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Summer Season Content Preview!

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  • Summer Season Content Preview!

    Here’s a sneak peek at what’s incubating for the Summer Season of War Dragons!
    • Abraxxas’s arrival into our realm has called for cooperation by the different factions of the world to bring a stop to his reign of terror. To stand against the might of the demon dragons, Ash and the dragon Sages have devised a way to ascend our most elder dragons to stop the coming onslaught.
    • Back by popular demand, War Dragons’ Summer Season will once again feature a bonus branch with a special Dragon available for half the normal cost of Summer Destiny Sigils for the first two weeks of the season, up until June 20th!
    • We’re adding a separate mini-branch to the Seasonal Rewards later in the season that will contain special content for a limited time only, so keep your eyes open for these branches on the Seasons page! Some special stuff is on the way, so don’t miss it!

    New Dragons!
    • The Summer season bonus branch will let you earn Drakius, The Armored Flame (warrior). Forged in flame, this dragon’s Will is unwavering against the elements, and soldiers through tough bases by sapping its strength for its own.
      Please note: This branch has no prerequisites, is not required to complete the Mythic Sorcerer branch, and will have reduced cost for only the first two weeks of the season.

    While the King of Demon Dragons rains fire on our world, we have gone into hiding. The dragons are facing an ancient power unlike anything they have ever faced before. The dragon mystics claim there is only one hope left to defeating Abraxxas. The dragon mystics have united to empower a select few dragons with all of their combined magics. Which dragons will wield this power? And who amongst our Dragon Lords would be strong enough to control these empowered beings?
    -- Nameless Dragon Sage
    • Two initial seasonal branches will release with a Legendary Sorcerer and Hunter.
    • Our first Summer Season dragon is Kinnarus, the Golden Summoner (sorcerer). Calling upon her brood as her vanguard, this dragon refuses to be felled, and even when it is, can return in a blaze of glory.
    • Next up is Borgian, the Malachite Wyvern. Having absorbed the essence of fallen sorcerer dragons, this wyvern cuts down anything in its path, ignoring mage towers with its Thunderbolt attack.
    • Later into the season, a Legendary Warrior will be released with a Mythic Sorcerer to round out the final branch.
    • Similar to last season, the Mythic Sorcerer will require completion of the three previous tiers (earning the final Emerald evolution stone for each branch).
    New Cosmetic Rewards!
    • New character portraits/avatars! These Archmagi wield powers that the average person can only dream of comprehending. Jumping to the forefront of battle against the demon threat, these magi may be the only hope in our time of need.
    Female Archmage Archmage Knight Male Archmage Kelsis Knight
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    What's with the recycled red and purple tiers?


    • #3
      So we have a evolution/upgrade of Draco, Kinnara and Borg.
      For those who started and loved this ones its nice.
      At least what depend on them are the spells and skills...

      I wonder now which one the warrior will be ? Kelsis Knight is a picture... so a Kelsis upgrade could it be ...
      So then Red, Purple, Blue of the old ones apeared...

      I wonder if the mystic mage is a kind of Luminark, Durga or the other mages !
      Still excited, but the prizes will be important for final decisions !

      Edit: BTW if they would bring out a KING Amarok version... with that harder look ... my my i guess most will go for ! So maybe at autumn time, when this soldiers couldnt beat the evil... so the upper class need to work ^^
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      • Dakhunter
        Dakhunter commented
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        Mythic one will be chtho 😂. And for warrior, I'd guess Amarok is returning with more armors

      • EmrahT
        EmrahT commented
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        Could be, but then this fish have to be look like a whale or something more dangerous !
        Maybe Sekoronos ... or a old Divine type as Meridian ? Would be very different! :S

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      I have a question about something here:
      Next up is Borgian, the Malachite Wyvern. Having absorbed the essence of fallen sorcerer dragons, this wyvern cuts down anything in its path, ignoring mage towers with its Thunderbolt attack.

      For the love of GOD say this isn't a white thunderstorm. Please.
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      • AngelOfVoid
        AngelOfVoid commented
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        I would guess a tune down lightening

      • HydraBBQ
        HydraBBQ commented
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        Probably white chain lightning

      • Wraendrif
        Wraendrif commented
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        Thought it sounded like seething spark. White thunderstorm would be way too powerful

    • #5

      - Summon Warrior
      - Rebirth/Rising Phoenix

      - White ?lockdown ; ?White Seething spark type attack

      Thunderstorm is essentially a white spell already, since you can cast it on any island even if they have blue mages already.

      It is promising that the hunter releases early, maybe we can get the egg token bonus early in season for a change


      • siljepilje
        siljepilje commented
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        Egg token bonus?

      • vin28
        vin28 commented
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        the 4th warrior has crystalline shield and vampire touch?

      • Talarius
        Talarius commented
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        You cannot cast thunderstorm on any island with a blue mage tower. Due to where towers are, if you have the right timing, you can get the spell off in time before the blue mage tower is in range to block it. This is NOT the case with every island.

    • #6
      im so excited for hunter's male archmage avatar and his WHITE thunderstorm/havoc(?) spell and i ve always liked how Borg looks like so its gonna be so much fun with that little beast..


      • #7
        I hope the warrior is Amarok version.


        • #8
          EggToken looks good, thanks for the preview.

          Could you let us know what the double sigil plan is please, I think based on feedback you should revert to the fall/winter double weekends, springs was a big let down.



          • #9
            I can imagine Thunderbolt possibly being similar visually to a Thunderstorm strike but only working on one specific tower per cast, and guaranteeing a kill ("cuts down anything in its path"), like Death Gaze...?


            • odexis23
              odexis23 commented
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              that would be too overpowered but if its that it ll be game changer

            • Mechengg
              Mechengg commented
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              That would absolutely suck, to kill one random tower lol. It should at least be focussed like death gaze instead of random spam like TS

          • #10
            Will the mythic sorcerer be Kinnarakkuius?


            • #11
              Can the girls please get more avatars! 😑
              The ratio of avatars are already 90-80% male and only 10-20% female. There are LOADS of females playing War Dragons. Half our team is female.


              • RayRay
                RayRay commented
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                ITIL Yeah I rather have non-human avatars than wrong gender. I'm not that fluid 😂

              • Warchant
                Warchant commented
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                RayRay, do your own count, I was just trying to be helpful. I know facts are bothersome sometimes.

              • RayRay
                RayRay commented
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                Warchant I counted 36 males versus 21 females (counting variants is pointless it's still the same avatar)

                That is an imbalance of 41% alright it's not the 80/90% I first claimed but that is a significant number. Furthermore looking at free in game avatar the imbalance is 60%. 2 of the females are cash only and 2 on a referral scheme. I'm rather curious about that one actually. So apparently women refer their friends and men don't must be their thinking.

                Bottom line there most certainly is room for big improvement.

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              Hire some graphic designer for *gods* sake. Kinnara, Borg, Draco all over again. Tired of this lack of creativity. :thumbs down:


              • #13
                Ya me too but the emerald tier is 100% new and creative designs.
                edit: dmnd 1 should get 2k per daily payout tbh
                Last edited by FangTheWise; 06-06-2017, 05:38 PM.


                • #14
                  All I care about knowing is whether or not a new tier or dragons will be released in summer. Please for the love of this game DO NOT make a new tier of dragons this season.


                  • Dakhunter
                    Dakhunter commented
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                    maybe you will have a new stone at the end of the mythic dragon... Who knows . I guess lots of big spenders already/almost max out the new mythic emerald

                  • Rapsidy
                    Rapsidy commented
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                    I want whatever job they have then. Cause my job says hard no on new tiers being released.

                • #15
                  (1) May I assume that Kinnarus's baby cannot be directly killed by red mage as it comes from a white spell?
                  (2) Does Thunderbolt dealing same amount of damage as chain lightning? And does the +2 bounce research work on it?


                  • EmrahT
                    EmrahT commented
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                    Yes ... Redmage just stop red spells ... should nothing to do with white spells.

                  • Bear
                    Bear commented
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