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Introducing: Dragon Riders

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    if two dragon riders will have same buff (+% to archer health for example) and they both bonded to dragons on different perches, will their bonuses stack?


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      I like the idea of the dragon riders but linking them with the crap world map that no one wants is again not fair to the player base. Good news for the non-beta players (besides the fact we don't have to deal with that garbage) is that we don't have to worry about being bent over by PG to get the new feature.

      for the love of all things holy, please dump the world map idea PG. I know you guys want it but your player base keeps telling its garbage and will ruin the game. I know you have invested a lot of time and money but it's better to cut your losses now over the losses you suffer if you ever make this part of the full game.


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        My biggest concern right now is the cost. With the new dragon rider coming out as a separate line available in the new Fall season, I can only assume that it will be a further drain on our sigils with no offset in some other form. With the exponential increase in sigils required from season to season just to complete the main three dragon lines- not to mention the 4th ("half-price" line) or the new rotating lines or the Nydyr line, etc., etc... (Forget about the mythic. LOL!!!)
        I'm reserving judgement in case I'm misunderstanding the situation and there actually will be an offset of some sort (a reduction in the overall amount of sigils required to complete each line, maybe, to bring them back in the realm of sanity?). If not, this change is just going to be really really depressing. Because I'll have to make the difficult decision between a dragon and a rider. And given the fact that I have almost no new dragons right now (I'm in the middle of the Sapphire/Garnet wall), I will probably choose the dragon.
        It would have been nice if you had made a way for people to participate in this new feature without making such big sacrifices and/or significant spending.


        • Dakhunter
          Dakhunter commented
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          I asked Pixxel and she said it will be on a separate branch for you to claim. So I guess if we don't have beta, we don't have to waste our sigils on something useless

        • Sandberg74
          Sandberg74 commented
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          Didnt see that. But somehow i am not surprised

        • Pixxel
          Pixxel commented
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          Dakhunter is correct — the Dragon Rider available in the Fall Season will be in a separate branch. Additionally, this Dragon Rider will not use XP gained from the World Map to level. It will instead require shards that will be available in the Dragon Rider branch.
          (We've updated the original post to reflect that detail!)

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        I'm personally looking forward to this new addition although I can understand many of the concerns the other players have.

        What I like:

        - Finally some new dragon-related content.
        We were getting a lot of new content that didn't have anything to do with our dragons (boat beta, salvage shop beta, new towers etc.). The last great addition for dragons were runes, while dragon armor totally failed (why not relaunch them with stats just like dragon rider armor?)

        - RPG stuff! Dropping, collecting, crafting and leveling.
        I personally like to work on something and see progress. Leveling dragons is fine, matching runes are hard to come by (always the same in events) so it looks nice to see this RPG element of dropping and collecting items, crafting gears and working through researches and rider levels. This should give many bored players new incentives.

        - Something for everyone.
        It seems like dragon riders can be used on any dragon. I really like that this seems to be a feature for the whole player base, from beginners up to long term players.

        - Not pay2play.
        Contrary to many posts from other players, this feature does not include any items found in chests and seems to be designed to give us something to farm and hunt for. This is essentially different from features such as dragon armor that was put into silver chests and value packs or from rare resources like embers that were put into gold chests.

        What I dislike:

        - Beta exclusive.
        Although I'm in the world map beta myself, I don't like exclusivity of game features that should be for everyone. Yes, we were told that it will also be available in a seperate branch during the Fall Season. But that will cost sigils and you can't just go out and hunt sigils like you can hunt for dragon rider items in the world map beta (that's how I understand it). Eventually armor to equip to your rider is not included in the branch. Also eventually they will only offer one rider who's element won't match your favourite dragon that you want to ride. What seems certain is that you can't level your rider unless you're in the world map beta or atleast this is what the screenshot says: "Earn XP by attacking enemies in the World Map".
        Looking forward to more details as promised by Pixxel on Saturday.

        - Copy/Paste.
        To see different colored versions of Ash really seems a bit lame. When introducing RPG elements, you should consider that players want to identify themselves with the character they choose. This is true for ingame portraits as well as for dragon riders (Many players were/are fighting for more female portraits). So why would you only offer once female character in different colors? Granted the rider will probably look so small in battle that you barely notice. I still feel that PG should follow their company philosophy when they create game features liks this. Maybe there will be new differently looking riders in the future?
        MareZ ~ lvl20X ~ Garnet Tier Dragons

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        • gaza8143
          gaza8143 commented
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          Nice to see a beta playing fighting for the general community!

        • laserlight
          laserlight commented
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          MareZ, you comment on "Not pay2play" is incorrect. Only beta players can "farm and hunt" for those resources. Non-beta players have to buy them from the season tree, at-least that's the way it looks so far. People bringing up chest usage are not incorrect, as long as the items and their currencies cannot be harvested organically and aren't divorced from event and season prizes(as a primary source). Both, event and season prizes, will increase the need to open more gold chests for better event prizes or to offset new Sigil costs.

, this shouldn't dilute the gold chests drops. PG already took care of that idea by axing Valors in such a gory way. But, it will probably encourage more general need on gold chests. You will pay with real money or with more rubies next season. Pay2play-lite.

        • MareZ
          MareZ commented
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          laserlight I partly agree.

          My review about not being pay2play is for the feature in it's intended and final form the way it will appear in the world map beta.
          Under "Beta exclusive" I tried to cover all the Con points that tip the scale in the other direction for anyone who is not in the world map beta.
          So basically single points don't cover the whole feedback, it's spread over my whole post. I hope this clarifies my point of view and I hope for more equality for all players.

          Also in a comment (#38.1) Pixxel explained that the dragon rider you earn with sigils will be exclusive and will level up without needing the beta. This might make this dragon rider just as desireable for beta players as it will be for non beta players.
          But overall I agree that there are too many new things that require rare sigils and not enough extra prizes/events to balance this out.

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        Could be fun, the devil will be in the details and functionality. Hopefully this isn't just a different spin on armor.


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          Hi MareZ

          For the longest time, we tried to avoid meaningfully different reward payouts in the worldmap than players who don't have the beta. We've reached the point where the biggest remaining piece of feedback of the beta is "there's no incentive to do any of this worldmap stuff". we've tried to address everything else we could fix before working on "incentives and rewards". but now basically every other meaningfully active feedback thread on the beta forum is around not getting any reward for worldmap activities. I know most people here don't have access to the beta forums so I won't post links.

          We've at the point where building reward activities & systems in the worldmap is one of the top things we need to build. Building a proper reward system is hard and will need a few iterations to get right --- it's a big chance we don't get it right on the first (or third) try and might need to rip things out or change it drastically. We need to do it in a beta form --- we can't do that kind of iteration once it's live for everyone. (see: extreme outrage the community has when we tweak a dragon or spell --- the types of changes we probably will need to make are 100x bigger than these tweaks).

          I know it sucks that people in the beta program are getting different rewards than people outside the beta. It's an over-constrained problem without a perfect solution. Some unfair-ness that beta players are getting an early leg up on rewards is bad --- but it's less bad than broadly releasing an unfinished worldmap & worldmap reward system and making major changes to features across the entire playerbase (who didn't sign up for beta-style whiplash).
          Last edited by CampusLifer; 08-28-2017, 08:07 AM.


          • PGJared
            PGJared commented
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            Hey folks, a couple of responses on this.

            MareZ -- Likely through events or season branches we can give out ways to level up dragon riders. This isn't confirmed and isn't a promise, but is just an example.
            jobone -- That's something we're working on. I *think* we're updating the roster after the next World Map update, but please don't quote me.

          • ESteele00
            ESteele00 commented
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            CampusLifer what about those of us who have been in diamond for months now and were promised to be added into the beta when you added more teams? So now those teams are at a disadvantage during wars because the teams that are in the beta will have these dragon riders and extra rewards beforehand. How exactly is that fair play in a war game? Will dragon riders be disabled for gameplay until it they are released to all? Will those that are stockpiling theses rewards of the beta be reset once the world map is released into the actual gameplay?

          • SilentOne
            SilentOne commented
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            We've been complaining about lack of incentive to play War Dragons due to rewards being reduced etc for a while now. Why hasn't that been addressed for the majority of players and only being addressed for the beta?

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          How nice of pg to introduce some new content heavily dependent on world map that most players don't like. 🙄


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            So, is this only for Beta players? Are we all getting this? Is everyone getting the World Map? What's happening?! HELP!


            • Pixxel
              Pixxel commented
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              I know! It's a crazy world and we're all on this wild ride together. ;D
              To clarify, the feature is not exclusively for Beta players.
              There will be a small selection of riders available to Beta participants upon release, but the Fall Season prizing will also have an exclusive Dragon Rider you can choose to obtain. The Dragon Rider available in the Seasonal prizes can only be leveled using shards that will be available in the same branch, to even the playing field there. This specific Dragon Rider will not use XP from the World Map to level.

              Aaaaand, look out for more World Map news this Saturday! ^^

            • CaptainC
              CaptainC commented
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              So Pixxel what you're basically saying is that once more beta players get another unfair advantage and chances at more content that everyone else is locked out of.

              Yeah that's fair... 🤔

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            Can they lay mythic frags/egg tokens or increase payout in token tasks?


            • Sparkneo
              Sparkneo commented
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              I wish there were mystic fragment missions!! Maybe the dragon rider skill tree will increase token payouts...

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            I hate the idea of little dudes riding my dragons 😑


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              So here is what I have have killable troops (Game of War) and crafting RPG like items (World of Warcraft). So you are just adding half-assed elements of other games to try and add revenue streams instead of focusing on the things that made THIS game into something people we enjoy. All I can say is this:

              "It's a bold strategy Cotton, let's see if it pays off for em"

              EggToken I know you want positive vibes so this is as close as I can get.


              • Indi123
                Indi123 commented
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                It's kinda funny that the morning before I saw the leaked screenshots about riders, I was thinking about the introduction of pets in a game I used to play and how I felt WD would probably introduce something similar since they seem to mimic all of the mistakes that game made.
                You could also grind pets by collecting seeds but the value of having the shitty low stats brown crayon pet compared to time put in grinding simply wasn't worth it compared to the OP swanky versions available in expensive chests.... Interested to see if we wind up with a 'special' dragon rider chest at some point.

              • GBill
                GBill commented
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                Now that Tencent own so much of PG you can bet they will be copying what other companies have done.

              • Mrbulldognk
                Mrbulldognk commented
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                When Tencent invested in supercell , the price of everything in hay day tripled and you got less and less for your money, so people quit in their thousands.

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              Well usually I don't follow social media much. And I get told on occasion that the forum is only a small part of the feedback PG gets and listens to. So I was curious and checked the Facebook feed and most of what we are saying here is being echoed there just in greater numbers. Same questions and concerns right down to the money grabbing comments.

              It it will be interesting to see how this plays out.
              What, me worry?


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                My man plays a offline game that looks JUST LIKE the "crafting" and adding armor... I don't even enjoy watching him play the game...
                Check out my amateur photo and video editing on Facebook at Podunk Princess Productions.

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                  Okay I re-downloaded and installed Twitch from the Playstore to watch the live stream for dragon riders to inform my team about any further information but Twitch is broken. I can't log in or sign up on the app, or on the web. It comes up with '502 Bad Gateway'.


                  • DrooPacShakur
                    DrooPacShakur commented
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                    Same here. Won't even load in browser

                  • XMsAphroditeX
                    XMsAphroditeX commented
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                    Yaa. I wonder if they'll get any viewers. Lol

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                  PGJared ok, now that this is ingame (I know it isn't live yet,but we can SEE it), can we find out more info, like how to level, where to get shards, skill points, etc? Especially for those of us not in beta? And I couldn't get to the twitch stream either........ Thanks!


                  • Texreb
                    Texreb commented
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                    I don't want dragon rider stuff in my chest.. maybe the rotating branch in new season

                  • Owlrager
                    Owlrager commented
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                    Me either Tex, maybe theyll have their own chest type that pops up every so often, ala runic chests.

                  • Drexion
                    Drexion commented
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                    Pixel did say they weren't going to be in chests