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League Restructure

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    So basically all stick no carrot this update is just another thing that is driving away players. I have given up hope that PG actually listens to players. Maybe TheRedDelilah can get rest of the plan implemented where the team prizes and individual prizes are increased and scaled per sub-league. Because in this state we are way worse off now than we were before the restructure.


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      Panda No, it's not quite done yet.

      Our upcoming version has some more elements of complexity to it and we're still working out the features of it. I don't have a solid timeline for it at the moment, but it's still on our list of things we're working on.


      • Panda
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        Okay, that is good to know that this isn't seen as being completed as I think many would be severely disappointed.

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      Originally posted by EggToken View Post
      Our upcoming version has some more elements of complexity to it and we're still working out the features of it. I don't have a solid timeline for it at the moment, but it's still on our list of things we're working on.
      Hmmm...somehow this sentence sounds familiar.
      MAYBE I have heard it ...once (for sure not more)?

      Oh yeah and those features are called "bugs" and "wth - why did you change working things no one asked for" in the language of players.

      EggToken I am sorry for this pessimistic view of things but every single time of the last 10 updates I was hoping that some things would change for a better. What we got was screwing up working things (spell sets of dragons, nerfing dragons), features no one cared about and those core things like "FIX WARS" (pre-war attakacks, airplane mode, defense counter) are still undone. Please prove me wrong this time...


      • TheRedDelilah
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        In all fairness, PG did try to push a fix to the "pre-war attacks" but it ended up not working like intended so they pulled it.

      • SuperSax
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        TheRedDelilah In all fairness, league restructuring is months ago! Is this problem fixed now? NO

        Check release notes 3.5 ... I hope I am blind or not reading well, but I didn´t FIND ANYTHING about fixing wars in it!

      • TheRedDelilah
        TheRedDelilah commented
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        SuperSax note that my comment was made before 3.5 pre-release notes came out.

        So to quote the v3.4 release notes made by EggToken here:

        War Changes
        Attacks against players who are challenged in Wars no longer get scratched off of the list if the attack is initiated before the War begins.
        The fix they tried didn't work and had to be pulled.

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      Dragon Punch EggToken Seeing as the original post about league restructuring was May-25th, is there any update as to when team event prizes may see some adjusting? I know we are still seeing issues delivering team rewards before the weekly restructuring happens, which causes incorrect prizes to be delivered and the correction chests to be distributed.

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        After stacks of wars we cant shift from Platinum 1. And im ok with that. We are probably where we deserve to be after being a top 2-3 Sapphire team. Essentially our weekly sigils have been halved.

        My concern is that the season sigil costs increase 25% with this 50% nerf to teams 275 - 10,000 you are putting alot of pressure on free to play players.

        And again this isnt a complaint just an observation. I support the league re structure but my view is that there has been a heavy price paid by the community with none of that cost offset. Hopefully next season the season prizes are cheaper.


        • Mechengg
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          It definitely looks like your team has found it's new home while you guys grow and try to recruit a few stronger players. And i'm glad you are OK with the placement and restructuring.

          I also agree that prizes don't seem fair for this shift and i really hope they implement the sub-league changes and prize shift ASAP. It's really hurting the players who were demoted from this league restructuring, even though it was the right thing to do. If they fixed the prizes accordingly that most players would feel a lot better about the change and where they are right now and would work harder to get up in the ranks.

        • DragonDB
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          Mechengg if the sub-league prizes all got sorted, a large number of players would be happy. Many may not hop on forums to post, but each week when we pop into a new LC I see more frustration about prizes needing fixed more that other issues. We just moved up as a team to Platinum 2 and team seems excited to try and stay there.

          I'm not trying to anger anyone, but restructuring seems pretty fair. Before the restructuring our team saw teams in platinum that used it as a break from the much harder Sapphire leagues. I personally felt it more discouraging to go into events knowing the top few spots were never going to happen. Now (aside from team prize disparity), as we have moved up from a mid level gold sub-league to platinum 2, or team has felt proud of the work to get here. Each week the changes in which league we have been in have been competitive to our size or we get bumped down.