 Green Egg:3
    5 Recycled Shield Breakers Gain 3 Supershot Ammo Refill if a Cannon Tower Supershot breaks a Dragon Shield of any type Green Egg:60 Green Egg:30
    5 Lumber mill Basement Cache +20% Lumber Mill Capacity Green Egg:20 Green Egg:10
    5 Sheep farm Basement Cache +20% Sheep Farm Capacity Green Egg:20 Green Egg:10
    5 Enhanced Wind Wall +2.0 Second Wind wall Spell Duration Green Egg:20 Green Egg:10
    5 Galvanized Charge +4% Lightning Tower Damage|+4% Trebuchet Damage Green Egg:7 Green Egg:4
    5 Poetic Alchemy +15% Research Speed Green Egg:7 Green Egg:4
    5 Healing Remedy +5% Dragon Healing Speed Green Egg:7 Green Egg:4
    5 Multilayered Coils +4% Lightning Tower HP Green Egg:30 Green Egg:15
    5 Spiked Mortars +4% Trebuchet Damage Green Egg:40 Green Egg:20
    5 Essence of Rage +1 Starting Dragon Rage Green Egg:60 Green Egg:30
    5 Enhanced Vampiric Touch 2.0 Second Vampiric touch Spell Duration Green Egg:40 Green Egg:20
    5 Sharpened Steel +6% to All Combat Tower Damage Green Egg:12 Green Egg:6
    5 Economic Improvements +5% Sheep Farm Production|+5% Lumber Mill Production Green Egg:12 Green Egg:6
    5 Dragon Discipline +12% Dragon XP Green Egg:12 Green Egg:6
    5 Super Charged Generators Lightning Towers gain 5% Attack Speed for each other Lightning Tower on the same island Green Egg:60 Green Egg:30
    5 Fiber Pulleys +5% Archer Attack Speed Green Egg:40 Green Egg:20
    5 Sorcerer Fury +4% Sorcerer Damage Green Egg:70 Green Egg:35
    5 Hunter Fury +4% Hunter Damage Green Egg:70 Green Egg:35
    6 Persistent Poison +3 Seconds Poison Duration Gold Egg:30 Gold Egg:20
    6 Endless Arsenal +1 Super Shot Platinum Egg:50 Platinum Egg:20
    6 Dragon Forestry +10% Lumber Mill production Gold Egg:30 Gold Egg:20
    6 Super Sheep +10% Sheep Farm Production Gold Egg:30 Gold Egg:20
    6 Weakening Poison -6% Dragon Damage while Poisoned Gold Egg:80 Gold Egg:50
    6 Corrosive Poison +7% Damage to Dragon when Poisoned Gold Egg:80 Gold Egg:50
    6 Healing Salve +15% Sheep Farm Supershot Heal|+15% Lumber Mill Supershot Heal Gold Egg:30 Gold Egg:25
    6 Diamond Tools +8% Building construction Speed Platinum Egg:100 Platinum Egg:35
    6 Sorcerer Wrath +4% Sorcerer Dragon Damage Gold Egg:30 Gold Egg:25
    6 Suffocating Flames +2% Chance for Sorcerer Attack to Stun Platinum Egg:40 Platinum Egg:15
    6 Knowledge of the Ancients +12% Dragon XP gained Gold Egg:30 Gold Egg:25
    6 Sorcerer Savagery +4% Sorcerer Dragon Attack Gold Egg:50 Gold Egg:35
    6 Insulating Scales +10% Ice Turret Resist Platinum Egg:80 Platinum Egg:30
    6 Incubator Flame Vents +5% Dragon Incubation Speed Gold Egg:30 Gold Egg:25
    6 Reflective Scales +10% Fire Turret Resist Platinum Egg:80 Platinum Egg:30
    6 Shadow Healing Heals up to 15% while Cloaked Platinum Egg:100 Platinum Egg:35
    6 Permafrost +5% Ice Turret Damage - Platinum Egg:35
    6 Prewarmed Flamer +5% Fire Turret Damage - Platinum Egg:35
    6 Dark Matter +5% Dark Flak Tower HP - Platinum Egg:35
    7 Production Capacity +10% Lumber Mill and Sheep Farm Capacity - Sapphire Egg:10
    7 Intense Explosion +5% Dark flak Tower Damage - Sapphire Egg:10
    7 Heavy Warrior Armor +5% Warrior Dragon HP - Sapphire Egg:25
    7 Wing Guard Plate +5% Hunter Dragon HP - Sapphire Egg:20
    7 Magic Armor +5% Sorcerer Dragon HP - Sapphire Egg:20
    7 Enhanced Heat Shield +2 Seconds Heat Shield Spell Duration - Sapphire Egg:10
    7 Enhanced Dark Flak Resistance +10% Dark Flak Tower Resist - Sapphire Egg:15
    7 Enhanced Nocturnal Fissure +2 Seconds Nocturnal Fissure Spell Duration - Sapphire Egg:10
    Balance Changes:
    Research Level Name Description Old Value New Value
    4 Enhanced Battlecry +15% Battle cry Spell Bonus Damage +5% +15%
    5 Enhanced Wind Wall +2.0 Second Wind wall Spell Duration 1.0 Second 2.0 Seconds
    5 Enhanced Vampiric Touch +2.0 Second Vampiric touch Spell Duration 1.0 Second 2.0 Seconds
    6 Weakening Poison -6% Dragon Damage while Poisoned -4% -6%
    6 Corrosive Poison +7% Damage to Dragon when Poisoned +5% +7%
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  • #2
    This is some good news for sure.

    Unfortunately i would expect a small backlash from players who have spent a small fortune on research already but it sounds like that is a very very small % of the population anyways. Either way looks like a step in the right direction


    • Grumpybigbird
      Grumpybigbird commented
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      Ha yes. I just blew 50 eggs on advanced hunter on both my accounts. Sigh.

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    This is nice except it does not effect the overwhelming majority of players that have no green eggs to do research and no ability to waste egg tokens on research because of the absurd egg token prices of dragons in sapphire, garnet, emerald, obsidian and soon to be the "cash money" tier.


    • MaQleod
      MaQleod commented
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      This is exactly the position I'm in. I have 0 eggs, but I am in between sapphire and garnet right now, so I really can't afford to take away from breeding dragons.

    • john16309
      john16309 commented
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      Sorry, I am quite happy with the changes as I am just starting green research stuff. Lower costs and better spell enhancements are great from my perspective.

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    Update has made bases lose 100s of millions of defense rating at high end. Some bases lost more than150m def rating in diamond 1.

    Im also not convinced that the hundred thousand odd egg tokens needed to get to +2 noc fissure duration for example was really thought through.

    Perhaps get someone with higher than sapphire tier to look at research abilities?
    Last edited by gox1201; 10-04-2017, 02:42 PM.


    • #5
      PGJared Will you be offering refunds for any finished research that had their cost reduced? I had most of the green research fleshed out and I could have finished green and worked on some of gold if the token cost had been lowered in the past. By lowering the cost of the research without compensation, I think you will just generate more resentment from people who decided to invest while you were being silent.


      • DracolichKing
        DracolichKing commented
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        Same ask.
        Please give those extra tokens back!!!
        To me its 200+ green/gold eggs, that's more than 200*40*20=160k tokens. (assume 100% rate on a rare green egg)
        Or allow us transfer extra green eggs to gold/sapphires with equivalent token costs!!
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      • SilentOne
        SilentOne commented
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        Agreed, I have made my way through most of the green research.
        I think a better option would have been to make breeding the eggs more cost effective.

      • EmrahT
        EmrahT commented
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        People who got always the last tier of the dragon, so no backbreeds, had a lot of much more eggs. Beside that in the old system where you breed divines even more. Those people who always was at the latest state are different then more new players.
        I guess its natural that you know that this compensation wont happen, as it didnt happen when higher level player took advantage of the shard weapons when the conditions for them was unbalanced low, which now new player havent.

        Products are used at a early state and with that long advantage you had it much before, dont forgett even so most player wont be able to use that platin eggs, or gold ones, because they havent it, the backbreed system wont give it there.
        At least you people who are far , will be get the saphir state very early too, so it has a postive side.

        Just try to be kind to be happy with the majority i would say !

        Edit: Btw... its not same... could i say ... "wait PG,... 1 year before in golchest legendary drop was 5k, and epic over 2k.... , i opened 340+ goldchests so compensate me too ?" ... no i cant as you see... every time have there sides... from eventprizes, to chests and more !
        Last edited by EmrahT; 10-04-2017, 04:56 PM.

    • #6
      PGJared what about all those who finished research and paid full price for example platinum was 100 eggs now its 35 same goes for the gold and so on are we getting all those back
      Or are you saying we have to go back and make eggs we will never get in breeding as we are way past that level
      Last edited by Lock471; 10-04-2017, 02:56 PM.


      • EmrahT
        EmrahT commented
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        See it positive, they had longer a good advantage. By the way... for example, i am not short of platin eggs .. have more then i could use.
        The main issue was the green/gold steps.
        Its like always you know, to get some product firstly, and for a longer state, its usual. But be sure... most still wont be abe to reach that platin state.
        On the other hand... many high rank player builded fire and ice weapons for a better condition before the fix came, so nobody asked there for a rebuild, so i guess you know that you wont expect it. Normal isnt it ..

    • #7
      Shame on you, it stinks. Reducing research costs. Giving in to a tiny selfish vocal group.

      Only way to mitigate this lousy change is to give all those that have paid higher prices the extra eggs as a credit. Further if they cant use them the the next colour egg up.

      edit now closed the forum to avoid the flack?
      Last edited by JSG; 10-04-2017, 03:05 PM.


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        Nice changes to reserch costs. Wish it was done sooner. I am currently in the middle of gold/platinum. This will help.


        • #9
          I think there may be a linking issue with some of the towers and the attached research buffs given to certain towers. Maybe this information below can help you guys at PG out with viewing the problem and finding the solution.

          Prior to update: Level 37 archer (394k attack / 498k special)
          After update: Level 38 archer (250k attack / 550k special)
          Runes didn't change. Boosts didn't change. Location didn't change. It seems like the special got updated correctly but the attack must have dropped when the overall base DP dropped.

          The lightning towers i have stayed the same prior to and after update, they also were not upgraded at all either.

          I have had a rather significant drop in base defense power (its just a number i know, but it can hint to something being unlinked) so that's why i noticed this and i have the hard numbers because i was helping a player out with these exact numbers just this morning.


          • Marvin Lamb
            Marvin Lamb commented
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            I have two almost identical bases. One went from 74 m defense to 66 m defense. The other base lost maybe 1 m power. Very strange.

        • #10
          Thank you very much PG Team, that you helped us with to complete research.

          PGJared I made the suggestion that in breeding events eggs could be won as add inside prizes too if you remember, maybe this could still be a case for next breeding event.

          Anyway, this topic made me very happy, thank you all !
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          • Wr9tch9d
            Wr9tch9d commented
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            I support the Emraht's proposal about events eggs prizes!

        • #11
          EmrahT I'm glad it made old schools players like you who were sitting around asking what can I spend more mon...egg tokens on it, happy. I don't really care about old school players who had dragons and research maxed out. Because you got exactly what the current meta at the time was offering. For those of us who joined shortly before the sapphire wall began, we never had the time to sit for months maxing out research because we had so many egg tokens laying around. I don't really feel sorry for anyone who had already maxed out platinum research as they were already enjoying benefits the majority of the current player base couldn't afford. For those of us who got stuck between saving egg tokens for future dragons and trying to get some green research to unlock useful/necessary benefits, it's a lot more complicated a picture. I'm currently staring at platinum eggs that are useless for me because I would have to sink a decent amount of egg tokens in gold research just so I could use my platinum eggs...

          I don't really care if it's common business practice for PG to roll out new changes without fairly compensating players for taking a risk with their customer-unfriendly business practices. That doesn't mean customers can't lobby the business or go directly to the press or other outlets to highlight these issues. My elite membership runs out in two weeks and I'm not sure if I will still be around at the end of the year. I'm just amazed how this company continually gives players an endless amount of reasons why they aren't valued. It's like they were never required to go through professional UX training....

          EDIT: Would have been nice if they just replaced the research egg idea with converting them to research tokens that could be spent regardless of what you are breeding. But, no...we'll just cut most of the higher-tier research costs in half and pat ourselves on the back. It still leaves a lot of UX problems on the table.
          Last edited by laserlight; 10-04-2017, 06:05 PM.


          • #12
            Good change for my alt who still gets green research eggs from breeding and can eventually make it through green now.
            Too bad for whoever already spent all the green research eggs they ever got from efficient breeding. For my main, nothing has changed. Still a big chunk of tokens to get the missing greens and golds, more than I'm willing to spend on research when I can just focus on getting into the next dragon tier faster.

            Nice try tho.

            Oh and I also lost about 10% defense power, hope that someone will look into this.
            MareZ ~ lvl20X ~ Garnet Tier Dragons

            Important Threads to find everything you need


            • EmrahT
              EmrahT commented
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              This step had to come MareZ , the other case would be worse and struggling.
              I invested much too in eggs , and probably wouldnt do it and use for breed with actual knowledge, but it was how it should.

              About the excuse from players who already had all, i dont share them... Different conditions, and probably had advantaged during events for long aswell using it.

            • JSG
              JSG commented
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              Re your 'Let us finish research' response. That's exactly the problem, tailoring the game to the tiny tiny minority who push it, grow big, faster. There is no way to 'win' by becoming the biggest or big faster. There will always be big spenders ahead of you. Play within your size as the game is in good part made to. Its not a race! First to have nothing left to do does not 'win'.

          • #13
            Hi PG

            Does seem a great step in the right direction.

            To make this practical can you refund the difference between "old value" and "new value" for players? This might save players who paid the higher, unrealistic amounts and are no longer breeding gold/plat dragons. It fixes the issue where we still would have to waste tokens on eggs.


            • #14
              I do feel for PG sometimes, what feels like a logical step to help researching can't please everyone and it appears to have had a negative effect on things - but at least it's a step in the right direction.

              Just to echo a few points already made, would be great to have another way to get the eggs we need that doesn't involve spending egg tokens, due to the sapphire wall I cant imagine people will spent on green eggs rather than progress towards getting over that wall. As mentioned, how about event tree prizes or add bonus eggs somewhere in the breeding trees - further backbreeds well down the line?

              To play devils advocate for one moment, for those that had spent already and are upset, you did have a boost over those that didn't spend yet for some time, so you have not completely lost out... (puts on flameproof suit)


              • #15
                PGJared will there be some kind of compensation for those who had to spend hundreds of green eggs more?


                • EmrahT
                  EmrahT commented
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                  I guess you can answer this yourself too, from your large experience then. It probably wont be any compensation.
                  As told before, older times had different situations to new ones.
                  When there was no backbreed, people got much more eggs from breeding directly, some goes for people who was everytime at the wall.
                  Divine dragon system was different, you had to breed them and got even more eggs.
                  Event prizes was much greater, which means, compared to new players, at that latest state, you had it not harder for.
                  Chests was much better .... 5k was legendary drop, and afterall you had many advantages as a old higher player compared to today!

                  Or do you think i could ask for a compensation like, wait last month i opened 340+ goldchests... but 1 year before people got more as quantity... of course i would be not smart if i expect that..

                  Really guys... newer people wont reach over gold tier anyway, they havent it... but instead of wanting a step more to be infront of something... be happy for the people! This is how this game will still be alive!

                • kenshiki
                  kenshiki commented
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                  if people still complain when PG does this kind of thing, I guess it is best that no improvement should be made.

                  At least be happy that newer players can enjoy the game without the hardship that you guys went through. You already have the advantage due to many events that came before them and the time you have spent inside the game than them.

                  If this was an MMO and the game decided to lessen the cost of upgrades and spendings for level 1 - 100 when the cap is 120, I would be happy for it because more player = more competition = more money to the game if they decide to support it = more content that will come = old players will also be happy for the new content.

                • JSG
                  JSG commented
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                  There is no hardship! Perfectly easy to get green research eggs and do sapphire dragons. (sapph for research is a bit extreme fair enough) Basically this nonsense is just for the, desperate to rush the game, as though all research 'has' to be complete, like those that 'expect' to get all the event prize tiers. When everyone has it all easily there is no result of choices. Really annoying and off putting, and apparently messed up, re base defence numbers.