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Dragons v2.91 Release Notes

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    EggToken, I missed the entire chest cycle before the event and most of the first day of the event itself due to these login issues. I don't think I need to stress how upsetting that is, when the chests are so integral to gathering supplies for the event. I'm starting at a distinct disadvantage, as I'm sure some others are, compared to those who had the chance to gather chests and get siege engines, energy packs, and such ahead of time.


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      And now I can't play anymore as of the patch that was released in the last couple hours. War Dargons is not compatible with the Samsung Galasxy Edge S7. I can't update and I can't load the game.


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        I got a message saying to update to 2.91 as well, even though I was already on it; there was no update in the store until a while later. It's still freezing on matchmaking/attacks far more than before the original 2.91 patch - LG G5, though that at least wasn't blacklisted...
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        • EggToken
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          Are you still receiving update messages ITIL?

        • ITIL
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          EggToken No, it was just that one time. I installed it again, and it's been fine, though it's still freezing more often than pre-2.91 mid-attack or on matchmaking.

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        can you guys just dial back this update so we can go back to our regularly scheduled bugs and glitches instead of all these new bugs and glitches are that are seriously hampering flying?