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League and War Updates

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  • League and War Updates

    Dragon Lords,

    Following today’s server maintenance, we have made the following changes:

    * We have added/updated sub-leagues.

    * Changed the way daily egg tokens are paid out. Starting tomorrow June 7th PST new daily egg token payouts will be based on your sub-league ranking.

    * War egg token payouts will be updated based on sub-league.

    * The max quantity for War egg token payouts have been updated and active now. (please note, these are still altered by the difference in global ELO rating).

    * The UI that will be used to represent your new sub-league will not be updated until a future app store update. The team meeting hall Treasury Daily Bonus and War Gains values will be reflected and paid out correctly. On the Top Teams (League Rating) tab the Daily Treasury Refill quantity may not be reflected correctly, but rest assured you are receiving the correct amounts in the Team Meeting Hall.

    League Sub-League Guild Global Rank Cutoff Daily Egg Token Payout Max War Token Payout
    Diamond Diamond I 1-25 1500 750
    Diamond Diamond II 26-50 1000 500
    Sapphire Sapphire I 51-100 800 320
    Sapphire Sapphire II 101-175 650 227
    Sapphire Sapphire III 176-275 500 150
    Platinum Platinum I 276-400 450 135
    Platinum Platinum II 401-575 400 120
    Platinum Platinum III 576-825 300 90
    Platinum Platinum IV 826-1175 250 75
    Gold Gold I 1176-1575 225 67
    Gold Gold II 1576-2075 200 60
    Gold Gold III 2076-2675 175 52
    Gold Gold IV 2676-3375 150 45
    Gold Gold V 3376-4175 125 37
    Silver Silver I 4176-5075 100 30
    Silver Silver II 5076-6075 90 27
    Silver Silver III 6076-7175 80 24
    Bronze Bronze I 7176-10075 70 21
    Bronze Bronze II Infinite 60 18

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    My team is Global 100 right now, but we are in a league with teams 95-121. Technically Rulith should be in Sapphire I due to our Global Rank, but our SubLeague does not reflect this. Please clarify.
    Love Red,

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    • Echo
      Echo commented
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      Red, this should now be fixed. Your global rating in the team info box should not show the incorrect rating now.

    • Mechengg
      Mechengg commented
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      Thanks Echo we will check when the leagues get reshuffled again since we can't verify that our global rating is 100 + league ranking since there has been 1 day of wars already this shuffle.

    • Mechengg
      Mechengg commented
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      Just double checked after league change and our global rank is 106 and we are 6/25 in the league so it appears to be fixed. There are 3 teams tied right above us and they read out as tied in league rating as intended. However they are ranked 103/104/105. How is this global ranking actually determined in ties? It isn't alphabetical, is it by chronological order of when the team obtained the ranking?


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    Dragon Punch does this league restructuring include the supposed massive changes to egg tokens payouts that have been alluded to at various points on these forums?


    • Echo
      Echo commented
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      If you read the chart, the chart shows you the new daily token payouts that start tomorrow morning... and the new max potential war token payouts that are active now.

    • Dusk
      Dusk commented
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      Apologies for not being clear with my question. Yes, I see the new leagues each with new payouts. However I recall that there was talk about redoing more than just the daily league egg token payout in order to combat the ever rising cost in dragon breeding prices while not changing the amount of tokens we can reasonably get. My question was meant in that light: are these the only changes being made to address the ever increasing dragon breeding costs coupled with the fact breeding paths are much more narrow at later tiers? If so, I feel that this will not adequately address the issue, as only some people can benefit from the changes, where as making changes to mission egg token payouts will affect players across the board.

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    Just about time.


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      Will the 50 teams in Sapphire 1 rotate or we will be stuck with the same teams EVERY SINGLE WEEK now?
      Last edited by Dakhunter; 06-06-2017, 07:15 PM. Reason: Marvin corrected me


      • Marvin Lamb
        Marvin Lamb commented
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        Sapphire 1 only has 50 teams. I doubt rotation will occur.

      • Dakhunter
        Dakhunter commented
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        my bad. I meant 50.

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      Finally, more egg tokens... thanks Echo for the chart.


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        Echo can you please address my reply to your comment? I don't know why my in comment tag didn't work and would like a response


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          Can some one please clarify numbers to move up a league, please.

          Our freshly made team has a score of 1230, according to the the league medal portal, 1225 is what's needed to move up to Platinum, this didn't happen.
          Do we need 1300 to to move up to Platinum now?


          • ITIL
            ITIL commented
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            Rating matters on a global scale now; it's no longer based on "get x rating, get in x league". You'll need to check your team's global rank vs the table above. Even then, check Echo's reply in Red's post (post #2) above.

          • Dragon Punch
            Dragon Punch commented
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            We've also added this FAQ article to our library as a reference point. But just as ITIL and Echo have pointed out, it's all about global ranking now. We plan on updating the UI to make all information that's displayed consistent. If there's anything you'd like to see added to the FAQ, feel free to PM me.

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          cool thx for the update.


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            Ist der Eventpreis auch angepasst ist doch leichter in einer Saphire 2 den 1 ten zu machen wie in Saphire 1 den 10ten -
            Translator von Google
            If the event price is also adapted is nevertheless easier in a Saphire 2 the 1 ten to make as in Saphire 1 the 10ten


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              What about prize in events will they change ?


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                I think this is a good step in the right direction, but more is needed.

                first, the war payouts still aren't worth the effort of warring nor the resources spent. the new structure may make teams war more just to get into the league they want for the better daily token payouts, but once there is some equilibrium those war token payouts aren't worth the effort, especially if it's based on ELO that will have a more narrow band due to the restructure

                second, even 1000 more tokens a day is barely a dent in sapphire/garnet/emerald breeding. that's 30k a month inbetween breed events, which isn't even 1/3 of a dragon at those levels.

                I think you should apply the same multiplier to individuals rewards based on league structure. that's where the real competition is, when players have to fly against 300 and 400 bases in diamond 1/2 and some sapphire in the KoH, tug, map, etc events.

                don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to look a gift horse in the mouth, but these changes were long overdue considering the escalating token and timer requirements with new drag tiers and new tower levels having been released for over the past year.


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                  TheRedDelilah Echo Dragon Punch
                  The other thread i posted this in got very sidetracked, so reposting this here

                  Here is my feedback on the league restructure I am happy with PG's move to implement this, It could have been done a little better. Here are my problems with this:

                  We were a top platinum team ranking top 3 if not first in every event. With the influx of sapphire teams we have been bumped down to Plat 4. Now I have no problem with that part, would have been pissed if we were to be moved into gold but that did't happen to us thankfully.

                  My problem is that plat 4 gets 250 tokens daily instead of the the 300. Also now we have to work harder for same event prizes and get less tokens which I don't think is fair. I understand competition and working for rewards, but this feels like PG squeezing us for money. But whats done is done we will build up.

                  Now moving forward

                  My suggestion to PG is the team event rewards be scaled up (by a lot) from the current rewards rather than down. This is required because
                  1. You have tuned the difficulty of events way up by grouping together all teams of similar ranking into same sub-league.
                  2. You have dropped several teams into lower leagues and you need to bridge the gap.

                  My suggestion is to scale the prizes something like this I am only taking sigils as example
                  League Sub-league Prize boost Current 1st place Current last place New 1st place New last place
                  Diamond 1 25% 1500 875 1880 1690
                  Diamond 2 13% 1500 875 1690 1310
                  Sapphire 1 50% 875 500 1310 1170
                  Sapphire 2 33% 875 500 1170 1020
                  Sapphire 3 17% 875 500 1020 750
                  Platinum 1 50% 500 250 750 690
                  Platinum 2 38% 500 250 690 630
                  Platinum 3 25% 500 250 630 570
                  Platinum 4 13% 500 250 570 380
                  Gold 1 50% 250 125 380 350
                  Gold 2 40% 250 125 350 330
                  Gold 3 30% 250 125 330 300
                  Gold 4 20% 250 125 300 280
                  Gold 5 10% 250 125 280 150
                  Silver 1 50% 100 0 150 140
                  Silver 2 33% 100 0 140 120
                  Silver 3 17% 100 0 120 0
                  So it looks like the gap between Platinum 1 top prize 750 and last prize 690 is not much but remember the teams are equally matched now unlike before. Think of it this way all the top ranking platinum teams that would place in top 5 in old system are are now in the same league league so deserve to be rewarded accordingly.

                  Now Diamond gets a boost while almost nothing changes for them so I have broken from the formula of 50%/sub-league to 50/(2*sub-league) for them. It is still a tidy amount though especially at the lower end of a sub-league.

                  Now for scaling individual prizes I propose a simple solution change max number of tiers available by sub-league

                  I know the tiers change from event to event right now i am taking breed event as example since that info is readily available.
                  League Sub-league Individual tiers available Sigil Prizes available (tiered same as now) Total sigils
                  Diamond 1 30 25+25+50+100+125+125+175+200+225+250+450+500+500+5 00 3250
                  Diamond 2 30 25+25+50+100+125+125+175+200+225+250+450+500+500+5 00 3250
                  Sapphire 1 27 25+25+50+100+125+125+175+200+225+250+450+500+500 2750
                  Sapphire 2 27 25+25+50+100+125+125+175+200+225+250+450+500+500 2750
                  Sapphire 3 27 25+25+50+100+125+125+175+200+225+250+450+500+500 2750
                  Platinum 1 25 25+25+50+100+125+125+175+200+225+250+450+500 2250
                  Platinum 2 25 25+25+50+100+125+125+175+200+225+250+450+500 2250
                  Platinum 3 20 25+25+50+100+125+125+175+200+225+250+450 1750
                  Platinum 4 20 25+25+50+100+125+125+175+200+225+250+450 1750
                  Gold 1 18 25+25+50+100+125+125+175+200+225+250 1300
                  Gold 2 18 25+25+50+100+125+125+175+200+225+250 1300
                  Gold 3 16 25+25+50+100+125+125+175+200+225 1050
                  Gold 4 13 25+25+50+100+125+125+175+200 825
                  Gold 5 13 25+25+50+100+125+125+175+200 825
                  Silver 1 11 25+25+50+100+125+125+175 625
                  Silver 2 9 25+25+50+100+125+125 450
                  Silver 3 9 25+25+50+100+125+125 450
                  This means adding a few more tiers for diamond but that is okay. What this means is if a high level decides to chill in lower league he will get less reward for it because max number of tiers available will be lower.
                  Last edited by vin28; 06-07-2017, 01:37 PM.


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                    vin28 - This Restructure is NOT meant to fix egg tokens, for anyone. It's simply an incentive to war, not a fix in any way, shape, or form. Just to be clear. I can say that because this whole bit was my idea.

                    I won't comment extensively on the Team Prizes as I simply haven't looked at it enough and don't have the time to make proper math. However, please find a way that it benefits both PG and the players. Any suggestion that does not benefit both will likely be left behind. I am not saying yours doesn't, I am saying that you need to lay out how it does.

                    Regarding Personal Prize Tiers, I will comment extensively as I made a very similar suggestion in my massive proposal a few months ago here. Allow me to quote myself a bit (making edits to match my proposal with what is currently going on):

                    Personal Prizes based on League

                    No matter what team a player is on, they have always been able to earn the same personal rewards each event as someone on a different team or even a different League. This does not encourage players to seek out the best team, but rather teaches them that they can be on their own or even in a low league where opponents are easier to do just as well as another player in a higher league. In a game where competition and drive to the top is supposed to be the leading intrinsic motivator to be active and play, this personal prize system simply encourages the opposite. This Proposal keeps an element of equality across the leagues but also provides an incentive to improve one's own account (dragons, base, level) so that they might find a place on a better and higher ranked team so that they may earn better personal rewards. Encouraging activity and competition will drive players to play, and spend, more.
                    League Tier Number of Teams Number of Prizes Top Glyph Top Sigils Top Rubies Max Total Gold Chests
                    Diamond I 25 35 Mythic 650 3k 20
                    II 25 32 Mythic 625 2k 17
                    Sapphire I 50 28 Legendary 500 1.8k 14
                    II 75 28 Legendary 500 1.8k 14
                    III 100 28 Legendary 500 1.8k 14
                    Platinum I 125 25 Legendary 400 1.4k 10
                    II 175 25 Legendary 400 1.4k 10
                    III 250 25 Legendary 400 1.4k 10
                    IV 350 25 Legendary 400 1.4k 10
                    Gold I 500 20 Epic 250 900 7
                    II 500 20 Epic 250 900 7
                    III 600 20 Epic 250 900 7
                    IV 700 20 Epic 250 900 7
                    V 800 20 Epic 250 900 7
                    Silver I 900 15 Rare 150 600 5
                    II 1,000 15 Rare 150 600 5
                    III 1,100 15 Rare 150 600 5
                    Bronze I 3,000 12 Common 100 425 3
                    II Infinite 11 Common 100 400 2
                    The proposal for creating personal progression prizes based on a person’s league has benefits for both the players and Pocket Gems. As the progression prizes currently stand, they have to be a good fit for low level new players and high ranking Diamond Players. Making the personal progression prizes partially personalized for leagues would allow Pocket Gems to meet the needs of lower levels and leagues while also pushing the larger players with shiny rewards.

                    All leagues would have the same first ten reward tiers, the next five only Silver and above would have access to, and so on. Having 7 reward tiers specifically designed for the top 50 teams in the game to reach would allow Pocket Gems to push the envelope regarding required points each event to encourage spenders, with 3 of those final 7 tiers designed only for the top 25 teams in the game.

                    This system would also encourage newer players to slowly spend and push themselves in a way that makes them feel good, with this intrinsic motivation. For the lower levels in lower leagues, maxing out an event would be obtainable and give them a sense of satisfaction. When they move up a league and there are just a few more reward tiers, they will grow excited and want to push themselves just a little bit further to max the event again as it's still in their reach. The more they go up, the more they push themselves until they get hook on maxing an event.

                    Lastly, similar to the proposal around team prizes, this would allow Pocket Gems to perfectly cater to the needs of each league, by offering them Glyphs (and other special event items) that are in high demand for that league, thus pushing the players to work harder for that prize.

                    I still agree with proposal and back it 100%. Please note that 25 prizes in Platinum was based on how many we currently have, meaning that there would be no reduction in the number of personal prize tiers in Platinum at all. The reduction would begin in Gold. I think yours, vin, may reduce a bit too much too fast, honestly. Lastly, I want to state very clearly that I believe the first 5-8 prizes (based on my numbers) should be based on what a Bronze Level player can accomplish with little work. The next couple shouldn't be too too far up either. I think prizes, in general, should be spaced out in a way that allows players of all levels to feel good about being able to reach some tiers without being overwhelmed. The Final 5 tiers, however, are where PG could really push the envelope.
                    Love Red,

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                    • Ribcrickett
                      Ribcrickett commented
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                      The rewards for events suck big time now. After being in Platinum then demoted back to Gold with the restructuring, the rewards are devastatingly small now. We get less event rewards than we did in Gold before we were Platinum, also. We get way less sigils now too so it is going to be a struggle to get the event dragons, let alone their evolution stones. I love this game but this restructuring is like a punch in the gut. I think this restructuring is going to be good for the overall game play but PG needs to reward us enough to give us the chance to grow.

                    • Forrestt
                      Forrestt commented
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                      I have to agree.

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                    I know its not meant to fix eggtokens, my post was more about modifying team and individual prizes.
                    For individual prizes I didnt realize this was part of your proposal, I like your table a lot! I wouldn't mind if it was released as you have suggested it, but I think a smoother curve with slightly more rewards is needed. Your proposal could be slightly modified to differentiate prizes in a few sub-leagues. plat 1 &2 get 25 tiers and 3&4 get 23 tiers for example. Most top(old) platinum players can earn 450 tokens individual prize right now with a little effort/spending ( cant comment about other leagues) so i used that as my basis and scaled up and down from there. Your proposal suggests a cut down on that. I would rather perfer it stay equal or increase since as it is teams are being pushed to lower tiers.

                    As for team rewards I tried to be as fair as possible, my proposal does give out bigger rewards agreed. Not sure how to figure in PG profits. Can turn down the boost percentage but then that doesn't leave any meaning full difference between first place and last place within a league killing competition in events. Also I feel without chaining rewards we will see teams sand bag again. Maybe chaining alternative sub leagues is the way to go?