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Salvage Shop Beta Phase 2

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  • Salvage Shop Beta Phase 2

    Dragon Lords,

    The Salvage Shop has been in beta for about a month now and we’ve seen fantastic participation as well as feedback coming from everyone who’s been a beta participant! So far, the mechanics of the feature look to be working well with very few reports of any bugs or issues. However, we’ll be making a few adjustments to the Salvage Dust exchange rates in an upcoming update to balance the variety of trade activities we’ve seen in the last 4 weeks--in particular to tower attack & defense boosts and expedite consumables. An additional short period of beta testing time will be following this retuning so that we can get a good sense of if these changes feel in-line with how the final form of the Salvage Shop should be. After full release, these Salvage Dust exchange rates should remain static and are unlikely to change.

    Thanks again for everyone’s help in beta testing the Salvage Shop feature! We hope to release it to everyone’s games soon!

    UPDATE: 18:00 Apr 26 New rates are now live.
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    Soooo we should trade in our tower attack/defense boosts now before they get nerfed hardcore right?


    • ITIL
      ITIL commented
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      From another game: exploit early and often :P

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    So will you add in more beta testers or will keep the same pool of testers as it is right now?


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      This is the problem with making beta testing public knowledge. We now all know what we are missing out on from changes to the current beta.

      A beta should have the following points
      1) Non Disclosure Agreements with all who have access
      2) Benefits to those who are in the beta test
      3) Clear focus on what is being tested and reported on

      In PG's case, beta testing should always have a main focus on removing bugs.
      Benefits to testers could be in the form of rubies or just the head start given by being involved.

      Personally I don't think sweeping changes to dust values should be made based on the usage by a small subsection of the player base, and as seen in Mechengg's response there will now be abuse of tools before changes are made anyway.

      But it's good to see PG is at least beta testing stuff now.


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        Basically that means they're trying to ensure its not "beneficial" to the players. I mean they gave us tons of tower didn't really believe they were going to make a fair exchange rate for those did you? 😂😂.


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          You are making an adjustment to the salvage rates?
          It is about time!

          Finally, You realized how terribly low the salvage rates are currently!
          I asked for the depreciation chart on salvage items weeks ago and no one from PG showed us.
          I have been telling people for weeks your salvage dust rates for items are low!

          The tower attack, defense boosts, and expedite consumables are extremely low!

          These items are being salvaged for 14 dust.
          You can't buy anything for 14 dust in the Daily shop.

          You need to salvage at least 5 of them in order to buy 1 - 3 hour timer which starts at 60 dust.
          You need to salvage at least 16 of them in order to buy 1 - 12 hour timer which starts at 220 dust.

          Furthermore, I believe the majority of the people who are salvaging these items are people who are buying tons of Gold Chests.
          The Gold Chest Drop rates are so deluded with all this consumable stuff!
          Players have no choice, but to dust it for something useful.

          You have to factor in all the events which have been going on.
          People were buying tons of gold chest.
          PG had to add on tiers to several successful events.

          Even though, These items are giving out a lot in gold chest.
          It really isn't beneficial to salvage it in its current form.
          I rarely even salvage them unless I desperately need something in extreme situation only.
          It simply isn't worth it.

          If you get a gold chest, Sometimes they can give you like 50x 3 hour timers in 1 box.
          The consumables in 1 box are only like 25x or 50x.
          Than you have to remember because your dust salvage rate is at 14 only.
          Players will than have to salvage at least 5 in order to get 1 - 3 hour timer.
          This also doesn't factor in the increase in the cost once you buy a single 3 hour timer.

          50 consumables at 14 dust = 700 dust
          If you try to than use up 700 dust to buy 3 hour timers, You will only be able to acquire 8 before running out of dust.
          Don't you think this is extremely low?

          8x compared to the 50x?

          Surely, The salvage rate should give more than 14 dust or something.
          You currently are only giving back 16% of its original value.

          I hope you guys adjust this higher to at least give back 25% or something reasonable.
          My gosh it is really sad.
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          • PlayerJ
            PlayerJ commented
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            The salvage rate they have currently is extremely low at 14 dust.
            If they reduce it down, It simply means they will have no relevance.
            I will consider it a useless tab.

            As far as the defense consumables goes, I think them being listed for 5 is laughable.
            I haven't heard of anyone even salvaging them for 5.

            I would rather have them rot in my inventory than salvage them for free.
            Gaining 5 dust in exchange for an item is like giving the salvaged item away for free.
            Nothing more or nothing less.

            One of the games major currency is Rubies.
            Everything in the game has a Ruby price tag.
            Consumables can sometimes be hard to account for.

            However, you can use gold chest drops as a measurement to the value of certain items.
            You can buy 10 gold chest for 4,000 Rubies.
            Each box can be measured at 400-800 per depending if you buy in group of 10 or only 1.

            Thus, You do have a correlation in terms of currency.
            The timers in gold chest have always been with the same amount which is to say they are perfectly fine the way they are.
            The purchase of consumables in gold chest have been pretty much the same amount for a very long time as well.

            The only thing which is new or difference is the Salvage Shop Salvaging items feature.
            Buying inner fires in gold chest usually give out 6-7.
            Sometimes on epic or legendary gold chest you can get 15x to drop.

            I don't have any inner fires to tell them.
            I honestly don't know what they salvage for.

            If you are saying they are being salvaged for only 20 dust, It means the Salvage value for that item is wrong.
            We in the Beta are suppose to tell them it is wrong so they can fix it.

            The inner fire from normal chest is 7.
            You can consider it a box which will cost 400-800 rubies depending on the group or single.

            PG will probably do the average ruby cost which would be 600 rubies for 7x inner fires.
            600 rubies / 7 inner fires = 85.71 rubies per inner fire.
            You could round this to 86 rubies per 1 inner fire.

            The game has an increased dust value on purchases which is what Echo said.
            Echo showed the picture of the increased rate vs the flat rate of a summon warrior.
            The summon warrior flat rate was 45 rubies per 1 summon warrior.

            The inner fires have an increase in price tag of 92%
            Summon Warrior at 45 x 92% = 41
            45 + 41 = 86 rubies which is how much the inner fire theoretically cost under flat rate system.

            Under this logic, You have no reason to suspect that the salvaging of an inner fire to be 92% less than that of a Summon Warrior.
            The summon warrior is salvaged at 14 dust.
            14 x 92% = 12.88 or 13 if you round
            14 + 13 = 27 gold dust.

            This is how much your inner fire should cost Mechengg.
            You are currently getting 20 gold dust.
            You should be getting 27 gold dust.
            You are being cheated by 7 gold dust.

            The original price of the Inner fire under the same logic should be 86 on flat rate.
            However, The game will use a increase rate which I do believe is better.
            The rate begins with a 25% discount which is what Echo said on his post in forum 1.
            86 x 25% = 21.5 or 22 if you round
            86 - 22 = 64

            The beginning price of an Inner Fire should start at 64 under a increased rate.

          • Mechengg
            Mechengg commented
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            Okay how to explain this to someone with your mindset.....

            Point #1
            It honestly doesn't matter what the actual value of the dust is that they give you. The only thing that matters is the ratio between the salvage price and the purchase price. Instead of giving you 14 dust, they could give you 14,000 dust (increased by a factor of 1000). Would this make you happier because they are giving you more dust and you "feel" like you are getting a good value? They would also increase the price of a resist from 60 dust up to 60,000; making the exact same buy/sell ratio.

            Point #2
            So lets have an example for you to provide your input. Say you have 1500 of each defense consumables worth 5 dust each. You should only need ~500 in your inventory at any single time, and let's just say that you are like me and are active enough that you will never use more consumables than you earn through runs/events; your net on each defense consumable can be equal to 0 or greater. That meant that you have literally no use for 1000 of each consumable, so 3000 x 5 = 15,000 dust that is yours to spend on other consumables that you enjoy using like speedups or lightning resist or spell add ons.
            Please tell us WHY in gods name you would be that stubborn to not salvage these items and instead keep them in your inventory. Sure if you want to take a break or play less or if you use far far far more consumables than you earn then that is actually a good reason to not salvage these items; but the case for any active/very active player in less than diamond league is similar to what i've posted above.

            Point #3
            Rubies are a hard currency. Sure. cannot reasonably convert rubies to chests (using an intrinsic value for them for further comparison) and then try to further correlate an intrinsic chest value to a hard value of items "won" through them.

            Point #4
            You cannot correlate event items to spells. Period. End of story. Even in the spell category you can't correlate them with any form of certainty.
            Because PG has put different high intrinsic values on items they see being used more and more. This is DIFFERENT than the market value and they continue to adjust/tweak their set market price to follow more along the lines of the values they see players putting on each consumable. Don't be daft to think that someone on PG's staff isn't a market analyst who is taking a look at these items. Hell, they probably have 2-3 guys taking a look and discussing tweaks based on our feedback as well as the data they are pulling from the server.

            Point #5
            Where the fuck are you getting 16% from? Is that from your strange correlation to the intrinsic value of chests that you further propgated and added errors into by correlating it to spells too? LOL

            Spells give 42% salvage value for the first purchase (14 salvage / 33p purchase)
            Resists give 40%
            Potions give 37.5%
            Speedups give between 33% and 40%

            So don't go around accusing PG of giving us "terrible" turn in rates and suggesting they give us "at least 25%". This PROVES that you have NOT done your adequate research, you say things on a fucking whim and you have absolutely no business analyzing data from here on out. You take a grab sample of 1 item out of a list of ~45 and then try and work some numbers magic that is completely fucking skewed to try and make a point that is against anything that I say just to try and spite me.

            Well i'm sick and tired of you inaccurate bullshit on here and i will be calling you out on EVERY SINGLE POST that you make from here on out until the correct information is given to the player base and nobody considers the name "PlayerJ" to be credible.

          • PlayerJ
            PlayerJ commented
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            In response to your Point #1
            The actual values of the dust matter Mechengg.
            If you read what Echo said, You would understand that the game is using the Dust values in correlation to the items Ruby value.

            Post #88
            The game is making a new currency "Dust".
            However, they want it to correlate/match up with the current currency "Rubies".

            Summon Warrior's actual Ruby cost is 45 which is what Echo said.
            The flat rate of Summon Warrior would be 45 dust per purchase in the Shop.
            The increased rate of Summon Warrior is being discounted by 25%.
            45 x 25% = 11.25
            They decided to round it to the next unit which is 12.
            Thus, 45 - 12 = 33 dust which is the current starting price of Summon Warrior.

            In response to your Point #2
            Your example is irrelevant.
            Simply because you are trying to say something in your inventory has no value.
            It is a ridiculous notion.
            Just because something is sitting in your inventory doesn't mean it doesn't have a value.

            I have seen people who own run down trucks in there yard.
            The trucks are just sitting there.
            Are you going to say they have no value either?

            You could still find the blue book value of those truck.
            Just because you feel like giving away your items which are sitting in your inventory for free.
            Doesn't mean the rest of us have too.

            It doesn't bother me to have 1,500+ defense consumables.
            They were sitting in my inventory before the shop beta came out?
            Why should it be any different after the shop beta came out?
            I can chose to leave them there if I want too.
            I can exchange them if I feel like I want something else.

            In fact, I only remembering salvaging defense consumables maybe only 2-3 times the entire beta.
            The only time I salvage them was when I had nothing else to salvage and I wanting something which I needed really bad.

            In response to your below Point #3
            Rubies are a hard currency. Sure. cannot reasonably convert rubies to chests (using an intrinsic value for them for further comparison) and then try to further correlate an intrinsic chest value to a hard value of items "won" through them.

            Sure, I can!
            Money can purchase a package which some offer gold chest.
            If the game only had 1x items in gold chest, People wouldn't buy packages with gold chest in them.
            Furthermore, people wouldn't spend 4,000 Rubies a pop on getting 10x of them.
            People expect to get something of equivalent or greater value than the amount they consume.

            People who have "unlucky" gold box openings are still getting something equivalent to what they invested.
            Do you honestly think the game could get away with ripping you off?

            There is a difference between not Getting what you want. vs Getting ripped off.
            If you open 50x consumables, You might be unhappy with what you got.
            However, the unhappy box you got should still have the same worth in value of your purchase.

            In response to your Point #4
            The hell I can't!
            Don't you get it Mechengg?
            When you know the currency, you can compare it all!

            It is like real life money!
            I can compare my jeep to my house.
            I can compare a bag of potato chips to a gold ring.

            I can compare defensive boost to spells.
            I can tell you how much a dragon cost in Ruby's!
            Fenrir 450 Rubies Say What?
            It cost me 20 bucks to get Dominus in a package deal.

            Don't you see Mechengg?
            Everything has a price tag.
            I can tell you how much a defensive unit cost!
            From the Lumber used in order to build the building to the speed up clocks required to finish it!
            It all has a price tag.
            If I can do it, You can to Mechengg!

            In response to your Point #5
            Where the fuck are you getting 16% from? Is that from your strange correlation to the intrinsic value of chests that you further propgated and added errors into by correlating it to spells too? LOL

            You ask me a question telling me were I got 16% from?
            You are trying to mock me as if I don't know what I am talking about!
            When you don't even understand how I am getting my answers?

            The 16% has nothing to do with spells.
            The conversation I had with 16% was based on the boost.
            Completely unrelated.

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          Are those of us that aren't involved with the current beta going to get fucked by your changes? Are you going to nerf the value of some things like tower boosts that we all have a lot of and increase the prices of things that we want? Like speed ups. How is it fair that a bunch of people in a RANDOM BETA meaning I and many others had no chance to join it get to take advantage of things that we will not be able to. If you guys change the cost of a bunch of shit you are going to piss some people off and I for one am sick of tired of being fucked over by your company.

          copying this so if you guys decide to delete it again I'll just post the same thing.


          • Munt415
            Munt415 commented
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            You're right they shouldn't have given some people an advantage in the game and broadcasted it to us, but they did. And now that they are most likely going to take that away I am slightly annoyed. I am also just annoyed that I have not seen any new content in forever. We have the same events all the time, we haven't gotten any new drags that I have actually been able to use in forever. The one new event that they've been working on that we know anything about has been in beta for god knows how long and this damn salvage shop is is beta and I have no idea when I'm ever going to see anything new. Starting to get to me as I love the game but at this point it's just stale.

          • EggToken
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            "Hiding" a feature as significant as the Salvage Shop would be a bad call on our part.

            First of all, it'd be nigh impossible to keep participants from talking about it to other players. There are already teams with both players that do and don't have the beta. Having the thousands of participants sign an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) is just not feasible for something of this scale. Also, we're not interested in tracking down the people who break this hypothetical NDA to sue them (because frankly, that's the point of an NDA).

            Secondly, it would go against the calls from the community for more transparency. We're announcing this to everyone because it's a feature that everyone will eventually receive. The point of this beta is so that we can assess how the feature will be used on a larger scale in the actual game, and adjust accordingly, which we are doing. While some will not agree, it's more efficient to make a first large balance a feature by overshooting initially, and dialing it back, as opposed to under-tuning, and making an exorbitant amount of small steps upward to find the right balance (this fine-tuning step comes later).

            Lastly, the random selection of participants to this beta is arguably the fairest method to test the feature in a representative sample of the player base. I know it feels unfair to not have the beta. But consider that anyone who does have the beta had an equal chance of [i]not[/] having the beta at the time of selection. There will be more beta opportunities in the future as well.

          • Kittens
            Kittens commented
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            I would like to point out that on the topic of "too easy to get speedups", I don't think it's even possible to get as many speedups from the same number of chests as a year ago, even if you turned in everything else to buy nothing but speedups. Now you could make the argument of balancing speedups vs egg tokens, because of the insane breeding cost in sapphire tier and above, that your base will outpace your dragons. But that leaves people ~lv60-84 high and dry, when den caps were the greatest evil in the game, and speedups are the limiting factor. That part of the game hasn't changed afaik, so you can't compare the token/speedup balance at lv150 with it at lv70. You gain tokens and speedups at the same relative rate at those levels, but the proportional requirements for each at those levels are *massively* different.

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          so basically everyone in beta can salvage their 20.000 1min speedups for 20.000 dust and keep it while i only get 5.000 dust for my 20.000 1minspeedups once i can access the salvage shop too? how is that fair? either make all salvages void and make a roll back or let everyone have the same conversion rate. anything else is unfair.. PG at its best again


          • PlayerJ
            PlayerJ commented
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            Jess is correct here.
            You should never salvage timers.
            They are to value able.

            Furthermore, Lets assume we are to salvage timers.
            The only real reason a person would salvage 1 min timers is if he plans on trading up.

            I would like to ease your mind by saying no one realistically will buy in bulk.
            The game has increased rate.
            The more you buy the higher the price goes.
            It increases to the point were it is not worth it.

            Ideally, The most you ever want to buy is 7.
            If you want to get a small discount, you would want to buy under 7.
            However, I would like to tell you another problem which sort of hampers this issue.

            The game has close to 42 different items in the shop.
            You can only observe 3 at a given time.
            Ideally, It would take you 2 weeks to cycle through the whole inventory.

            The problem is the above logic only works if you get new items every single day.
            You sometimes get the same items.
            I have gotten a ballistic resist like 2-3 days in a row before.
            It was completely unhelpful to me.

            I honestly have been in the shop for a month.
            I haven't even see every single forging item yet.
            The rotation time is slow.

            We have been trying to get them to speed it up some more.
            However, even if they do, you are still looking at a few weeks to cycle through stuff.
            I wanted to tell you this to ease your mind of players buying massive amounts with 1 min timers.
            Realistically, It isn't happening.

            The only person I remember salvaging 1 min timers was Mechengg.
            However, Mechengg.was specifically doing this to trade up.
            I remember him having a conversation with Egg Token about it in the previous forum.

            No one is salvaging timers to simply salvage them.
            They are extremely valuable.
            I would even go as far as to say.
            The current system with the timers is perfectly fine.

            The issue which PG seems to be wanting to deal with is the Tower Boost.
            I am still back & forth with the Tower Boost issue.
            I honestly think the price on them may be seen as low.

            This is of course based on the ruby value of the items.
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          • Mechengg
            Mechengg commented
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            You do understand that if you are low on dust, you can salvage 1 minute timers and "trade up" to higher level timers which you can get at a discount right? AKA the whole trade up table i made in the original thread?

            The premise is that if you have say 500 1min timers. You have 500 minutes worth of time right? You can salvage (trade in) 500 of them for 500 dust. To purchase a 12hr timer (worth 720 minutes) it only costs you 220 dust. So you trade in 220 minutes for 720 minutes. Not a bad deal right? Then you can turn in another time, 240 minutes for 720. Excellent, you are more than doubling your 1 minute timers. There comes a time when it will cost you close to or over 720 1minute timers to get a 12hr timer, at that point DO NOT TRADE THEM IN ANY FURTHER. You can also deem on your own the point at which you feel the intrinsic value of the 12hr timer exceeds the intrinsic value of the dust that you would spend to get it.

            Simple concept no? Benefit to the salvage shop no?

          • Slytha
            Slytha commented
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            good comment PJ. i do see the point youre making that there wont be the chance to use the entire dust from recycling all 1min speedups in a timely fashion due to the cycle of items you want and the steep increment of dust cost. anyway lets wait and see

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          PG just seems like the worst company in beta testing I've ever come across. How is it fair to permanently exclude a big part of the player base from getting the benefits that your beta testers have?
          In other companies you either get nothing or you get some bonus in form of costumization, nothing that has real ingame value and throws over the balance or the economy.

          Yes I'm also in a beta (world map beta) and yes I might enjoy months and months of bonus XP from easy Invader bases that always level with me as well as all the teams keeping their boats and continents which probably no other team might ever catch up with if they were not in the beta in the beginning.
          But I still find it unfair, I would have no problem with starting again at square one with everyone else once it goes live!
          MareZ ~ lvl20X ~ Garnet Tier Dragons

          Important Threads to find everything you need


          • odie1993
            odie1993 commented
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            Ever beta tester gets an advantage in every game they test in. This is no different here.

          • Munt415
            Munt415 commented
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            No they don't. Have you ever been part of an actual beta before? Betas for things like console games don't give any advantage except knowing how to play when the game is released. During the beta you'll lvl up(usually there's a max lvl you can get to in the beta) but then when the beta ends that is gone. The lvl you got to is reset back to 0 when the game is finally released. No advantage there besides a little bit of knowledge. I've also played multiple mmos where they have a server you can get onto to test out any new content or fixes that they're adding but guess what you aren't on the same servers as everyone else in the game so again the only advantage you gain is knowing more about what's coming out than other people. Never have I seen a company put people in a beta while they're still on the active servers for the rest of the game giving a large portion of the community an advantage over the rest of it. It it complete bullshit and shows that pg doesn't really know how to run a game properly.

          • MareZ
            MareZ commented
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            Thank you Munt415 , absolutely agreed. However there is a possibility that odie1993 has been in betas that were equally as bad as PG's betas lol.
            I do know betas where players would get a certain badge, weapon skin, mask, title or something else cosmetic to show off, but most simply had the advantage of knowledge.

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          You guys realize this wasn't a beta test to make sure the shop is working? This "beta" was just to collect data on the player base so they could "weight" the value of items players will be trading in their shop. You're really blind if you think that this was an actual beta.


          • Slytha
            Slytha commented
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            eggtokens then i propose PG proves that by keeping the currency exchange rates the same for a week after the release of the salvage shop so that all players get the same chance to progress. im sure PG doesnt condone unfairness and holds itself to higher standards making this proposal work.

          • xxCLAYxx
            xxCLAYxx commented
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            I agree that there was a partial intent on PG's part to make sure that the thing functioned properly without bugs/glitches, but I also agree that most likely the primary reason for a "beta" release was for them to determine proper item balancing by tracking what players turned to dust and what they bought with dust, so that they could tweak those specific items to be valued more in PG's favor for when it goes live to everyone.

            I still don't think they understand the concept of a traditional beta where a separate server and isolated game network is used for players to log in separate from a real in-game account and they are given all sorts of resources so that they can actually beta test specific features or functions with nothing impacting the real game. and then you give them some rubies or a fancy avatar for their real account when the beta is done, but the two are completely separate and one does not impact/effect the other.

          • EggToken
            EggToken commented
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            Unfortunately, with mobile, the model of traditional betas don't apply (as much as I wish they did). This is largely due to restrictions from Apple on the type of approval that an App needs to be put on iTunes. For Android, it's like the wild west (almost). I can understand why most look to the PC model of a beta, but it just does not work in this gaming space.

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          Egg Token, I would like to be part of the beta test. thank you


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            So you internally value something like base boosts artificially high. Dilute chests with them, while pretending they were high value. Act surprised when the get turned in en masse at the exchange shop. Nerf the price. Retroactively for anyone not already in the beta, as they don't even have a chance to turn them in at their originally intended value.

            This retroactively nerfs all the chest drops people have previously opened, counting on them eventually being able to exchange them for something. I have over 6k each of the stupid things, and that's trying to avoid opening chests when their drop rate is the highest. There used to be events, maybe 1 out of 4, where they didn't drop at all, and I hoarded my chests for those times specifically to avoid them. That's no longer possible.

            The other thing: Are chests going to be rebalanced to account for the new (I assume) lower prices? Or have the drop rates tuned to what people actually use, so increase things like egg tokens and reduce tower boosts until people actually buy/sell everything at the same rate?

            IMO, the only way to be fair about this is to keep the original prices for about a week with them available for everyone. Then rebalance prices however you see fit, and readjust chest drop rates to account for the changes as well.


            • EggToken
              EggToken commented
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              I can understand that any kind of change comes with some level of anxiety. However, the point of this rebalancing (and this beta as a whole) is to tune the Salvage Shop to a point that makes in-game economic sense with the rest of the systems in place. Since it is a beta, everything is subject to changes until it is 100% live.

            • Kittens
              Kittens commented
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              And with the update cutting the value of the dilution drops in half, the anxiety was absolutely justified. Are the chest drop rates (not that it'll help all those already opened chests that were instantaneously devalued) going to be adjusted to actually make sense, or is this just another overall chest nerf?

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            After all of PGs research into this system, what item's salvage values did you realize need to be INCREASED? When should we expect those changes?....


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              Originally posted by EggToken View Post
              I can understand that any kind of change comes with some level of anxiety. However, the point of this rebalancing (and this beta as a whole) is to tune the Salvage Shop to a point that makes in-game economic sense with the rest of the systems in place. Since it is a beta, everything is subject to changes until it is 100% live.
              1) anxiety? good thing you dont work at psychiatry or else everyone here would be on neuroleptica. good one eggtoken! its not anxiety.. the players are flabbergasted by PGs unfairness by splitting the player base in two thus creating an unfair currency advantage!
              2) "Since it is a beta, everything is subject to changes until it is 100% live" (eggtoken). your frckin "beta" is 100% live, but only accessable to a few players!! do you not see the difference? if stuff is up for change then DONT release the update to only a few on the LIVE-servers. whats going on right now is favoritism, just like the beta testers will be able to keep their ships and island when boats are released.. its majorly upsetting!
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              • MareZ
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                A small reminder EggToken :
                One of the reasons why people wanted the opt out option for gold chests and were then looking forward to the Salvage Shop was being able to trade in their tons of useless items from gold chests for items that they value. This is especially true for defense/base boosts!

                What you're doing is exactly the opposite:
                - Offer speed ups (which is great) but no other gold chest items we were looking forward to (egg tokens, fragments, event items, ...)
                - Lower the value of defense/base boosts (most likely, we will see once it's live for the beta testers)

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              EggToken. this is the first time I've read this thread and am totally disgusted at some of the language used in earlier post. I know you have read them as you have addressed some of the issues in them. My question to you is why haven't they been deleted and the posters been banned for the use of such language? I have seen post deleted and posters banned for much less.


              • Mechengg
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                Are you trying to passively call me out? lol

              • MareZ
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                Wait, I thought he was talking about me lol

              • UnseatedDonkey
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                I'm not sure what language you are talking about. Maybe it's already been removed? Yes, there are negative comments but it's more along the lines of frustration and not being included in the beta testing (we can't all be - or can we?) and constructive feedback. Do not mix recommended/requested changes with negativity.