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War Dragons v3.40 Pre-Release Notes

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  • War Dragons v3.40 Pre-Release Notes

    Spells, abilities, and concept art on the way in an upcoming post!

    Fire Flak Towers Coming Soon
    • Will be released for the next Fortification Event.
    • Same range as Archer and Cannon towers, but with significantly higher damage.
    • Damage type is elemental, just like Dark Flak Cannon's. This means it:
      1. Cannot be inverted
      2. Can be reduced by Crystalline Shield
      3. Can be absorbed by Elemental Barrier.
    • The Supershot causes the dragon to burn which reduces the dragon's regular attack damage for a short duration.
    • These towers are extremely volatile... once destroyed, they explode and deal damage to the dragon if it is within range.
    Ice Flak Towers to be released at a later date.

    General Bug Fixes
    • Fixed an issue where players would prematurely end the tutorial if they tapped on a defense banner.
    • Fixed an issue where extra icons for Dark Flak Towers would appear when unlocked.
    • Fixed an issue where referral links would sometimes fail to generate.
    • Fixed an exploit where expedites would apply to more than one Forge item if used in a very specific way.
    • Returned the Ursa + Aquileas & Austeros => Jul Backbreed.

    War Changes
    • Attacks against players who are challenged in Wars no longer get scratched off of the list if the attack is initiated before the War begins.

    Spell Fixes and Updates
    • Updated tooltips on Heated Breath for Mehaten and Anapa.
    • Updated tooltip for Nightfall Spell to fix inconsistencies when viewing it from the Dragon and from the Den.
    • Fixed an issue where allies spectating the lead attacker could trigger the Steal Essence Spell.
    • Fixed a bug with Vampiric Touch causing it to steal 1,000x what it should.

    In-game Mail Fixes
    • Fixed an issue with in-game mail not formatting messages and hyperlinks correctly.
    • Fixed issues with the "Mark All" button in the mailbox. It will also no longer appear if all messages have been read.
    • Fixed a mailbox bug where an error would occur when a new mail is received while tapping to view the next message.

    UI Changes and Updates
    • Updated League UI to reflect the recent League Restructuring.
    • Visual updates to the guild menu.
    • Added a prompt to the perch assignment menu prompting player to select a filter when none are checked (previously blank).
    • Minor text change to the error message received when an invalid name is entered to rename a Dragon.
    • Fixed an issue in the rune tutorial causing certain UI elements to appear offscreen.
    • Fixed an issue where a name suggestion would not generate when a new username is entered.
    • Fixed an issue where the feeding bar on perches would not instantly update progress when feeding the dragon on the perch.
    • Fixed a bug that would sometimes cause multiple Forge menus to be stacked on top of each other when navigating the purchase Resources menu
    • Fixed an issue where the level requirements set when creating a Team did not match the user's designated setting.
    • Other minor text fixes.

    Performance Improvements
    • Added optimizations for low-end Android devices.
    • Fixed a bug causing noticeable delays in dragon movement when attacking on Android devices.
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