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Salvage Shop Feedback Thread!

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  • Having problems with connections to servers, when the new salvage shop changes inventory. It takes 3-5 try's before content is updated. I had a good connection on my end, but couldn't play because it kept trying to sync. Anyone notice the same problem?


    • Many days I don't use my dust to purchase items. Maybe an option to change the items you can purchase?
      Maybe an option to spend a little more dust and buy speed up packs, etc. instead of individual items.
      I do like this as an option overall as there are items I never use and now they can be useful for something.
      Possibly add an option to dust weapons we've build and no longer use so they're not just forever in our storage.


      • Figured i'd chime in with a several weeks later update:
        - I have found zero glitches with selling or purchasing anything. The tabs are working well to swap between buy and sell like they should
        - All items have been consistently priced from day to day and type to type which helps me to trust pricing that is given instead of referring to a chart to double check before i make any purchases.
        - The BEST source of free dust hasn't come from dusting spells or resists as i was previously only considering, but from dusting tower boosts! We get so many tower boosts in chests that i get a few hundred a week and this adds significantly to the dust income (1400 dust per 100 boosts i dust). Now that i know this information i'm going to track the earnings and dusting of these items and do a quick chart on the amount of free speedups i can get in a given week
        - 4/7 days had useful items for myself; this included 3hr speedups, 12hr, +100% XP boosts which is a good turnout i think. Not having something every day is a good thing and is making me watch and consider what i spend my dust on and gives a bit of anticipation for the next day

        - Will food/wood packs be available to purchase with dust at any point or are they just available to turn to dust for now? Or have i just not been lucky enough to see this come through in my BETA test time? Same with Inner fire? I do understand if these are one way items, but if they are meant only to be able to turn into dust maybe recommend letting everyone know


        • Mechengg
          Mechengg commented
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          Yes tower boosts are turned in for 14 dust each. Very good value since we get so many of them as tier prizes during events & in bronze chests.

          Check out posts #50 & #51 in this thread, that should give you a basic run down. There are only a few spells that are more expensive (same as resist pricing) so i may have to break that out but the post below mine does a good job of breaking them out as well

        • MareZ
          MareZ commented
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          Thanks for the feedback, posts 50-51 should definitely be put into a guide/seperate thread once the feature is released, this is extremely helpful info.
          It's also great to see that you can get one amazing spell (like Invincibility Shield/DeathGaze) per tower boost.

        • EggToken
          EggToken commented
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          RSS Packs won't be showing up in the Salvage Shop for purchase, and can only be converted into dust.

      • So are we ever getting the salvage shop? Or is it just going to sit there and give a few people an advantage over the rest of us?


        • Originally posted by Munt415 View Post
          So are we ever getting the salvage shop? Or is it just going to sit there and give a few people an advantage over the rest of us?
          I honestly think the Developing Team should mass distribute it to everyone.
          I feel like the errors & glitches I had have been fixed by PG.
          I feel the shop in its current form is excellent.
          And this is coming from a person, who was probably there harshest critic.

          The only adjustment which I think it might need is the reset time.
          Currently, The Daily Shop resets once a day.
          It is almost like egg token pay outs in the Team Meeting Hall.
          Team Meeting hall egg pay outs happen once a day.

          I feel they should change the reset time to be almost like the Bounty Harbor.
          The Bounty Harbor resets like every 6 hours I believe.

          Even if they don't change the reset time.
          It is still a useful function.

          I have it right now with the 24 hour reset time and I still think it is a great function.
          I would prefer to have it reset every 6 hours to help cycle through more things better.
          However, I honestly don't think the shop should be held back from every one else based only on 1 small technicality

          Again, I can't speak for everyone in the beta test.
          Maybe other people have bugs or glitches etc.
          I don't know.
          I can't speak for them.

          However, Everything I have experienced with it tells me it is ready for the War Dragon World!
          I honestly don't know how I played this game with out it.


          • SilentOne
            SilentOne commented
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            If they reduce the reset time, they increase the potential for flooding the market with the stuff people want.
            Getting abused for offering the stuff people don't want more often.

          • MareZ
            MareZ commented
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            I agree with PlayerJ, it seems like there are no major bugs or pricing issues and hope it will be released to everyone asap.
            Fine tuning can be done once it's live, if needed.
            I also think they should lower the reset time atleast to the 12h that were previously promised, 6h would be even better for active players.
            The fast reset time would also counteract the steep price progression that people complained about since the item will most likely be on sale again very soon. It also makes people log in more often and drive up activity since it's more rewarding than the bounty harbour.

        • I have one more request for the Salvage Shop: Make the items in the Daily Shop in theme with the current event!!! 👀❤️


          • I would like to be part of the Salvage Shop Beta testing. Ive been playing for over 2 years. give me a chance to participate.


            • Unleash the fury!


              • We'll have an update on the Salvage Shop very soon.


                • EmrahT
                  EmrahT commented
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                  When it will be useable for every player ? Still havent that , probably its still on beta, but would be nice if you can tell me when this feature is available for me aswell! Thanks.

              • Continuing the conversation here!