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War Dragons v3.61 Pre-Release Notes

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  • War Dragons v3.61 Pre-Release Notes

    General Game Updates

    Made some improvements with our UI after gathering feedback from the community.
    -reduced the border to one ring instead of two rings for the buttons over towers
    -made the color orange less saturated
    -reduced the size for the new UI
    -moved the resource count bars to the right side of the screen
    -reduced the size of the plus signs on resource and currency bars
    -move the right side buttons down to make more room

    * Fixed an issue with links being broken in mail.

    * Fixed an issue where there was overlap when a user views breeding egg count.

    * Fixed various crashing issues.
    -crashes with Android and iOS on the mail tab
    -crashes when starting up the game

    Atlas Beta Updates

    * Fixed a bug where Lockdown was possible in safe zones.

    * Fixed an issue with the countdown timer for event startimes.

    * Fixed an issue where Primarch arrows flicker around the map.

    * Selected Primarch’s arrows should now be yellow instead of blue.

    * Fixed issues preventing players from training or claiming Troops.

    * Players will no longer be able to attack a Primarch at a Shielded continent, regardless of friend or enemy.

    * Fixed a visual bug where the Gold Mine bonus multiplier did not appear in the pop-up Radial menu.

    * Fixed an issue where the backend continent ID would be shown instead of the continent’s regular name.

    * Made an update where Google Achievements show up above the Atlas icon (icon will be available after signing in with a Google account).
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