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A Closer Look at Necryx...

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  • A Closer Look at Necryx...

    Kharnyx's Flagship Dragon is ready to tear up enemy bases! Harness the power of Necryx and use his unique combination of spells to gain the upper hand.

    Necryx will be available during the Fall 2017 Season.

    For the first two weeks, the Necryx Prize Branch will be discounted by 50%!


    Watch Echo fly Necryx leveled to Emerald as he takes on a base with level 50 towers in the video below. Necryx can be leveled through Obsidian tier if the Evolution Stones are obtained! How far you take him will be up to you.


    Class: Hunter

    Rarity: Legendary

    Element: Dark


    • Desiccating Sand - Active, 1 Rage, White
      Desiccating Sand launches choking sand that does a large amount of damage in a small area, and prevents the towers from from firing or blocking spells until they take damage.
      Learned at Level 1
    • Cloak - Active, 1 Rage, Blue
      Conceals your dragon so that enemy towers cannot attack. Blue mage towers cancel this effect.
      Learned at Level 1
    • Elemental Barrier - Active, 1 Rage, White
      Prevent all damage from elemental attacks for 4.5 seconds. Heals up to 35% of Max HP based on elemental damage received. 2 second cooldown. 
      Learned at Level 10
    • Lightning Resist - Passive
      Reduces Lightning Tower Damage by 70%.
      Learned at Level 13
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    (Before Research, Runes, and other buffs applied)
    Level Rarity HP Attack Power Upgrade Cost to Next Level Upgrade Requirement to Next Level
    1 Epic 156,900 11,796 14,319 39,168 food
    2 Epic 201,863 13,033 20,360 58,526 food
    3 Epic 215,970 14,075 23,504 79,536 food
    4 Epic 233,495 15,404 27,840 106,930 food
    5 Epic 265,613 17,296 35,574 112,811 food
    6 Epic 302,026 19,724 46,097 Green Evolution Stone Have two Green Epic Dragons
    7 Epic 426,743 27,789 77,723 125,562 food
    8 Epic 484,553 31,064 98,631 132,468 food
    9 Epic 598,394 33,944 133,071 139,753 food
    10 Epic 644,063 36,825 155,439 147,440 food
    11 Epic 712,172 40,867 190,664 155,549 food
    12 Epic 812,270 46,177 245,751 Gold Evolution Stone Have one Gold Legendary Dragon
    13 Epic 862,155 49,248 278,239 173,130 food
    14 Epic 1,042,783 59,564 407,027 182,652 food
    15 Epic 1,260,232 71,691 592,013 192,698 food
    16 Legendary 1,483,164 83,399 810,510 203,296 food Have two Gold Legendary Dragons
    17 Legendary 1,612,906 91,620 968,297 214,477 food
    18 Legendary 1,736,882 98,664 1,122,845 226,274 food
    19 Legendary 1,870,399 106,250 1,302,133 238,719 food
    20 Legendary 2,014,176 114,419 1,510,046 Platinum Evolution Stone Have one Platinum Legendary Dragon
    21 Legendary 2,116,111 120,210 1,666,801 265,700 food
    22 Legendary 2,278,769 129,453 1,932,930 280,313 food
    23 Legendary 2,453,947 139,407 2,241,539 295,731 food
    24 Legendary 2,642,613 150,125 2,599,554 311,996 food
    25 Legendary 2,845,767 161,668 3,014,560 329,156 food Have two Platinum Legendary Dragons
    26 Legendary 3,064,518 169,783 3,409,332 347,259 food
    27 Legendary 3,141,115 174,027 3,581,918 366,358 food
    28 Legendary 3,219,628 178,378 3,763,165 Sapphire Evolution Stone Have one Sapphire Legendary Dragon
    29 Legendary 3,382,590 187,408 4,153,807 407,766 food
    30 Legendary 3,553,810 196,896 4,584,981 430,193 food
    31 Legendary 3,733,699 206,863 5,060,889 453,854 food
    32 Legendary 3,922,691 217,335 5,586,233 478,816 food Have two Sapphire Legendary Dragons
    33 Legendary 4,121,239 228,337 6,166,247 505,151 food
    34 Legendary 4,329,839 239,897 6,806,243 532,934 food
    35 Legendary 4,549,018 252,042 7,512,741 Garnet Evolution Stone Have one Legendary Garnet Dragon
    36 Legendary 4,898,758 271,420 8,712,353 593,169 food
    37 Legendary 5,021,207 278,206 9,153,469 625,793 food
    38 Legendary 5,275,372 292,290 10,103,613 660,212 food
    39 Legendary 5,542,406 307,087 11,152,500 696,523 food
    40 Legendary 5,822,958 322,633 12,310,051 734,832 food Have two Legendary Garnet Dragons
    41 Legendary 6,117,706 338,966 13,588,043 775,248 food
    42 Legendary 6,427,388 356,125 14,998,567 817,886 food
    43 Legendary 6,752,732 374,155 16,555,501 862,870 food
    44 Legendary 7,094,551 393,095 18,274,048 910,328 food
    45 Legendary 7,453,686 412,995 20,170,982 Emerald Evolution Stone Have one Legendary Emerald Dragon
    46 Legendary 7,640,011 423,321 21,192,167 987,806 food
    47 Legendary 8,433,065 467,266 25,820,266 1,026,545 food
    48 Legendary 9,353,899 518,291 31,459,105 1,065,284 food Have two Legendary Emerald Dragons
    49 Legendary 10,274,734 569,316 38,329,670 1,104,023 food
    50 Legendary 11,009,144 610,012 44,450,425 Obsidian Evolution Stone Have one Legendary Obsidian Dragon
    51 Legendary 11,743,554 650,708 50,072,261 1,161,783 food
    52 Legendary 12,646,493 700,741 58,068,192 1,190,663 food
    53 Legendary 13,618,862 754,621 67,341,184 1,219,543 food Have two Legendary Obsidian Dragons
    54 Legendary 14,665,990 812,644 78,094,999 1,248,422 food
    55 Legendary 15,793,623 875,129 88,104,753

    As an aside... I hope you're not sick of all my stickies, haha! Between all of them, thanks for tagging me in your questions, and I'm sorry if I haven't gotten back to yours yet! Depending on what it is, I just haven't had an opportunity to respond, or am collecting them for future content and follow-up. Cheers, everyone!
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    • Warlord
      Warlord commented
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      Pixxel do I understand this table correctly that we do not need emerald mythics to evolve the emerald version of the fall devines before their respective obsidian stone?

    • DaBomb
      DaBomb commented
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      Sorry Pixxel but the table has reverted to the previous version again. Can you please update again. Thanks.

    • Pixxel
      Pixxel commented
      Editing a comment
      DaBomb - That is so weird. o_O
      It looks like it's displaying appropriately again on my end, but nothing was altered AFAIK! Thanks for pinging!

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    That's awesome! About time a decent hunter was in the discount branch!

    Echo Btw, you must have some strong resistence. I cannot attack any base without taking out all the ships and monuments. Gotta have those goodies (drops)! Haha


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      looks good. Hopefully it wont cost ppl crazy amount of sigils


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        Will need to make an adjustment to the table values once I get back to a computer!

        Edit: Power column has been fixed.
        Last edited by Pixxel; 09-05-2017, 09:46 PM.


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          Originally posted by Dakhunter View Post
          looks good. Hopefully it wont cost ppl crazy amount of sigils
          Echo said in another post that the total sigils for each line will be reduced (#8).
          But he didn't say whether other goodies will keep the same. And we don't know whether there'll be extra requirement to unlock mythic divine.
          Echo PGJared CampusLifer EggToken Is there any truth to this support message? From everything i have been told, read and experienced there has been no


          • Dakhunter
            Dakhunter commented
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            I know that... But we'll see what the real cost will be man.

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          Thank you for this nice trailer video
          As mentioned before you showed us a bit of your gameplay so

          Thank you that you got him to do this, or for the effort to put this in !


          • MareZ
            MareZ commented
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            Since there will be new tower levels today and Necryx is an Obsidian at expert, I'm curious how he will perform at expert vs. new max level towers...

          • EmrahT
            EmrahT commented
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            Normally should be able to do similar damage... Afterall the upgrade dont change much fo both.
            Beside that i guess Echo could do even better if he would try

          • Pixxel
            Pixxel commented
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            We're both glad you and others are enjoying these more in-depth looks!
            We'd love to do more of these!

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          Pixxel do i understand the table correctly by assuming that we won't need emerald mythics for a Lv 50 fall Devine?


          • MareZ
            MareZ commented
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            That would be cool and it would make sense I guess, since he's only legendary.

          • Warlord
            Warlord commented
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            That's my understanding too just want confirmation. 😁

          • Pixxel
            Pixxel commented
            Editing a comment
            That's a great question!
            Although having a Mythic emerald dragon isn't an explicit requirement to bring Necryx to a certain level, I did take a look at @Red's breeding info.

            Based on this, in order to break into Obsidian tier (to meet that Legendary Obsidian requirement) at least one Mythic Emerald is required to be a parent.
            Definitely take a look at her table if you haven't planned which Mythic Emerald to go for unlocking!

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          Amazing dragon!! The discount makes Necryx even better. I would like to know the main hunter, so I can decide whether to go for the discounted branch or the main hunter. It looks like Necryx may be better than the main. Can we get a video on the warrior: Chimerak too? Chimerak looks very weak compared to Spindra and Necryx...mainly because he doesn't have even 1 white spell, nor a great resist. The artwork is amazing, but I wish the spells were better. Maybe make earthquake white and switch the resist to resist essence. Resist Essence was just a thought I thought of a while ago. Gain a resist off the next tower you damage, you can decide when to active this passive spell and when to deactivate to get different resist. It's a great spell for a warrior.

          Since Chimerak evolves to makes sense the either increase static shield's power, add resist essence or make a spell white.
          I know this is about Necryx ... just thought it was a good idea to post this too.

          I wish there was a desiccating sand and elemental barrier rune. and a rune that improves cloak (not the duration). Ex: Healing, Rage, 2 shots while in cloak, deals damage, Projectiles in air reflect, or once cloak ends gain 15% health

          I also hope the prizes on the branch don't cost more and hope the token goodies are better. Fingers crossed...
          Last edited by Sparkneo; 09-06-2017, 01:45 PM.


          • Sparkneo
            Sparkneo commented
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            Thanks to Pixxel and Echo for making the video

          • MareZ
            MareZ commented
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            It's great that you have so many ideas but those should be taken into consideration for future dragons/skills/runes.
            I'm pretty sure we all learned from the desaster of changing dragons after the release, I hope to never see something like that again.

          • Pixxel
            Pixxel commented
            Editing a comment
            Thank you! Glad the info helped! The primary hunter is still a mystery and a quite a few weeks away.
            Keep in mind that Necryx will only be discounted until September 19th as you form your plan.

            We'll see if we can create other videos for Spindra and Chimerak!

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          Thanks for the great info Pixxel ! Can we assume player and den lvl requirements will be the same as for non-divine legendary obsidians? I.e. to max requires player lvl 275 and den lvl 55?


          • castix
            castix commented
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            You'll also need 1 dragon of the next tier to evolve Necryx

        • #11
          Echo Can i assume your rider is maxed in that video? Or is that the spear going through him i see?


          • MikeGoN2GetU
            MikeGoN2GetU commented
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            Yup definitely showing a riders boost at the start, but visually there isn't one. Can you tell us what rider you have and what boosts it is giving.
            Last edited by MikeGoN2GetU; 09-07-2017, 05:16 AM.

          • Echo
            Echo commented
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            This was on a test build, there was a blank rider equipped with no power buff and no visual graphic. To be clear, there was no actual benefit to the dragons power for having that rider equipped.

            Lvl 1 Rider -> No skill ups.

          • MareZ
            MareZ commented
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            Thanks for the Info Echo

        • #12
          Can someone please update the table again? It has reverted to the incorrect AP scale. Echo Pixxel EggToken


          • Grachulus
            Grachulus commented
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            It seems to have the correct details if you log out

        • #13
          Just an early review/preview to add some depth to what Echo created!


          • Oppa1909
            Oppa1909 commented
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            Link pls Warlord

          • Warlord
            Warlord commented
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            I don't upload them to YouTube but I share with specific players via line.

          • Oppa1909
            Oppa1909 commented
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            Ah okay.

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          Is the "attack" column the damage/sec? If so, that is crazy. Noctua has 2.19m damage/sec at expert... You're telling me that Necryx would have less than half of that, and they're both legendary obsidian at expert?


          • Echo
            Echo commented
            Editing a comment
            The attack column is the attack damage of a single shot. Not the damage/sec.

          • Pixxel
            Pixxel commented
            Editing a comment
            To add on here, Noctua's base damage/sec at expert is 1,750,258.
            As Echo pointed out, the "Attack" stat listed above is not damage/sec, but per single shot.

            To get the damage/sec stat for hunters, we multiply the Attack by 2.
            At max level, this is 875,129 for Necryx.

            Turning this into damage/sec, we also get 1,750,258 for Necryx, so they're equivalent in those terms.

        • #15
          Yea cool dragon, but not beter than Borigan or Hau. At emerald tier he can replace Hau i guess, definately worth it at discount so we can consider a second branch. Im skeptical of the other initial two dragons anyhow. He lacks a bit of dmg but does the set up role well, elemetal barier is a bit tricky and sand doesnt always work.


          • MareZ
            MareZ commented
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            I have never had any problems with sand. Are you saying sand is glitchy specifically on Necryx or in general?