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Fall Season Content Preview

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  • Fall Season Content Preview

    Here’s a sneak peek of what’s incubating for the Fall Season!
    • Dragon Riders are taking to the skies again, but these warriors need you to lead them! Collect these heroes so they can strengthen your dragons and your base.
      They’ll help your dragon army in your battles and in our upcoming World Map feature.
      For more details on Dragon Riders, check out our blog.
    • To celebrate the release of Dragon Riders, we have decreased the total cost of the season branches, while allowing you to upgrade your dragons to Obsidian strength!
    • We will be adding a new Dragon Rider branch which includes Dragon Rider Gear and Dragon Rider Shards that anyone can earn
      • The dragon rider branch will include the Dragon Rider, Grogg which anyone can earn through the dragon rider branch.
      • The dragon rider branch will also contain shards you can use to level up Grogg, as well as Grogg’s rider gear which you can equip on your dragon rider!
      • This dragon rider can be paired with any of the Fall season dragons to power them up!
    • We will be adding new tower levels as well as debuting the new Ice Flak Tower.

    New Dragons — The Nightmare Collection

    Be sure to check the War Dragons blog on Tuesday, September 5th! We'll be revealing the stats and spells for each of these dragons.


    Left to decay in an abandoned stronghold, Chimerak was thought to be a failed experiment created long ago by Gustav’s minions. The walls that housed Chimerak crumbled over time, leaving the monstrosity further exposed to the elements. As summer turned to fall, great storms raged across the land. Lightning struck Chimerak bringing him to life! And he was ready to seek revenge.


    With much attention spent to what rules the skies, the land beneath mortal feet holds many mysteries. This is where Spindra thrives. Consuming prey and power in caverns with infinite time, Spindra was undisturbed for centuries. But now, her hunger grows, drawing Spindra towards the surface.​


    Can there be a truly immortal dragon? The power-hungry Necromancer, Kharnyx, had tried and failed to twist the dark energies into an everlasting monster. Dragon Lords across the land triumphed as they fell the beast in battle. This would not deter Kharnyx. Necryx is waiting to be unleashed.

    New Character Portraits!


    The Conjurers prefer to keep to themselves in the reclusive community of Seh-Kalz, practicing their powerful illusion magic. But when the Age of Chaos began, they could stay silent no longer. Now as their magic returns, Conjurers will pledge themselves to powerful Dragon Lords. Some Dragon Lords have foolishly underestimated the power of these mystics on the battlefield and found themselves confronted by visions so harrowing that they were driven to insanity.


    For hundreds of years, tales of the Angel Hunter were dismissed as mere superstition. But when the Age of Chaos began, stories of a terrifying demonic warrior started to be whispered in hushed tones throughout the land. They say she erupts out of an open flame in a magnificent explosion. They say she wields an axe with a blade so hot that it slices through steel shields like a dragon’s wing through a cloud. They say she will fight for dragon lords, but nobody will say what she demands in return.


    Kayla was only a child when Kharnyx’ forces attacked her father’s castle. As the walls fell, her father, a powerful Dragon Lord, sent Kayla off in their last fishing boat and prayed to the heavens to keep her safe. When she washed up weeks later, nobody could explain how she had survived and also why her hair had turned from black to bright white. When they saw her wings they thought she was an angel, when they saw her strength and agility with a sword, they knew she was something else. Men have nightmares of monsters. Monsters have nightmares of the soft beating of wings, and a flash of white hair.


    When Kharnyx defeats a Dragon Lord, they lose more than just their kingdom, they lose their soul as well. These Lords are transformed into the terrifying knights of Kharnyx’ army: agents of death that lead the forces of undead into battle. It is rumored that as their humanity fades, their power only grows.

    Event Changes

    To make events more interesting, here are a couple of new changes we are adding to our events:

    Rating in PVP Events

    Winning Wars has been the only way to climb the team rankings, but we will be introducing a new way to reach the next league in the Fall Season! For the past couple of years, players have been competing together as a team to win rewards in weekly events, testing the coordination, skill, and dedication of each team. Starting in the Fall Season, Event Prizes will include Team Ranking Points! If your team crushes the opposition, your team will be rewarded Team Ranking Points. But be warned, your team will also lose Team Rank Points if you can’t stand up to the competition. The Conquer The World event will be the first event to feature Team Ranking Point rewards. Rewards will be found in the Team Prizes event page.

    Bonus Event Dragons

    Starting this fall season, PvP Events will also feature Bonus Event Dragons which will grant additional points when used in attacks. These dragons will be announced in the event rules as well as in-game messaging at the start of each event and will change periodically. Use Bonus Event Dragons wisely to earn additional points!

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    Lots of interesting stuff! Will be exciting to see it all in action.

    So, from this, I'm gathering that the Dragon Rider that anyone can obtain from the season tree can ONLY be used with the fall divines?

    Edit: And the art folks did a great job, those dragons and portraits look amazing!


    • Pixxel
      Pixxel commented
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      Not necessarily! However, the restriction with bonding a Dragon Rider to a dragon comes down to the gear equipped to the rider.
      Gear has an Elemental Type, just like dragons, and those must match.
      The gear obtained in the Dragon Rider branch will all be Dark elemental type, so any dragon of this type would work!

      That said, he looks awesome with Necryx!

    • MrJonesy
      MrJonesy commented
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      Awesome, thanks Pixxel!

      Really can't wait for more info on all of the Fall stuff. More is better!

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    Ermm. Is it too early to release a new ice flak tower? Most of us haven't built the fire flaks yet 😂
    on the side note, kudo for the art team
    a few questions I need to ask
    1- will all of the fall divines be able to evolve to obsidian if I interpret your post correctly
    2- do we have to purchase those "special event dragons" to get extra bonus in pvp event?
    Last edited by Dakhunter; 09-01-2017, 07:26 PM.


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      Art department did a fantastic job! Was so sick of flying ferrets and the like. Portraits look awesome too. Kind of wish the knight was dual wielding swords and had a bone helmet but those are quibbles. Excellent work.

      Can we get a little more info on the team ranking event prizes? First, how material are they? 10 points? 25 points? More? Second, will there be any allowance for the fact that it's much harder to do well in D1 events vs D2, for example? Finally, I trust these ranking prizes are not in lieu of prizes we actually want? (Sigils/clocks/etc)?

      Last question: any chance you can cut us a break with ice flaks and at least have them alternate using ice shards with elemental embers on non wood levels?


      • #5
        Dragon art is awesome!!!
        Will you clarify the statement about upgrading dragons to obsidian?


        • #6
          Rating in PVP events
          Sounds like PG is saying if you pay us a lot of money we will move you up in rank

          oh your a sapphire 2 team that has 2 or 3 big spenders during event? We will give you sapphire 1 or D2 for spending, not for your teams skills at actually competing..

          (Note: I spend money but maybe not as much as the whales, took me less than 1 year to get over 215)


          • Texreb
            Texreb commented
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            Art work from concepts look good, just hope they look as good in game (unlike the tiny dragon riders that you need a magnifying glass to see)

        • #7
          Love the look of new Dragons. I will hatch one this fall. Did not really like summer Dragons.


          • #8
            Put that karnyx knight in the hunter's branch...thnx in advance


            • #9
              We're getting seriously heavy on the female potraits lately. Can we at least find a way to let us choose the ones we want? Or maybe put them in their own branch and not the dragons? I'm personally sick of having to waste sigals on avatars I will never use.
              What, me worry?


              • DirtBanga
                DirtBanga commented
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                Personally Id like portraits separate. I dont need them... its not a great reward for earning sigils

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              have to say i'm skeptical about 'decreased cost' of season branches, because now there's a whole new evo stone to get to.

              i guess we'll see!


              • Psa
                Psa commented
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                PGJared Dragon Punch Really important question here. Will the overall cost be reduced beyond the additional cost of the extra evo stone. If the new stone is 5k then overall the cost must be reduced further.
                Last edited by Psa; 09-02-2017, 02:46 AM.

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              Ranking points from events is not new. It is something that used to happen in all events. It was based on your global position.

              I expect the new tower will will be upgraded with embers so I won't see it on my base for the next 3-4 months. And if it's anything like the Fire flak, I will never have it on my base.


              • #12
                This looks amazing!!!


                • #13
                  Looks spectacular Pg. well done


                  • #14
                    Art looks amazing - Is there any additional info on team rankings through events? I think I get the gist of it but a worked example would be nice


                    • #15
                      Kudos for adding ranking points to events. It will help stabilize leagues. And it will make it harder for d2 to camp there, unless they start loosing events on purpose also


                      • Texreb
                        Texreb commented
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                        Don't understand your logic.. unless it is sarcasm

                      • Sandberg74
                        Sandberg74 commented
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                        They dont want to come to d1 because its easier to win events in d2. Winning events now will give you rating points, that will push you upwards.
                        Only way to avoid that, is to loose events or wars. Their choice. Loose event rewards or egg tokens.