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NEW TOWER: Dark Flak Cannons! & BACKBREEDS for Sapphire Mythics!

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    EggToken , in your comment on the Fire Turret Caps thread, a bit later than this one, it seemed to hint that only Elemental Embers would be used for them? Or did that only refer to the currently available Dark Flak Cannon?


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      EggToken Any actual numbers on what the backbreed % or egg tokens are? I am asking because there is a pair of same parents that did breed Mehaten before but NOT as a "backbreed."

      I want to make sure rates are adjusted if needed and PG avoids the aftermath if this is not done. Thanks


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        EggToken What is the difference between different type of these cannons? Will their super shot effects be same?


        • Echo
          Echo commented
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          Super shots, attack speeds/range, status effects will all be different.

        • HydraBBQ
          HydraBBQ commented
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          Thanks Echo. Any tip about other towers release time? I will only build one for now so i want to choose the one that suits my base best

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        Now that the update is live... I'm hoping someone can help me out with post #33... Curious minds wanna know.


        • Spooky
          Spooky commented
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          Amoeba updated his site and the new backbreeds are listed. They cost between 22k-28k tokens. The Meh/Haus one is kind of like A&A/Apop, breed Meh full price and get Haus as a throw in breed. Basically saves you an extra ~20k tokens over just breeding Haus normally and using one of the new Meh backbreeds if you are just entering Sapphire.

        • Laxana
          Laxana commented
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          Thanks Spooky. I shoulda checked Amoeba before reposting. Gotta love that guy!!

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        I couldn't see the whole thread so sorry if this is mentioned already.

        The dark flak doesn't give ANYTHING if you attack with steal essence.
        Gotta be a mistake. Please fix it


        • SuperSax
          SuperSax commented
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          Echo Thanks for the info! All I wanted to hear is that you guys have it on your Agenda.

        • DragonHunter
          DragonHunter commented
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          Can we make it Thunderstorm?
          Would be fitting as it's "dark" lol

        • odie1993
          odie1993 commented
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          if only they QC'ed or beta tested this they would have seen this happen and fixed this bug long before the thing was released.

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        Echo yes...please use fire/ice shrads for the fire/ice towers...this seems a least a little logical no?


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          EggToken Echo
          Here you said it appears to be the plan that the upcoming Fire and Ice Flak Cannons will use Fire and Ice frags, then here it's Elemental Embers which Echo confirmed later here... very confusing.
          If they cost Elemental Embers there will be a huge demand for these while we keep sitting on our Ice & Fire frags.

          Possibilities for the max of active towers

          If Elemental Frags are needed for all Flak Cannons:
          Elemental Frags: 1x Totem, 8x Dark Flak Cannons, 8x Fire Flak Cannons, 8x Ice Flak Cannons = 25 towers
          Ice Frags: 6x Ice Turrets = 6 towers
          Fire Frags: 6x Fire Turrets = 6 towers

          If Flak Cannons need Embers, Fire and Ice Frags:
          Elemental Frags: 1x Totem, 8x Dark Flak Cannons = 9 towers
          Ice Frags: 6x Ice Turrets, 8x Ice Flak Cannons = 14 towers
          Fire Frags: 6x Fire Turrets, 8x Fire Flak Cannons = 14 towers

          I think it's needless to say which option would create the most equal demands across all currencies and give the most building opportunities for players that have too many Fire & Ice Frags.
          MareZ ~ lvl15X ~ Sapphire Mythic Dragons

          Important Threads to find everything you need


          • DragonHunter
            DragonHunter commented
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            Assuming wind and earth flaks will be a thing too -> 11 towers with Elemental embers, or 27 of course....

          • SuperSax
            SuperSax commented
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            I have the feeling that there are lots of people out there having too many ice and fire shards.
            Guess what - I don't!

            Therefore I find it utterly useless having XP Potions in chests Drops... other People love it!.

            I´m trying to say that please don´t push in a certain direction what ressource to use based on personal situation.

            PLUS: hate to say it MareZ the Elemental Embers number is actually higher since you can build 5 x Totems (but only have on active on an Island)! On the other Hand it is not mandatory to build exactly the maximum amount of these towers...

          • MareZ
            MareZ commented
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            It's not about personal preference but about creating equal demands for the rare currencies to give players equal and balanced building opportunities.
            Making all new towers need Embers will create a huge shortage and they additionally need more Embers to be maxed than other tower's ice/fire requirements.

            I also said this overview was for the max amount of active towers.

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          EggToken , Hydron , PGJared, Echo

          Could we please have the following pair back:

          Gloomclaw + Zaru = Jul for 15,555 tokens please? I am appreciative of the backbreeds posted, but since you've taken away the backbreed for Jul, the net savings are pretty minimal for some paths.
          Last edited by TheRedDelilah; 03-26-2017, 09:09 AM.
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          Dragon's, etc.


          • NinAK
            NinAK commented
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            Please this ^^^ I for one had just bred most of mehaten so I got kinda f'd when they made a back breed I had the parents for a week after i bred him.

            And then get additionally f'd when they took away one of the backbreed that was farther down my breeding path.

          • Valkorn
            Valkorn commented
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            Agreed. What the hell kinda shadiness is that. Publicly declare that you're adding backbreeds meanwhile sneakily taking away others.

          • EggToken
            EggToken commented
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            Already on our radar (backbreeds for Jul, that is).

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          I have to ask... why is my flak's attack at 26, over 100k under what is listed on last page?

          EDIT: hp reg att super shot...
          26 Lumber:340800 10d 20hr 0m 00s 332,498 377,330 433,930 20,800 19

          what I'm seeing in game is 209k reg attack, which is nearly half of advertised..
          332k health, which is spot on..
          433k special attack..
          if I upgrade it to 27, supershot will still stay as supposed to, but attack will only be raised to 259k.. which is nearly half of what it shows..
          what gives?
          Last edited by Mizku; 3 weeks ago.


          • Mizku
            Mizku commented
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            okey thanks

          • EggToken
            EggToken commented
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            The attack listed is for the damage. The attack power rating is the product of factoring in the Flak Cannon's attack speed (0.55).

          • Mizku
            Mizku commented
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            EggToken something is wrong indeed.. all the rest of the towers follow the advertised attack listed in spreadsheets, why would this tower be any different? oh, and btw, I woke up, went to check on the flak again as of per what you said and, now at 26 still, it's attack is 242k... seriously.. -.- what is going on with defences?

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          The main post states mehaten can b backbred using ursa+frost. However, amoeba currently shows u cant use tht combo. Can someone plz confirm whether PG changed the combos.


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          Both of the above mentioned issues (base defense rating and backbreeds) were fixed in an update roughly 21 hours ago. There was a slight bump in the defense power shown as a result of the factoring in of tower research skills.


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          So new tower levels will be released this week ... any update on Steal Essence spell from Dark Flak?

          not sure if it fits 100% in here yet I'll ask: any requirements of the farms to level them to lvl45 (builder hut level)?