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Assault Event Changes and Updates

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    So, yeah. It's a money grab. Pretty much everything in this game is. I'm over that. Now to why I'm posting in this thread:

    Echo, CampusLifer, @ PGJared, or whomever else, this thread is fine and dandy for those that frequent this forum, but there are several players that know nothing of this forum. That being said, the updates that you have implemented for this event are not accurately reflected in the "Assault Overview - A gauntlet event" dialogue.

    That is all.


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      What about making this something for personal pride only? Maybe add an evolving avatar as prize? It evolves by defeating a certain level.
      The more skilled the flyer, the cooler the avatar 🤷🏼*♀️


      • MareZ
        MareZ commented
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        That would be awesome!
        But the avatar shouldn't just unlock for beating the lvl500 base, any bad flyer with emerald mythics can do that. It should probably be a global prize, maybe in the new annihilation rank they are planning for the next iteration of the event that reflects your skill only.

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      The initial version of this event was about proving who the best fliers were. It was advertised to us this way, and still is. However it is no longer that at all. It is now a "lets see who will spend the most energy packs" event. It no longer has anything to do with flying ability which is a huge disappointment.

      So i would like to officially ask PG to reconsider this and any other future mini event to NOT be cash grabs. All your normal events are cash grabs, so please leave the mini events to focus on skill and dedication. This event last time was fine the way it was; yes it needed small tweaks but that is all it needed (make it so we didn't have to swap out dragons from our roaster, and increase the prizes a bit (which you did)).

      In general the idea of a mini events is great, it was a throwback to when you could actually earn prizes in this game without excessive spending. It would be nice to bring back the EXP event as a mini event as well, or maybe to make it more fair to lower level players make it a 'medals' event. Really bring back all the fun events that never made you guys (PG) money as mini events. Keep them simple, and keep them so you do NOT need to spend cash or resources. Give your player base a way to actually earn prizes from playing the game again. Plain and simple.

      @Echo, @CampusLifer,


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        Thanks PG. you made the event 100 times worse. You gave me even less incentive to play another grinding event. This will go in the scrap pile with capture the flag and conquer the world in garbage events.


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          1st version was a "skills event" : if you are a good player, you get more points.
          2nd version is a "rss event": if you have more rss, you get more points.

          This time, the winner is who shop more, not the best player.


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            The first version of this mini event was MUCH better. It rewarded skill, not spending money.


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              Nice to know that feedback is being listened to, and while the prizes aren't great, it's also a mini event so can people really expect awesome prizes from a two-day event?

              I, for one, love a skills-based event...too much of this game now focuses on buying your way to the top rather than actually being a good flier. My biggest complaint is that I have to manually swap in and out the dragons I want to use by base level...which in and of itself is frustrating enough that I don't want to participate. If it were like that Dragon Games (I think?) multi-part event that let you beat tiers based on the colored dragon tiers, that would make it 1) a lot more user-friendly, and 2) much more challenging. Just my two cents ✌️

              T1tsMcGee 💋


              • Mechengg
                Mechengg commented
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                But this isn't a skills based event now lol. You can buy your way to the top with energy packs and simply attack easy bases with overpowered dragons over and over again. This has nothing to do with any ounce of skill what so ever. A shitty flying level 20 can out perform a skilled level 200 flyer if he spends enough. That isn't right.

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              Guys really ... played more and more... and instead of stupid points i tried challenged bases, so i can optimize as in assault event before it was the case...
              Used much boosts, much spells... and what i can give as a feedback is just....

              Shut that type of events down... forgett ever that you once did that.... and go to the old working system...
              Forgett your win in that mini event.... and make something for the people... for fun too!

              Dont need more words..

              Edit: Probably my english skills arent good enough, so people misunderstand me so easily.... and i want to make 1 thing clear about this post.

              - i am for "old version" skill based version...
              - i am against "pay version" only energy based version.
              - even so i just said that in skill based version the personal rank wasnt fair set, so ~ 48/50 based had to be beaten with a weaker state dragon. So near perfectly.
              So that PG can change it for next time and set it lower, after all the real prize fight for skill started at global rank.


              Here my actual state:

              I hope you see that the "skilled base version" isnt against my interest
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              • EmrahT
                EmrahT commented
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                I wonder how crazily misunderstand you can me... I say to shut "this type of events down" , means this energy based event...
                And i say even that they should not look about there win in a event, so they should make something more fun for people...
                So i said that i tried bases which are a challenge, so i dont replay for easy points...

                As you see , i am for the skill based version... but what i complained about was just... for personal prizes the line should be deeper... because 48/50 level with weaker dragon to beat was too hard set... thats all... Understand me ?

              • SilentOne
                SilentOne commented
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                lol Well that was a highly misunderstood language interpretation on my part wasn't it!
                ha ha ha!
                Good to see you're on the make it skill based side! EmrahT

              • EmrahT
                EmrahT commented
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                Thank you ... aaaaaaaaaaaaaaanddddddd I WON vs Gustav ... woho ....
                So in old terms i am done here ^^

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              Quick and final review now that the event is over.

              This is how I scored:
              Assault (1st iteration) Assault (2nd iteration)
              1 Garnet Dragon 1 Garnet Dragon
              10 Energy Packs used 10 Energy Packs used
              96% of personal prizes 56% of personal prizes
              525 sigils from personal prizes
              +125 Sigils from global prizes
              400 sigils from personal prizes
              Global top #500 Global top #2200
              I used the same amount of time (# of attacks), resources (energy packs) and dragons (my Frostbiter was expert this time).

              The additional prizes such as rubies, egg tokens and energy packs were great.

              However the even failed for me for two reasons:
              - It wasn't fun, because this time it was money > skill (it's a Mini Event, it should be fun)
              - It paid out less sigils per energy pack used (The Mini Events were supposed to balance out the increase in season branch sigil costs)

              Looking forward to the skill-based annihilation ranking system for the 3rd iteration.
              Last edited by MareZ; 07-12-2017, 11:52 PM.
              MareZ ~ lvl20X ~ Garnet Tier Dragons

              Important Threads to find everything you need


              • Sabin76
                Sabin76 commented
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                Did you use Frostbiter for all attacks in both (it sounds like you might have)? If so, I'm not sure how valid the comparison is. Since the points were shifted heavily from highest base defeated to number of bases defeated with weak dragons, just blasting through all of the bases with your highest dragon in both iterations would have a downward effect on your ranking regardless of the influx of wallet warriors.

                To be clear: I don't actually disagree with your conclusion, I just don't think your methodology supports it as much as you think it might.

              • MareZ
                MareZ commented
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                Sabin76 I wanted to point out that my dragon strength really didn't change much from the first iteration to the second iteration to show that my comparison works out. It would be hard to compare the two events if I had used significantly different amounts of energy/attacks or much stronger dragons to kill higher bases.
                I also didn't blast through all bases with the strongest dragon, I always scored as many bonus points as I could in both iterations.
                In fact the expert Frostbiter made it harder for me to stay at minimum attack power with a good dragon so I only used him on the 350+ bases.
                Basically my event performance was pretty much exactly the same in both iterations to be able to compare both events.
                Last edited by MareZ; 07-18-2017, 02:57 AM.

              • Sabin76
                Sabin76 commented
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                MareZ Fair enough. My entire comment was contingent on that assumption, so consider it revoked.

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              Echo Like I told you, you guys turned it into a god damn money dump.


              • Rakic
                Rakic commented
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                What did you expect Panda? There is only one skill they care card skills. Welcome Wallet Event Dragons and Pitate Boats....oh by the way, on occasion you might have this thing we used to know as a war.

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              Our first mini assault event was at 1st season week. Then at 5th ,9th . Every 4 weeks.

              Now the 13th will be our last week for this season probably. Will there on monday a miniassault event until tuesday night, so we can still get the prices and use that won sigils. At least that tuesday was supposed to be the last day at this season .


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                PGJared EggToken Echo CampusLifer Pixxel Dragon Punch

                Last season after the first week we had the 1st assault event, now the last assault event is nearly 5 weeks in past...

                Would you please give us again a "mini event" , maybe like the last assault event with some upgrades in prizes for riders aswell probably ?
                It would be great for us, afterall we need really sigils please!


                • MareZ
                  MareZ commented
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                  Indeed. I also need more sigils with all the fine stuff being offered this season.
                  Even if I'm going to get an event burnout with the 8 Beta events running back to back simultaniously to core game events