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[IMPORTANT] Forum Migration Tonight!

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  • lorddragon...Everyone knows the pvp, breeding, pvp, fortification pattern, that's not what I'm talking about.


    • Originally posted by EggToken View Post

      How long will the forum be down?
      Migration usually takes between 24 and 48 hours. We expect it to be back up by 8PM Thursday, October 5th.

      I found a good things about the forum screw-up. Now its readonly, it only takes 20seconds to post oposed to the minute it took before.


      • So if this is the only place to post is there still a Topic or is it Post what's on your mind. Kinda like old forum. Just read what you want.


        • How's the progress going on the new forum? Any ETA for launch?


          • I mean, come on...
            ZenWarriors - always looking for active players


            • Okay...

              I wanna know which one of you hired your cousin to build the new forums in his garage after school, because I literally can't think of a more reasonable explanation for a 2-week long FORUM MIGRATION.

              I think I rescind my previous statement about not blaming PG for this bullshit. Only you could find a company capable of drawing this process out to such an extreme. Did you bother to research or vette the overseas company you contracted this relatively simple task to?

              Between the two of you, SOMEONE GET THEIR SHIT TOGETHER.

              MY GOD.


              • ^^this


                • I believe they are shutting down the forums since it doesnt make them money. or maybe even WD in whole.

                  not a single response from them. smells fishy.


                  • Originally posted by Thraxas View Post
                    Again not the right place to post but I cant post anywhere else.

                    Theres a thread about data usage that would have liked to add to.

                    In August my total mobile data usage for war dragons was 260MB
                    September 190 MB
                    October (just the first 10 days) was 1.6 GB

                    I assumed this was due to an upgrade, however it seems not, this was spread evenly over the days, the next day where there wasnt an upgrade I know about I used 251 MB and I have the play store setting to only auto update apps over wifi.

                    I havent changed the amount, times or way I play, I use a mix of wifi and mobile data often finding it conveinient and fun to play war dragons whilst I have a few spare minutes. I do however have a monthly limit on my mobile data which does not allow for any application to use this much.

                    This increase in mobile data usage, that appears unrelated to download or installation of upgrades, means I have had to block war dragons from any use of mobile data and so vastly reduced the amount I can play.

                    From the data usage thread it appears I'm not alone in seeing this change. I get not extra functionality from the latest upgrades, I see no reason for war dragons to need this extra data. Could something be done to reduce the data requirements back to previous sensible levels?

                    This problem is really frustrating, even for people that got used to playing with bugs and mess ups for years, this is a new high since the sync errors.
                    I only have a relatively small data plan of 2GB which is usually enough for a month of playing War Dragons outside WiFi. In this month I've maxed my Data Plan on the 15th!
                    I'm usually calm about new bugs but seriously PG, what's going on here?!
                    MareZ ~ lvl20X ~ Garnet Tier Dragons

                    Important Threads to find everything you need


                    • This is what I see at the portal:


                      • I posted the original data usage thread. I also submitted an in game help request. Response was β€œwe recommend everyone play on wifi due to high data consumption” and then said β€œbut rest assured others have complained so we are looking into the issue.”

                        Pretty sure that’s their way of just dismissing the issue and saying they’ll never work on the issue....just like everything else.


                        • So is there Still a forum?


                          • EggToken can we have an update on what the heck is going on.

                            This is absolutely ridiculous considering it's for a forum migration. Hopefully PG is looking at this and realising that the treatment you are receiving from said third party is the same way you have been treating your player base and once this is all done and dusted you will start to have respect for us.

                            Hopefully this is the turning point and we will see some positive changes in the near future.


                            • [IMPORTANT] Forum Migration Tonight!

                              2 weeks ago



                              • Night of your life or this night for the rest of your life? πŸ€”