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[UPDATED 6/20] Summer Season 2017 Updates

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    Originally posted by gaza8143 View Post
    So this seasons dragons were so bad no one was buying them and they were buffed. Can you confirm what date they will be nerfed?
    When obsidian dragons are out, buddy~

    I think I might be the only few give a "satisfy" to the summer dragons. Greatly enhancing summer dragon means they die out faster. At the beginning of this season, PG gives out some low power dragon so that obsidian dragons and lvl 50+ towers won't come out too soon. And I think this actually meet the requirement of most players. Now one survey changes everything and will bring PG more money.
    (1) Feel like summer dragon is too weak? OK, let's improve them to make majority of players spend more on them.
    (2) Thus PG have good excuses to launch new stuffs much earlier as top players need new unique towers and dragons.

    I am expecting to see lvl 50 tower come out in the next fort and obsidian dragons come out in the breeding event right after the mythic sorcerer is unlocked.

    Double Win to PG!! And we all fall into the trap~
    Good luck guys. Don't piss me off. Sorry...


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      And I just put both freeze runes on kinnarus this friggin morning....


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        I would like if you give Drakius a stronger version of his Vampire Touch aswell... As you see that dragon have a big handycap ... first need to destroy a mage... before it can start it vampire touch.
        Even then it wont help him be stronger... so it is the ordinary flamethrower... by the way... the 3 rage spell isnt that strong ... so there could be think about a update of it or even the other spell on a different version ... like get rage and loose health but get 100% stronger in attack aswell... or something.

        Maybe something like white vampire attack instead of it... where after every destroyed tower that thing get even stronger ... Like getting more health means getting more attack... So it could be ...
        After all we speak here about a possible mystic class. Thank you for your updates!
        Last edited by EmrahT; 06-17-2017, 12:52 AM.


        • Kardul
          Kardul commented
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          That's basically how Skarr works, but Fire shield heals 10% and reduce damage by 60% while Heat shield heals 20% and reduce damage by 40%, so sacrifice (15% health for 2 rages) is more useful for Skarr than Abraxxas from the beginning. I didn't even checked Drakius as soon as I saw vampire touch, this spell is too costy for me.

        • EggToken
          EggToken commented
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          Worth noting that Vampiric touch also returns Rage in addition to health.

        • EmrahT
          EmrahT commented
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          Yes it does. But could you think about to change the color of these spells.
          Sacrifice makes no different if its white or blue, because you cant shoot your spell anyway if there is a blue mage.
          So if sacrifice would be blue , it would be better so vampire touch can be white.
          This way you can use it directly but if you want sacrifice , have to destroy blue mage. Otherwise it doesnt matter if you use sacrifice as white spell because as long as the mage is there it doesnt make a different . Thank you for response

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        Really? Mythic emerald? All of them? Gotta to be kidding.
        also why not call the next tier Whale tier? More fitting


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          I specifically picked Kinnarus because of her spell set. I originally wanted the hunter but not with that lockdown. I would have gone for the improved hunter.

          I demand a Sigil refund and Dragon Line reset. I don't want this new Kinnarus version. 😡😡😡


          • Flames0
            Flames0 commented
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            I expect they could close that line and open the alternative instead for you up to the equivalent point you'd reached, but sigil refund I doubt, as all the prizes you claimed would cause massive problems to sort out.

          • EmrahT
            EmrahT commented
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            Both pathes have nearl similar items, so thats not the problem... only potrait and some runes in case can be handled by PG for her sake if she ask for the support i guess.

        • #21
          Like the look of kinarrus now, will be interested to see how she takes damage since the dodo will always be up?


          • #22
            Nice updates

            kinnarus - huge improvement with dodo and eq. On the fence about invincibility, yes it will make her stronger, but thats the third sorcy in a row.

            More interested to see what she does when flying up to a red mage blue mage flak storm ice combo?

            borgian: excellent improvement, will probably become go to lead dragon in wars

            drakius: needs dps. But really just got him for half price other items. I suspect the real warrior will be more useful

            all and all good changes, real question:

            why weren't they like this from start? You didnt seriously think ppl would flock to red and purple tier?


            • EmrahT
              EmrahT commented
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              I guess after the mystic evolution all people share the opinion that Drakius need to get stronger spells, like a mystic should have.
              Sadly that Vampirtouch combination with the other spell isnt good for him at all.

              I really hope they will make him even better... Maybe the emerald evolution stone can get him new spells,... so instead of old.

          • #23
            Thank you PG for listening to feedback and doing something positive. Sorry to the people who spent sigils already maybe something can be arranged with PG. lockdown had no business on a divine and the summon warrior was a cool ideas that didn't quite work as implemented.


            • #24
              Good improvements, PG! Now both dragons should be more useful at higher levels.


              • #25
                Smaller changes were made a few months ago when you refunded the chaos rune/glyph for tengu...I think that's in order this time. This is somewhat of a game change for my decision ... I spent my sigil on drakius, but with your changes I'm looking harder at Kinnarus. Look, quite honestly, you should not make these changes AFTER the start of the season and after people have spent (in my case 3,600) sigil. This is why previews are important, it gives buyers/players a chance to decide which they're going for based on their gameplay preferences. There needs to be a refund...I hope you're considering that. For the players with huge mounds of $$$$$ to spend, it may not make a difference, but to those of us sour about your method of implementation, who safeguard our $$$ and expect a fair gameplay, making these changes weeks after the start, and a few days before the termination of the Drakius special, is in poor taste. I don't give a rat's a** who thinks I'm bitc*int and moaning, it's only fair.


                • Warchant
                  Warchant commented
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                  A refund? A real refund? Like they give back spent sigils and take back all of the prizes attained in the Drakius line? That would be a nightmare.

                • GodofNoobz
                  GodofNoobz commented
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                  It shouldn't be that difficult to do. He does make a good point and would probably go Kinnarus route if it had those spells in the beginning vs spending the 3600 sig on Drake row. I would recommend reaching out to support and keep pressing them until they do it, they might do it on a case by case basis kinda like they are with removing explosive shield runes from Tarand and Sage.

                • Cybrawl
                  Cybrawl commented
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                  Reply from support:

                  "I'll make sure that our development team sees your comments, in case there are changes that could be added. I can't make any promises that we'll be able to adhere to your feedback, but it'll definitely be taken into consideration! In the meantime, you could also drop a line in the forum to see what other players think of the idea.
                  Again, sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused you.
                  In the meantime, if you have any other questions, please let us know.
                  Thanks for your patience!"

                  That is the typical "yeah, you're sh*t out of luck...but hey, there's always a wallet you could dig into; buy $100 bucks worth of "special priced value packs," get some new sigil and get another dragon!" I could go on and on.

              • #26
                This is funny. They put out a Survey for customer satisfaction of the Summer Season that doesn't work and then go an completely change around the Dragons Spell Sets. From what I could gather, and in my personal opinion, the spell sets were fine and actually complemented one another. The issue was that the spells didn't function as they should, i.e. broken AND there was no real creativity in the creation of these dragons, just 4 winged retreads.


                • CoffeePop
                  CoffeePop commented
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                  Well said. Spells would be fine if they worked. lockdown should be a premier hunter spell but it is crap. Can clear 3 towers in the same time it takes to lockdown one. So instead of being able to lead with it. It is a last ditch spell if you wasted all your energy away. And i was looking forward to a white minion that could not be instantly killed combined with freeze.

                • Owlrager
                  Owlrager commented
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                  You spelled retards wrong.

                • NUM1PHAT
                  NUM1PHAT commented
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                  Owlrager, LoL

              • #27
                When will the spell changes take effect?


                • #28
                  I would like a refund of the sigils I spent on Drakius. I never would have gotten him if this spell set had been available on Kinnarus from the start. I knew I was taking a gamble that the warrior might be better, but I made that decision because of the half-price sigils. Now the information my decision was based on has been arbitrarily changed. While I like the changes (obviously). I feel it is unfair to do that after we have already committed so many sigils based on the original spells. Refunds are in order.


                  • CoffeePop
                    CoffeePop commented
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                    5000 free sigs for everyone. I think that would cover it.

                • #29
                  Poor Drakius, he could use some loving...


                  • #30
                    Please change vamp touch's color on Drakius also. He's pretty useless with a white sacrifice instead of a white vamp touch


                    • EmrahT
                      EmrahT commented
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                      Drakius should be the first to think about. Now where he will be a mystic class, and was weak before... this spells need to upgrade, agree!