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Introducing Mega Attacks & Tug of War Updates

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  • Introducing Mega Attacks & Tug of War Updates

    Dragon Lords,

    In this week’s Tug of War event, we’ll be making a few changes and introducing a new feature. The goal with these updates are to clean up our mechanics, make our PvP events more rewarding, and give players a better chance in catching up on points if they missed some time during the event. Below are the details:
    • Introducing Mega Attacks
      • Mega attacks are super powerful event attacks that you can do which consume a bunch of inner fires and energy and does one all-out attack on a base which rewards you a huge amount of points! Details can be found below.
      • Mega Attacks cost 1 mega coin to perform
      • Mega coins can be purchased for 100 energy and 20 inner fires
      • If you do not have the required energy or inner fires, you can purchase the remaining amount you need for a mega coin with rubies in the mega attack screen
      • Successful Mega Attacks reward you 30x the amount of points as a regular attack upon a successful attack (70% or more destruction of a base)
        • If you fail a Mega attack:
          • If you destroy less than 50% of a base, you will receive 50% of the points from a Mega Attack (15x a normal attack)
          • If you destroy between 50% and 70% of a base, you will receive that percentage of points from a Mega attack (e.g. 60% destruction equals 60% of a full Mega attacks points, or 18x a normal attack)
      • You can equip inner fires to your dragons during a mega attack for even more points!
    • Updates:
      • Removing bonus meter
      • Removing valor, and we will be crediting one mega coin to every player that has great valor. This will allow you to complete one mega attack free of charge. Additionally every player will receive a mega coin to commemorate mega attacks!
      • UI changes for performing attacks
      • Personal Progression prizes updated - To reflect new changes in the event (we will be adjusting our prizing to accommodate both Mega attacks as well as the removal of the bonus meter and valor. We will be adding extra tiers of prizes for top-performing players as well as making earlier tiers of prizing easier to hit.
      • Runic Chests are back - We’ve heard everyone’s feedback about this feature and made the following changes:
        • Guarantee a legendary or mythic drop for every open 10
        • Added new runes
        • We’ve reduced the price for opening Runic Chests - It now costs 1.6k rubies to open 1 Runic Chest (previously 2k), and 8k rubies to open 10 Runic Chests (previously 10k).
    To discuss these updates, you can go here.
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