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War Dragons v3.00 Spell Fixes!

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  • War Dragons v3.00 Spell Fixes!

    For feedback on the spell fixes, please see our feedback thread located here.

    For the past few months our team has been heavily focused on fixing broken spells and adding features to make sure that spells break less in the future. A big part of this focus involved your efforts in posting broken spells that we then collected and reproduced, verified, documented, and worked to repair.

    We are still working on a number of fixes, as well as more features to prevent future spell issues or busted interactions. Please keep posting any spell issues you find and we will continue to keep an eye on them!

    Spell Fixes
    • Restricted certain spell/consumable combinations to prevent unintended spell behavior. (For example: Invincibility Shield and Steal Essence’s stolen Storm Tower shield cannot be used together.)
    • Fixed an issue that would cause buildings to regain lost health when Desiccating Sandstorm was cast during Timeshift.
    • Fixed a graphical issue with Timeshift where the clock animation would not appear.
    • Fixed an issue where Invincibility would be recast when using Sacrifice.
    • Fixed an issue with Rising Phoenix that would sometimes cause the dragon to become invisible on-screen.
    • Fixed an issue with Ice Shock where the freeze effect would immediately expire.
    • Fixed a hitbox issue where area spells like Fireball and Freeze would sometimes not deal damage when cast.
    • Fixed an issue with Frozen Tomb where additional casts of the spell would incorrectly “unfreeze” towers first instead of refreshing the duration.
    • Fixed an issue with Crumble to Dust where the second activation would sometimes (rarely) fail.
    • Fixed an issue where Freeze would be unaffected by Red Mage Towers.
    • Fixed issues with Lockdown where sometimes the net animation would not appear, or the tower affected would seemingly not be disabled.
    • Shadow Healing from research has been increased to 5% healing done.
    • Fixed a rare issue where dragons’ attacks would be disabled after the Havoc spell expired.
    • Fixed an issue with Northern Lights where the shield and healing mark animations would not appear when using the spell.
    • Fixed a visual bug with Invincibility shields persisting through the use of Steal Essence.
    • Fixed unintended behavior with Crystalline Shield.
    • Fixed an issue where Lockdown consumables would prevent Warrior dragons from being able to attack.

    Reported Spell Issues that are not bugs:
    • The rewind effect of Timeshift can only be used twice, but the cloak effect can be used more than that.
    • Crystalline shield does not guard against debuffs (i.e. Trebuchet Supershot stun), only damage.
    • Nocturnal Fissure only regenerates health when Empowered. When not empowered, it will destroy projectiles for 4 seconds. Updated spell tooltip.
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    Bumping for visibility.


    • Brigitte25
      Brigitte25 commented
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      Thanks for posting this...lots of fixes ...appreciated

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    The second fix from the bottom of the list, says fixed unintended behavior with crystalline shield. What was that?

    Also, is freeze fixed??


    • EggToken
      EggToken commented
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      Sometimes the shield would work and absorb damage, but other times it would not and the dragon would keep taking damage from all sources.

    • Oldmandragon
      Oldmandragon commented
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      Thank you.

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    What about fixing the freeze effect of consecutive castings of the Freeze spell, so each has its own separate timer.


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      There's a bunch of Freeze fixes and fixes related to freeze, so what you mentioned should be covered under those.


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        EggToken, is the Freeze spell from Steal Essence fixed now? It's doesn't work for rizar (and conssurgens) right now


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          is here somewhere also a fix for thunderstorm so it cant be used on a long island when the very first tower is blue mage?


          • SuperSax
            SuperSax commented
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            thats not a bug, is it?

          • xxCLAYxx
            xxCLAYxx commented
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            I agree, TS is a blue spell that isn't supposed to be able to be cast when a blue mage is present, that's why many players put the blue mage at the very front of an island, to prevent TS from being cast

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          Thanks a lot for focusing on fixing things! That hopefully improves gameplay experience

          Yet I was kinda looking Forward to Patch 3.00 to be a MAJOR update with new content and features.
          Will 3.00 only FIXING things or are there other things released with it?

          Thanks already for replying


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          Great to see that spells are being fixed!

          Originally posted by EggToken View Post
          Spell Fixes
          • Restricted certain spell/consumable combinations to prevent unintended spell behavior. (For example: Invincibility Shield and Steal Essence’s stolen Storm Tower shield cannot be used together.)

          Does this mean I can't even equip Invincibility Shield on a Steal Essence Hunter anymore or can I equip it but not cast it if I already picked it up with Steal Essence?
          It says "cannot be used together" so I hope it can still be equipped together.
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          • EggToken
            EggToken commented
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            You can still equip it, just not cast it when one or the other is active.

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          EggToken Echo Southern cross doesn,t works restores health or rage only when the buidings are detroyed by the spell,but as description says it should works like northern lights,leaving health/rage marks. i also found that the maximum damage that southern cross and all others offensive spell is 1m hp so basically they can,t kill the high lvl towers unless you damage them before casting the spells.that basically makes southern cross totally unuseful against high lvl bases..we are supposed to use aquileas agains lvl 20 towers?


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            Seething spark doesn't stun fire turrets if they already started their attack animation


            • lynxesss
              lynxesss commented
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              yes! fire turret always will shot if you encounter new island after turning. so there is no chance to stun it before attack animation starts

          • #12
            Seeting spark and dessicating sand storm doesnt stun turrets like NukSooAl said.
            Also Umbral spike sometimes doesnt kill buildings. Their health just turns to grey.


            • #13
              I've had occasional instances where it appears that crumble to dust doesn't work properly, especially on a second cast. maybe it has something to do with targeting off the screen?

              I've seen it where the animation shows that it hit, but on a second cast the animation goes away for something like 2-3 of the towers and they aren't damaged or destroyed, but others are affected as intended


              • #14
                Umbral spike doesn't always work. Sometimes it turns the tower's life meter grey, but doesn't destroy it.


                • Pixxel
                  Pixxel commented
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                  As a Tengu flyer, I've also experienced this!

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                Please go to this thread for feedback / discussions on this: