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New Tower Levels Coming Soon

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  • New Tower Levels Coming Soon

    Tower Level Cap Increase

    With the introduction of Emerald tier dragons, base defenses are due for an upgrade to be able to stand against the might of this season’s new dragons and beyond.
    • Every base defense tower is having its level cap raised to level 48, which is scaling tower HP and damage up by approximately 35%.
      • Builder and Storage Hut levels have also been increased.
      • We are, however, easing the scaling of time required to upgrade buildings, so players upgrading towers at this level will be noticing a smaller jump in the time required to upgrade these towers at higher levels.
      • Additional levels will be added when Mythic Emerald Dragons are released, but this will be announced and detailed further when that comes closer.
    • Farms and Mills will see their level cap raised to level 45 (an increase of 10 levels compared to the previous cap).
      • At level 45, this will be a 50% increase of the current rate of RSS production for level 35 RSS buildings, increasing lumber and food availability at higher levels.

        We took a look at historical levels of food production relative to the time it took to level up higher tier dragons, and this rate of production should bring the difficulty of feeding your dragons closer to how it felt in some earlier tiers of dragons. In conjunction with the boosted resource production during weekend events, we hope that this will help relieve some of the stress to the resource economy, particularly for Food.
    • Resource cost for upgrading Farms and Mills by 40% after level 35.
      • This is an additional balance change.

        At first, this increase does look drastic. However, keep in mind that higher resource cost makes leveling these buildings in Fortification events more efficient for the same amount of time. Additionally, leveling up your Farms to generate much-coveted Food costs Lumber, which should already be in ample supply.

    We’ll be closely monitoring the effects of these tower changes in the coming weeks to see the effects on the defense metagame and resource economy. We and greatly value any detailed feedback you all can provide. Please tell us about your first impressions, theorycrafting, and actual gameplay experiences with these changes (after release) in our Feedback thread!
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