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Matchmaking Improvements Now Live!

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  • Matchmaking Improvements Now Live!

    In an effort to improve gameplay, we have updated the matchmaking feature. We've heard everyone's feedback asking for more-balanced matchups, and strongly agreed! As a result, we've revised our matchmaking logic so players will see more bases similar to their player level. All players will now be better matched with other players at their own skill level. This should provide everyone with more appropriate enemy targets.

    Players might see more higher or lower level players for a couple of hours today in their matchmaking screen while we are rolling out the change.

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    What improvements have you made? what logic are you using now to establish the matchmaking? What is your criteria for skill level?


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      Thank you for change... Now i dont see anymore players arround 50-60 which arent useable for missions.

      My matchmaking starts with 90+ at lowest, and thats fine for me

      Lets see what will be more


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        Will there be another post confirming when the rollout is complete?

        I'm hoping that we'll still get at least some higher level bases .
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        • ITIL
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          EmrahT Yes, my point is that I want the higher level bases, not the bases at half the level :P

        • EmrahT
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          After you edited, its right now hehehe

        • EggToken
          EggToken commented
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          Rollout is now complete.

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        Looks good so far. Could use a few higher level bases for challenges but I can find those through my league if I have to.


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          Looks good in regards to the lowest it goes is no longer below mission level.
          There seems to be a 30 level gap though, on average it seems to be 10 levels lower and less or 20 levels higher and more. Nothing, or not much actually around my level.

          I understand the concept of challenging but I do wonder if it is expected that I should be able to solo level 280 (I'm a 186) and above or are these put there so we can pick high with back up?


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            Big thank you, PG! I love this!


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              I havent noticed a change. I still get matches between level 50 and 350. Im 225.....


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                EggToken it would be nice if you could add a filter feature... so that you could find bases with highest lumber or Meat available to take... still have to cycle through 10s of times just to find a base worth attacking loot wise


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                  I will repeat my point from the other thread. Matchmaking is now completely pointless for me. I only see bases between 200 and 300. I am level 326 and this means I can neither get bases for raiding nor token missions. It is the worst of both worlds.

                  Also, it would be nice if resource raiding was scaled better. A level 400 sees way less than I do even if that base we are attacking is maxed. For anyone over say 310, they should see the same food or wood as the challenge is the same, regardless of whether they are 310 or 500.
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                  • Thatguy472
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                    I will re-iterate my other post as well. ^^^This is a problem, matchmaking was only used (by me) to find rss and challenging targets. Now I can do neither. This has got to be fixed, sooner rather than later.

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                  I never knew the old matchmaking system was broken. I found a wide variety of targets and with a few flicks of the page I could get what I needed. If you wanted to fix something about that interface, I would suggest the buggy nature, the lag time in loading. the crashes that often happen while loading bookmarks, the phantom bookmarks that take up my 30 spaces but are invisible to me, or one of the issues I forgot to mention. Also it would be really great if you made it a little easier to find to resources namely food. It has improved slightly but no where like it should be. I have wood erupting from every oriface but food is considerably less available. Farming my own food to train a max level dragon is still an unrealistic endeavor.
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                  • Sandberg74
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                    Bump bump

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                  Unfortunately, I'm now seeing matches that are far below even the minimum level to earn daily mission tokens. What's up with that?


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                    Matchmaking seems ok, although the same names can show up after refreshing the list. However, what if I get the dreaded destroy 15 ballistas egg mission? Most high level bases get rid of them.
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                      I just want to say that some tweaks must have been made after what I said previously and the matchmaking now works really well. The experience looking for resources is much less frustrating and I now get around 10 bases over my level on each refresh.
                      Credit where credit is due, thanks PG!


                      • Mechengg
                        Mechengg commented
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                        Not sure if the food/wood economy is simply improving or if this is a change in the algorithm but there seems to be at least one rather juicy base on every matchmaking refresh that is within reach.

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                      So far, good job PG for this update.
                      Lvl scale and rss are much better.