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Fall Season Content Preview

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    Yeah some nice changes and the new dragons and portraits look good.


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      Ok...Amazing artwork and spells for the new divine dragons.
      The new changes sound interesting and nice!
      Portraits look very cool but do we have to use sigils on these? I don't want to use sigils on these portraits that are not needed.

      The problem:
      Doesn't mention anything about new runes. Please put limited time runes in the limited branch.
      This will be used for the riders though.

      Does not mention anything about another way to earn sigils...Special Event Dragons - may help.

      Make the special event dragons - free


      • Sparkneo
        Sparkneo commented
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        Yeah, it would be unfair. For example, if they pick kinnaraku. Not everyone has that dragon. So it is not fair. Or if they pick Ryho - when only the whales have.

      • Niksur
        Niksur commented
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        too late, already being used outside of seasonal dragons.!

      • Lekly
        Lekly commented
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        Where do you see the spells and stats for the new dragons?

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      It seems that this Fall (or Autumn where I come from) theres a lot of changes coming. Atlas worlds, dragon riders, changes to events to count to team rankings, obsidian evolutions ...

      I've read most of whats on the forum about these but frankly I'm left feeling confused and not quite sure is happening or going to happen, how it will work and whether this is a massive new revolution in the way the game works or simply an evolution to a tweaked version of the game I know.

      I hear some players are beta testing some new elements ... but no one I know.

      Is there somewhere, perhaps a youtube, I can go to get a simple clear view on what the game will look like and let me know how it will change?


      • MikeGoN2GetU
        MikeGoN2GetU commented
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        What do you want to know? alot of people have Beta, and therefore some of us have dragon riders. Message me privately if you have specific questions. I will be more than happy to answer anything i can.

      • ITIL
        ITIL commented
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        The Atlas announcement was really just enough to be a teaser. At least, I'd certainly expect that they'd have something with much more extensive detail closer to its release.

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      Dragon Punch Echo Pixxel I have two issues with the Dragon Rider branch:

      1) Is the 1 Shard for Grogg in the final prize correct? The prizes go like this: 5, 35, 35, 40, 40, 50, 75, 1. Is this an error/should this be 100? How many shards are needed to unlock and max a rider?

      2) Rider Gear: What is the rarity of each of the gear pieces/ring/shield/weapon? Are we going to claim Legendary gear or waste our sigils on Common pieces? Also I assume it's not maxed gear and we have to level it up?
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      • MareZ
        MareZ commented
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        defpolak The shards I'm talking about are Grogg Shards to level him up, not to complete his gear. They are basically at the stages where you would find evolution stones, the more far you go, the higher you can level him up.

      • Echo
        Echo commented
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        That is a typo, if you claim it you actually get 125 shards.

        Additionally the gear is Rare quality and max strength when you get it. You don't have to level it up.
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      • MareZ
        MareZ commented
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        Thanks for the quick reply Echo.
        So a Rider needs 5 Shards to be hired and 400 Shards to be maxed at lvl50. Damn that's going to be tough for the Beta Riders...
        Maxed Rare gear sounds not too bad

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      These dragons are hideous. The avatars are nice. I can relax.


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        Echo PGJared Pixxel EggToken CampusLifer Dragon Punch

        This season, this dragon, and this prizetier is much better thank you ! ... decreased and the emerald stone splitted into single prizes.
        And mostly thank you for taking the 100% eggtoken prize as wished from beginning into the first dragons line!
        Beside that thank you for the 50% sale dragon, which is greater than the ones before , and not one kind anymore, so it can be a nice option!

        And Echo , i mentioned it once, and you did it well... Your gaming video as a preview was good for us all... it motivated a lot people here to take a side!
        Btw... you others from PG Team are invited to do it aswell... I guess its a lot of fun if you join there too !

        Lets see how it will be going . Probably that event affect the ranking is a interesting new situation too ! :P
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          Could you give us the stats on Grogg's gear pieces? Thanks

          Edit: 10% HP & 10% Attack for the full set of gear from Echo here
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          • MareZ
            MareZ commented
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            While we are at it, a whole new thread with a big table that shows us all gear stats for all rarities would help a lot.