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[LIVE] War Dragons v3.00 Release Notes!

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  • [LIVE] War Dragons v3.00 Release Notes!

    For general v3.00 feedback and bugs, please go here.
    For feedback on the Emerald Tier Dragons, please go here.

    Update v3.00 focuses in part on a large number of spell fixes that are the result of efforts last month to collect information on all the spell issues players have seen and reported. While this is a good start, we’re not done yet; so keep letting us know about any other issues you find in our Bugs and Feedback sub-forum! For information on the specifics of the spell fixes, please see this thread. v3.00 also introduces a much easier way to get the attention of you friends and officers with the @mention feature in chat! Lastly, Emerald tier dragons take to the skies soon, so we've included a preview of their spells below. Read on to see all the changes!

    Emerald Dragon Tier
    Pyrochis, the Fire Flower

    Level 2 Intimidating Roar Red 2 Rage Deals damage to buildings nearby and reduces their damage by 50% for the entire fight.
    Level 5 Shield Blast Blue 1 Rage Shields all damage until depleted and then explodes, dealing damage to nearby buildings.
    Level 9 Spitfire Turret Resist Passive --- Take reduced damage from Spitfire Turrets.
    Level 14 Archer Turret Resist Passive --- Take reduced damage from Archer Turrets.
    Kyrule, Gale Rider

    Level 2 Rejuvenate Blue 2 Rage Restore a portion of the dragon’s health over time.
    Level 5 Seething Spark Blue 1 Rage First cast increases dragon’s damage by 25%. Second cast discharges, damaging and stunning nearby buildings.
    Level 9 Tectonic Bomb Red 2 Rage Traps towers in earthen crust and damages them. Also creates a shield that absorbs damage.
    Level 14 Lightning Resist Passive --- Take reduced damage from Lightning Towers.
    Deci, Humming Dragon

    Level 2 Cloak Blue 1 Rage Dragon becomes invisible and cannot be targeted until it attacks.
    Level 5 Steal Essence Passive --- Whenever your dragon kills a tower, it gains an ability based upon the tower destroyed.
    Level 9 Earthquake Red 1 Rage Large area effect spell that damages and prevents affected towers from attacking.
    Level 14 Ballista Resist Passive --- Take reduced damage from Ballista Towers
    Ferga, the Morning Bloom

    Level 2 Seismic Screech Red 1 Rage Damages towers and affected towers deal 25% reduced damage.
    Level 5 Healing Mark Red 1 Rage Places a mark on a building that heals the dragon that destroys it.
    Level 9 Galvanic Overload Red 1 Rage Deals high damage to one building. Killing the targeted building allows you to recast Galvanic Overload to gain rage at the cost of damage to your dragon.
    Level 14 Cannon Resist Passive --- Take reduced damage from Cannon Towers.
    Kerbos, Monarch Dragon

    Level 2 Chain Lightning Red 2 Rage Strikes buildings with lightning that chains randomly.
    Level 5 Uproot Red 2 Rage Wooden spike destroys the targeted tower. The first cast per battle also heals dragon for a sizable amount of health.
    Level 9 Wind Wall Blue 2 Rage For the duration, all projectiles from Archer, Ballista, Trebuchet and Cannon towers will be deflected.
    Level 14 Trebuchet Resist Passive --- Take reduced damage from Trebuchet Towers.
    Slax, the River Spirit

    Level 2 Invincibility Shield Blue 2 Rage Provides a temporary barrier against all damage for 6 seconds.
    Level 5 Noxious Vines White 2 Rage Grow choking vines that initially damage and then immobilize towers until affected towers take damage.
    Level 9 Spell Flux White 2 Rage Explodes one tower and damages nearby towers (prefers mage towers).
    Level 14 Storm Resist Passive --- Take reduced damage from Storm Towers.
    General Bug Fixes
    • Fixed an issue where players may get stuck at ~90% loading in events or the World Map.
    • Fixed a graphical issue where it would sometimes incorrectly appear that you were collecting both Food and Lumber from a single resource building.
    • Fixed a common crash issue from v2.91.
    • Fixed an issue with the Dragon Perch where the experience gain animation would cause animation flickering.
    • Added a warning message for when the player attempts to level up a perched dragon past the tier that the perch can currently support.
    • Various game engine performance fixes and improvements.
    • Fixed Breeding Token Missions to correctly trigger Flak Cannon missions.

    • You can now @mention to message specific players, groups, or officers using the syntax @playername, @group, or @officers.
      • If you don’t want to be disturbed, you can turn off the Chat Mention feature under the game options.

    • Increased the quantity and number of options of breeding tokens available for purchase with rubies in the currency menu.
    • Improved the consistency of the appearance of gifting and resource sending icons in the game menus.

    Spell Fixes
    • Multiple spell fixes. Please visit the post HERE for specific details about which spells were affected and investigated.
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    Adding a few missed notes to this update. I'm already working on a process to better loop balance changes such as these into future update notes, so I apologize for any confusion resulting from this delay.

    Spell Balance Changes (Updated 4/12/17)
    • Vampiric Touch: Amount of heal gained when a tower is destroyed has increased from 4% to 16% of base dragon HP.
      • This 3 cost spell didn’t provide a good return when used. Now it will be a very efficient spell to use when you can destroy multiple towers during the spell duration.
      • Only affects the on-dragon spell and not the consumable.
    • Galvanic Overload: Increased minimum damage from 65% to 110% of dragon’s health. Added cooldown of 4 seconds.
      • The difficulty of destroying a tower to trigger empowered was too high. Cooldown added to offset spell damage.
    • Shadow Healing Research: Healing while cloaking increased from 1% per second to 5% per second.
      • The healing from Shadow healing was too subtle to feel relevant.