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Reminder Regarding Cheating, Sharing/Transferring Accounts, and Selling Value Packs

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  • Reminder Regarding Cheating, Sharing/Transferring Accounts, and Selling Value Packs

    Dragon Lords,

    We’ve recently been getting an increased amount of reports of cheating, account selling / trading / sharing, and selling value packs. Here’s a reminder and breakdown of where we stand on these issues.

    Cheating - All forms of cheating are a violation of the rules and we have a zero tolerance policy towards this. We’ve recently rolled out a new set of tools to improve security and fairness in the game. If we find that your account has been modified in anyway, your account can be banned permanently.

    Sharing Accounts - We’ve been getting many reports lately of account levels rolling back, resetting, or user base showing abnormal behavior. Other examples include: in-game mail being switched, disappearing, or repeating, event attacks being disabled for players you didn’t attack yet, account levels changing or swapping with another account, towers and dragons and portraits missing, etc. Issues like these often occur with your account if it’s accessed by another user on another device. There have been instances where we had to repair a user’s account or rebuild it or even restore it back to the beginning due to the user having had multiple PGIDs/gamestates being logged into their device. This is not a simple or reliable process and cuts into the time of our team, who are working on issues affecting everyone and developing new features to improve the game. Please note, accounts that are currently being shared can be banned; and any damages to the account due to sharing will not be repaired.

    Selling/Renting/Trading Accounts - Selling, renting, or trading accounts without our written permission are against our Terms of Service. Accounts that are sold, rented, traded, etc. can be banned.

    Selling Value Packs - Any monetary profit off of our game in any way shape or form (whether it’s selling accounts, or selling Value Packs at a discount rate, promoting third-party services that can profit off of the use of War Dragons, etc.) is strictly against our Terms of Service. Those that sell in-game items or currency for real money, or exchange those items or currency for value outside of the game can result in a ban.

    If anyone has any questions or concerns about these, please let us know by contacting our support team. Thanks to all that continue to help keep our community fun, safe, and fair!

    For questions or concerns or feedback, let us know here.