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[NEW + Branches 3 & 4] Summer Season Dragons and Spells!

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  • [NEW + Branches 3 & 4] Summer Season Dragons and Spells!

    Summer Season Dragons!

    Drakius, The Armored Flame

    Level 1 Vampiric Touch 3 Rage Blue Places a buff on your dragon. For the duration, whenever a tower is destroyed your dragon will regain 16% of its maximum base HP and 1/3 of a rage point.
    Level 1 Sacrifice 0 Rage White Deals 15% damage to your dragon in exchange for you gaining 2 rage points.
    Level 10 Lightning Resist Passive Reduces Lightning Tower damage.
    Level 13 Fire Turret Resist Passive Reduces Fire Turret damage.
    Kinnarus, the Golden Summoner

    Level 1 Dodo Guardian Passive Summons a tiny flying Dodo that attacks for you and never dies. Heals Kinnarus for 33% of damage taken, and increases Rage point generation by 20%.
    Level 1 Earthquake 1 Rage Red Area effect spell that deals damage and prevents towers affected from attacking for 2 seconds.
    Level 10 Invincibility Shield 2 Rage Blue Provides a barrier against all damage for a limited duration. Blue mage tower cancels effect.
    Level 13 Lightning Resist Passive Reduces Lightning Tower damage.
    Borgian, the Malachite Wyvern

    Level 1 Thunderbolt 2 Rage White Sends a bolt of electricity that bounces off 4 towers and/or monuments, ignoring Mage Towers' spell blocking mechanic.
    Level 1 Healing Mark 1 Rage Red Cast upon a tower. When destroyed, your dragon will regain 10% of its health.
    Level 10 Cloak 1 Rage Blue Conceals your dragon so that enemy towers cannot attack. Blue mages cancel this effect.
    Level 13 Ice Turret Resist Passive Reduces Ice Turret damage.
    Zamrok, the Armored Destroyer

    ​Said to have armor plates imbued with the ability to repel or absorb almost any worldly attack, Zamrok is able to easily brush off even the most robust of attacks from base defenses.

    Level 1 Mystic Winds 2 Rage White Deflects projectiles and mage super shots. Lasts 4.5 seconds.
    Level 1 Superheated Breath* 1 Rage White Buffs Flamethrower to deal 65% more damage for 5 seconds.
    Level 10 Northern Lights (Dark) 2 Rage Blue Conjure an invincibility shield that prevents all damage for 6 seconds and then applies Rage Marks to all nearby towers when it expires. Blue Mage Towers cancel this effect.
    Level 13 Ice Turret Resist Passive Reduces Ice Turret damage.

    *Superheated Breath is receiving a rage cost reduction along with damage and duration boosts: 2->1 Rage Cost, 50% -> 65% damage and 3s -> 5s, respectively. This change will affect both Zamrok and Abraxxas.

    Merkt, the Ashen Wyrm*


    From the acid-filled swamps at the edges of the world, explorers tell tales of a creature whose offspring are so gruesome that men would be driven to madness just by looking at them for too long. Even fewer have lived to see its adult form: a thorned flying beast whose noxious breath could melt the flesh right off the bones of any creature it touched.
    I miss having skin.
    --Anonymous Skeleton

    Level 1 Death Stare 1 Rage White Destroys one tower regardless of health. 3 second cooldown.
    Level 1 Ashen Breath 1 Rage White Causes attacks to apply a poison cloud to towers hit by swipe attack, dealing damage over time for 4 seconds. Buff lasts 3 seconds.
    Level 10 Invert 1 Rage Red Returns projectiles to deal damage to originating tower.
    Level 13 Dark Flak Resist Passive Reduces Dark Flak damage.
    *Merkt will be able to evolve to Obsidian Tier once that tier is released at a later date. None of the other dragons from the summer season will be able to evolve to Obsidian.
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  • #2
    Lockdown? Seriously? That spell is crap without cloak.


    • #3
      EggToken I have 2 questions about the spells.
      (1) May I assume that Kinnarus's baby cannot be directly killed by red mage as it comes from a white spell?
      (2) Does Thunderbolt dealing same amount of damage as chain lightning? Does the +2 bounces research work on it?


      • Sabin76
        Sabin76 commented
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        Note that my Research Hut now tells me that upgrades are in the future, so perhaps a new research branch will affect it?

      • MareZ
        MareZ commented
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        Sabin76 is that ironic?
        Besides PG saying that research isn't currently on their roadmap, have you completed green research?

      • Sabin76
        Sabin76 commented
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        I have not... though I'm not terribly far off. Just a few hundred more green eggs to go :P.

    • #4
      Hmm lock down shouldn't be there just saying. Cloak on a hunter is better.


      • #5
        Can't comment O.o

        The ones here are all legendary with a second legendary warrior to be released later. The mythic for this season, that'll also be released later, is a sorcerer.

        from the content preview thread (below the hunter image)
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        • #6
          I for one like these redesigns - better than just new color... All 3 are decent dragon (unlike Abraxxas from last season) which is also great, leaves some of my teammates a good warrior to go for.

          I'm going to start with Borgian. Really sad about lockdown tho as it is still bugged and recent fixes only made it worst. Needs to be cloak or desiccating sand instead... I hope that the lightning chain damage wasn't nurfed too much either. We'll see I guess.


          • #7
            Archer resist on Kinnaru. Are you serious? I really didn't want another Warrior this season in my rota but looks likes he's the last hope. Drakius hasn't got a single attack spell and Borgian ruined with lock down.

            Going to have to wait for the coiners to test drive them at higher levels 😬


            • #8
              Lockdown spoils what could be an excellent hunter with cloak, big shame.

              Gonna save sigils and hope the warrior is decent.


              • #9
                Well... good to know that we will have enough time for a summer vacation
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                • #10
                  I will say the bonus warrior dragon Drakius is a marked improvement over Abbraxxas just by having two great resists and a 0 rage white sacrifice. Vampiric touch is pretty overpriced at 3 rage for what it is, but otherwise I think he's a decent warrior. I would have preferred a shield spell or Rejuvenate to vampiric touch though.

                  Unimpressed with the hunter, which is what I was looking forward to.

                  Kinnarus is no Fae, but seems ok.


                  • Mechengg
                    Mechengg commented
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                    I'm also in the same boat, very interested in the warrior.

                    Gather 1 rage (shouldn't be that hard with runes/glyphs) then hit sacrifice.
                    Lost 15% health.
                    Kill 3 towers (or more) and gain 48% health and 1 rage back.
                    Net gain of 32% health (or more) and it only really cost you two rage (3 rage - 1 you gained back)

                    With two resists for some of the heavy hitting towers it looks like he could soak a bit of damage before even activating the spells (get all towers to 20% health before hitting spell) to ensure that all of the towers died.

                    Interested to see this in action against higher level towers, long bases vs short, and different tower combinations.

                • #11
                  Seriously? Lock down on a hunter? *shakes my head and walks out*


                  • #12
                    Echo Any chance that you will consider changing out lockdown for a non-terrible, non-buggy spell before the dragons go live?


                    • #13
                      i think hunter ll be enjoyable to fly with but id prefer cloak over heal mark and lockdown isnt badd spell with that white thunderboldt and why does it have to hit monument no matter what instead of mage tower thats big disadvange for him but hell be awesome in war attacks and on tough bases and he wont be hard to control with 4 rage bar


                      • War fan
                        War fan commented
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                        Currently, lockdown is bugged. And has been for a long time.

                        1) Sometimes, it fails to "lock" the tower.
                        2) Plus, they seem to have added a timer on it, which didn't used to be there (once locked, it was there for ALL following dragons).

                      • Itsmexoxo(Darina)
                        Itsmexoxo(Darina) commented
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                        I have "awesome " bug with lockdown.
                        When I'm using it,dragon can't attack and cast spells.
                        It happens 4 or 5 times .
                        And I was so happy when it happenes in event super attack with 3 IF😒🤦🏻*♀️
                        Not sure.that I want to risk and take this dragon(

                      • odexis23
                        odexis23 commented
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                        ohh i forgot that..i hope they change that locckdown with cloak or havok which borg has but still its not bad reptile..

                    • #14
                      Please reconsider putting lockdown on borg. Why would you put a spell on a seasonal drag that is known to be bugged?? And people agree that its a very underwhelming spell even when it works as intended.


                      • #15
                        Lockdown? Seriously? Ugh what a waste. Well guess I'll just take it easy this season.