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Salvage Shop Beta Phase 2

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    To set expectations it lets you sell your thousands of tower boosts for a few dust. And then the only thing you can buy is tower boosts for double the price you sold them for.

    What is epic though is the sell price is static and the buy price goes up exponentially the more you get.

    Sell 5000 tower boosts - then buy 400 back - winning!!


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      Wish evasion runes could be salvaged for dust


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        For those without salvage shop, heres what you can currently salvage for dust -

        • Anything you can forge
        • Food and lumber packs
        • Xp boosts
        • Food and wood boosts
        • Other spells like super freeze, soa, super tstorm, super chain lightning

        And here is what you can redeem dust for -

        • Anything you can forge, excluding 12h clocks

        3 random items are offered in the shop each day, you can only redeem dust for items currently available in the shop so you likely have to wait a while for something you want to show up.


        • Owlrager
          Owlrager commented
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          Its a little late for that haha, I think pg has all the data they need by now.

          (The comment that this was responding to seems to have been deleted) 🤷🏻*♂️
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        When we getting this in been 8 months beta?


        • VirNinja
          VirNinja commented
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          Another 8 months if you're lucky lol 😂

        • Sparkneo
          Sparkneo commented
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          Probably when they say "soon," it means a year lol

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        Originally posted by Owlrager View Post
        I think they literally took the 3-4 most popular things people were using dust on and just said yep, lets remove ALL OF THOSE. I dont even recall seeing 3h clocks in quite some time now...
        I guess I missed those popular things, seems to be a lot of hammers in there lately! Uhm yeah guess my memory sucks, not much to get excited about with the salvage shop! Would be great if I could salvage all the rubbish towers I have in storage 😐


        • War fan
          War fan commented
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          That was supposed to be one of the options too.

          No money in it, I guess.

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        The salvage shop beta has been live since March 27 When can we expect it to be available to all players ? Thanks🤗


        • Dakhunter
          Dakhunter commented
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          A million years later

        • MareZ
          MareZ commented
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          Now that salvage dust from base boosts was nerfed and 12h clocks were removed I can't wait for this "useful feature".

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        Would definitely like to know where it's at and why the rest of us haven't received it yet.

        It sounds like it has been made into a useless feature, but still, not having access to it while others still do it seems a bit strange.

        If they've given up on it it should have been removed from the beta testers.
        If they're still planning on releasing it then it would be nice if that was done in a timely manner.


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          Honestly this shouldn't need a beta test. You're literally just punching in numbers of what to sell things for and what to buy things for. If you can't get your "data" in under a week to enable you to publish the feature to the public, don't even attempt it. This should've been released to everyone on day one. It's obvious you are just jacking the prices for the most wanted items so please count me out. You've stalled so long I don't even want it anymore, great wok PG...
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            I never saw a beta test forum of this nor any discussions to improve it. They just activated it and forgot about it. Dead alts have it others don't have it.

            It's an 'oops 🙊 true we had a salvage shop, but who gives a fuck 🤣🤷🏻*♂️' feature...

            Big advertisement no gain.


            • #55
              It was to collect data on what's useful or useless in chests, so they can fill chests with more useless things, while pretending they're not nerfing chests. That was the entire point of this exercise. It's also why they exponentially scale the prices and stop selling useful things for dust. It's why they nerfed the sell price of tower/dragon boosts, while increasing their drop rate in chests. They consider the data collected now, so have no reason to bring it out to the general public, who could then turn their 8000 tower boosts into log(8000) * something, which is still more than 0.


              • ITIL
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