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I'll ask again...

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  • I'll ask again...

    When your team originally asked for players/teams who were interested in becoming beta testers to help improve the game. You mentioned testing a variety of new of new features to help limit the amount of bugs and glitches upon release. So my question is, why did you not have us test the brand new towers you are releasing. Much different than new dragon releases as a spell bug on a new dragon won't impact the entire game, where as a new tower not functioning as intended could throw off the entire game. I'd just like an answer as to why you opted to not have us test out the new tower.

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    I think it would be nice to know if we are beta testers for new features to the game or only the beta boat feature.


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      Implementing new towers is something we've done in the past, and doesn't require as in-depth testing of systems as something like the World Map or Salvage Shop. The Dark Flak Cannon doesn't have as much complexity as those other features I mentioned, so the resources that would be spent on putting together a beta for a single tower can be better spent elsewhere.


      • Shenanigans
        Shenanigans commented
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        You wouldn't need to create a new beta, just put the tower in the invader base. You think it's not complex until a day or two from now something about will appear in bugs and feedback

      • xxCLAYxx
        xxCLAYxx commented
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        well, the missions for destroying the dark tower don't register

        and steal essense doesn't give a spell when the dark tower is destroyed

        at least one of those things would have been caught immediately by a beta tester

      • Captainhook_0
        Captainhook_0 commented
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        Seriously what can go wrong in the salvage shop. Hmmmm let me think currency doesn't register properly.
        I really can't see the point of beta testing it.
        PG needs to use the beta testers for more important things like spells and towers. Oh yeah that's right nothing can go wrong with them.

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      Elementry, my dear Watson.
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        Something something salvage shop something something salvage shop....salvage shop??? Where o where did salvage shop go? Where or where can it be!


        • EggToken
          EggToken commented
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          I just finished drafting up a preview for it, so expect more information very soon.

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        I'll just put this out there, they need an initial test base for the salvage shop to view the economy statistics of how many items are actually out there and what they need to charge more/less for in terms of trade in value. They need active/very/non players as well as high/medium/low in order to make any type of statistical model for making an educated guess.


        • MareZ
          MareZ commented
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          I think it's good to beta test a more complex feature but you should already be able to make statistics of items. Heck even I could do that from the forum feedback alone, people have thousands of base and defense boosts, I don't need statistics for that.
          For a statistic you could simply check if the amount of items grow and don't get used up. That pretty much indicates that it's a low value item or that the suppy exceeds the demand.

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        PGJared so post-3.0 update, are 'non-complex' things like towers/runes etc. still not worth the effort to have your volunteers beta test?

        I'll wait while you think on it, but I really would like an answer please.