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  • EggToken Can you and PG-Team share your information with us , when a mini event as this will come back ?

    Honestly this extra time to gain some sigils is important to compensate the huge priceupgrade for us


    • EggToken
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      We're working on some improvements to the previous one, hopefully to make the idea of checkpoints a little clearer. IF those changes are ready and tested, we're looking at one next week if we're optimistic.

    • EmrahT
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      Thank you EggToken

    • DerGeist
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      That would be fun.

  • EggToken For the next time this comes around, any chance we can get a value of the highest dragon strength you can use to get max bonus points? Maybe just below the base power have a "Bonus points: x, Max dragon strength: y." For bases with round number power values (10k, 20k) it's easy but the others are a pain to calculate. Honestly I like the event, but the math makes me not play it every time.


    • EggToken PGJared Echo Dragon Punch CampusLifer

      Thank you for this 3rd version of mini assault event.... It was great to have the skill line back...
      And combined people who spent good energy was able to win even more prizes !

      I would like to ask you a favor for next times....
      As you saw more people made a "perfect" event... but not all was able to be inside the top25
      Probably some can play earlier, some just much later... the world is round afterall...

      So i would like to ask you, could you make the "skill" line for the higher prize a bit better, so this people would get that mythic gylph aswell... for example the ones with 50 points.
      As you know the first type of mini assault event had 2 mythic runes too... 2 at same time at top 25 i guess, and after that one more for much more people under that line.
      Would be nice if you could add 1 mythic rune/gylph inside that final personal prize at skill line !

      Thank you


      • I enjoyed the assault event quite a bit this iteration. Thanks guys!


        • One of my teammates who has a droid was getting thrown off the event repeatedly and lost points and energy. She filed IGS ticket and was told they could not see any evidence of,this happening and could not help.


          • Loved the event..

            Only suggestion increase the rewards for annihalations..


            • laserlight
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              The rewards for annihilations was pitiful, but it's also super annoying to constantly have to swap out dragons in your lineup.

          • Although I personally really liked the first iteration, I must say that the third iteration is now definitely a huge improvement over the second iteration.
            Both worlds (grinding/skill) are quite nicely wrapped into one event which is my favourite event right now.

            Here are a few things that could be adjusted:

            1) Rewards for Annihilations where a bit underwhelming, those could be improved.

            2) I was told that the max base is now a cakewalk and easy to solo with a half leveled Noctua. Maybe there should be 5 new harder bases added for Obsidians, once the new tower levels are out, with base #55 called Gustav.

            3) This event would make a nice minor event so everyone would have enough time over the weekend to fully enjoy it. Since it's partly an energy grind event now, you could aswell add team prizes for the points and keep the annihilation rating to stay purely single player without counting towards the team points.
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            • Like many have already said, I really enjoyed the event this time around! It took time (or more energy packs), skill, and was a great challenge.

              People have already said most of these, but I'd like to reiterate what I personally would like to see:
              • "Demo Annihilation" on the first base to help people realize what an Annihilation is and how to do it. That was the biggest question that I saw and the biggest confusion. Like it was suggested above, a video showing how to calculate it would be sorely needed. Some people were struggling to understand the wording and may be more visual learners.
              • Better rewards for Annihilation Leaderboard
              • Tracker (you got to x base last time!)
              • % of people who beat that base so far
              • How high your level bracket got to compare yourself to people around your level.
              • Added basses at the top
              • Layout change every event (same towers, just switched around)

              Overall my new favorite event!!
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