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Introducing: Dragon Riders

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    2 things to say:

    1: more money grab pg
    2: beta players have big advantages by getting reward, and you staff are saying sorry no other way? Then i must be dumb but i know lots of games that make a shadowcopy of a game +the beta stuff and thats in an hole other server the test. They can download that by a given downloadlink by mail and be done with it. this way normal server stays fair and if ppl wanna do beta stuff and have no other things to do then go have fun on the beta server.

    but my second point probely pg doesnt want because it wont make money but only cost money and we all know they love that green stuff.


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      I feel like this one bulletpoint from the Beta Patch Notes should be public for everyone to see as it also affects the maxed rare gear of the fall season Dragon Rider Grogg:

      Originally posted by PGDave
      • Remove level requirement from higher rarity dragon rider gear
      MareZ ~ lvl20X ~ Garnet Tier Dragons

      Important Threads to find everything you need