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War Dragons v3.3 Pre-Release Notes

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  • War Dragons v3.3 Pre-Release Notes

    War Dragons v3.3 Pre-Release Notes

    New Features
    • We’ve updated the in-game Mail feature. We’ve added some color coding to distinguish specific messages in your inbox and added a System tab for automated updated and added new FB and Replay buttons.

    • Ally Bonus - We’ve added a new feature to contribute to the social aspect to the game. To encourage players to help their teammates in their attacks, we will now give an Ally Bonus (Dragon XP) to all players who join allied attacks (this will not apply for allied defends at this time).
    • Allied Attack Messages - In addition to the Ally Bonus feature, we have added automated messaging that announces a team party attack in your Team Chat room. This can be enabled or disabled by Leaders only.

    Bug Fixes
    • Fixed an issue where misleading text was displayed in the Forge
    • Fixed an issue where breeding tokens are awarded when a user abandons a mission
    • Fixed an in issue where Aster spins in circles that started appearing after Version 3.20 update
    • Fixed an XP bar animation bug
    • Fixed an issue where the cooldown timer is not displayed when user casts Crystalline Shield

    Performance Improvements
    • Fixed an issue that causes crashes
    • Made an improvement to reduce memory spikes
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  • #2
    First question about the ally bonus, how much on top of 75% xp the back up has by default?
    Last edited by Dakhunter; 06-12-2017, 03:13 PM.


    • Dakhunter
      Dakhunter commented
      Editing a comment
      I don't think the bonus is applied to the third back up if he/she doesn't use any dragon

    • Flames0
      Flames0 commented
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      It couldn't be given to a non-flying backer, think about it... which dragon would receive the xp?

      So must be extra xp for any flying backers.. but that's a bit odd too as they already get nearly half..

      Meh, I don't know.

    • defpolak
      defpolak commented
      Editing a comment
      lol flames . . . good point, oversight on my question. But yeah I was curious as backers already receive 75% of the xp they would have received if they flew that base solo. Which is pretty good so not sure extra xp is really needed there. Not complaining though.

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    Second question, will ANDROID recieve the same fair treatment with IOS in replay review? Aka can ANDROID see more than the latest attack in this new update?


    • Dakhunter
      Dakhunter commented
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      So just limit everyone with 1 replay. That will make all players equal

    • Uhmorphous
      Uhmorphous commented
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      I had this same issue with my older iOS device running the latest OS. When I got a new device (same OS), I was able to see multiple recent attacks. Is this an Android issue across all devices?

    • Dakhunter
      Dakhunter commented
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      Android can only view the latest attack as I know of (I have been playing for almost a year now and it showed only 1 when I started)

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    Well this is rather underwhelming for an update!


    • SilentOne
      SilentOne commented
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      lol oh so correct Dakhunter but you missed one important detail... new shiny things in boat beta.

    • PGJared
      PGJared commented
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      Hey Dak, please don't try to speak for us. Thanks.

    • Dravoz
      Dravoz commented
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      At least he's trying

  • #5
    What about Jul backbreed options?
    will we have them back with this update?
    PGJared EggToken


    • #6
      I could just wait for the update, but for "Allied Attack Messages," will that be split into war vs normal vs event attacks?

      Ally bonus sounds neat, will be interesting to see how it works.

      The first inbox screenshot also suggests that mails will be threaded now. Or is that a feature for later?
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      • #7
        When will the release happen? please EggToken


        • #8
          Hi: I'm glad you're excited enough about this to ask when the release will happen. We generally do not release ETAs for these things.


          • #9
            "Excited" about the update is not the point. We all want to avoid WAR related update problems since you won't fix what many players see as a very central component of "War" Dragons, and insist on putting a ribbon on a pig. And anyone who has played the game for any time is aware that almost every update breaks a lot of things that players consider important (like Tarand's double exploding shield that you continue to refuse to talk about for 10 weeks.)


            • #10
              Can someone please explain the Ally XP thing? More details please now that the update is out.


              • #11
                and the update is out and no responses to any of the questions asked. Trial by fire dragon flyers...


                • #12
                  This is an update? Ha ha ha
                  I feel like PG just Rick Rolled us all


                  • #13
                    It was already released


                    • #14
                      Thought the UI update for new league structure would have made it into this release.


                      • #15
                        So the ally bonus xp?
                        Does this mean when a 3rd person joins the 2nd backer gets extra xp? Or do both 1st and 2nd attacker get xp..

                        wondering how it works