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Dragons v2.91 Release Notes

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  • Dragons v2.91 Release Notes

    v2.91 is on the way with a few bug fixes as well as some backend scaffolding for future additions into the game (not mentioned here because they don't visibly do anything just yet).

    Bug Fixes
    • Fixed a freezing issue with casting Chain Lightning while the dragon is turning along its flight path.
    • Fixed an issue where the graphic for Invincibility Shield would persist too long on dragons that have used Steal Essence on a Storm Tower.
    • Added preventative measures against an issue where players would be stuck loading at 90% on World Map and events.
    • Fixed an issue where the UI would be offset for players whose language was set to Arabic.
    • Fixed an issue with video ads on Android.
    • Updated the loading bar.

  • #2
    Still no fix for chat not loading or being able to attack/defend then? 4 updates and no fix despite being told it would be in 2.80, great customer service


    • #3
      These bug fixes are not even one bit important. No idea why they prioritize on these fixes over more important bugs in the game.


      • Mechengg
        Mechengg commented
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        The Arabic UI is a very good fix! A lot of players could only see half of their screen and it was shifted to the side, so this fixed issues for a lot of people. I think these were very "low hanging fruit" fixes which is good

      • NukSooAL
        NukSooAL commented
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        The 90% bug was happening a lot with the world map sucked when you are trying to work on lower dragons xp on invander and you have to close app after every run making your bu have to wait along time between hits

    • #4
      How about delay any new so called fixes, and actually fix the problems that alot of players are having. My team hastwo people still locked out of game and can't even log in.


      • #5
        I've seen ~4 different threads asking for a fix for the "stuck at 90% loading after an event/worldmap attack".

        I know I personally experience that bug frequently.


        • Spooky
          Spooky commented
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          It happens multiple times per day for me. Thanks very much for fixing it.

        • Psa
          Psa commented
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          Yup glad this ones fixed, thanks

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        Not sure why people are complaining about bug fixes. At least they are starting to fix them whether they are important to you or not.


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          We as a community have to remember that not all fixes are easy nor can they be implemented quickly. PG hasn't added anything new in this update and instead are fixing things. We need to stop complaining because they don't fix everything at once. Come on.

          I am happy these fixes are coming to help people. Keep the fixes coming.
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            Agree with odie and Red, good to see bug fixes taking priority over new content.
            We as a community need to stop complaining because 'our' issue isn't fixed and see the positive in the fact that PG is working on things which effect people in the game.
            The more of this they do, the better the gameplay will be for everyone over time.

            Edit: Having seen the issues being reported after this update though, it would be even better if PG was using their beta testers to test things before releasing them, and not releasing updates which caused more issues than they were actually fixing.
            Last edited by SilentOne; 03-14-2017, 04:35 PM. Reason: After reading issues with update!


            • Doc
              Doc commented
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              Sounds like whatever testing PG is doing is far from enough or even remotely acceptable. Time to go back to the drawing board and get it right.

            • NinAK
              NinAK commented
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              hey at least y'all are aware that qc/qa exists, now the next step is to hire people to actually do some.

            • SilentOne
              SilentOne commented
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              Exactly EggToken, it's been through your QA/QC and the next step needs to be beta testers to catch all the things your crew consistently misses.

              I am aware of the difference between QA/QC and Beta and I used the appropriate term for my intentions. It's not until it gets into game that issues are found, it needs to be released to a different group of beta testers (not your current World Map group) but others as individual players who can look at different aspects more closely.

              For a little bit of background information on me.
              1) I have done beta testing for other companies
              2) I have taught Game Design and UX/UI design

              PG has a lot of improving which needs doing in both these categories!

          • #9
            Originally posted by TheRedDelilah View Post
            We as a community have to remember that not all fixes are easy nor can they be implemented quickly. PG hasn't added anything new in this update and instead are fixing things. We need to stop complaining because they don't fix everything at once. Come on.

            I am happy these fixes are coming to help people. Keep the fixes coming.

            the problem, as already pointed out, is that PG fixes 5 things but breaks 7 new things in the process. 1 step forward 3 steps back.

            how are simple things like this not found during QC testing?

            it's the constant mistakes that make PG appear incompetent and unable to deliver on anything important, and that factors into whether players continue with the game or not.


            • TheRedDelilah
              TheRedDelilah commented
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              Please note I posted before the update went live and people were complaining that the fix they wanted wasn't on the list.

            • xxCLAYxx
              xxCLAYxx commented
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              No worries I wasn't trying to call you out or anything but more was pointing out the frustration that every event, update, or fix usually introduces more new bugs.

              At this point I'd almost rather they quit trying to fix anything for fear they'll break something important.

              Sync error anyone?

            • Mechengg
              Mechengg commented
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              I'm sure they don't have the time to run every dragon with every spell against every tower in both invader and attack mode both solo and with followers for "testing". They probably do testing on the one or two items that they changed (aka if they changed language and UI, they load up the screen, change languages several times, try it on a few devices, do runs and access all screens in the game one or two times and call it "fixed"). They can't go back and test everything that seemed to be working fine before the changes were implemented, but a lot of the coding is copy/paste so when one parameter is changed for a fix, it can easily break something else. It's going to be hard to identify exactly what was copy/pasted so they will just let these things come up and fix on an as-needed basis.

          • #10
            I don't have a problem with any of these fixes and I am glad they where made. I do have a big problem when they "fix" things like the fire/ice turret and ruby payouts from achievements


            • #11
              Bonus fixes, at least for me: I can see the Northern Lights shield/heal effect and Frozen Tomb shield on teammate dragons now.
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              • #12
                My dragons are invisible at start and just the spells are able to use.
                Warrios cant attack so i cant win anything.....
                with Hunters i was able to attack... but the dragons loading very late in ... its really not nice....i cant get treasures as planned and cant get the XP for ....

                i guess this time nobody need to mention what there is to do , i hope you can fix this fastly, at least it was before this event.
                That we get less response show me that you working a lot of this issue .
                I hope if you want give out something to the players, that it will do a wow effect, thank you for work.


                • PGJared
                  PGJared commented
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                  Wait, like, all of you warriors?

                • EmrahT
                  EmrahT commented
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                  Hey PGJared that issue was in this morning where all things was loading very slowly... all dragon started invisible, as warriors but they wasnt able to use flames... but that problem isnt anymore...
                  Back at home , i guess you maybe something changed... i was able to attack rightly... and no invinsibility issue ...
                  Maybe it had to do with slow loading or servers...

                  Thank you very much for effort, that problem is gone... BUT i opened a new one in a new topic in feedback forum, that when i swap in in war, i had a different view of game... i tried more times and it was similar ....
                  This one is solved, thank you

              • #13
                Feedback I have received about this patch so far:

                - Loading bar at start up
                - Faster/smoother loading of event and world map window

                - Loading bar hits 100% but game still needs an unknown amount of time to fully load and show your base
                - Dragons are invisible (happened on day 1, it seems to get better now)
                - Dragon's regular attacks are invisible (happened on day 1, it seems to get better now)
                - Tower's projectiles are invisible (happened on day 1, it seems to get better now)
                - Tower's supershots look like a fireball eg. Ballista supershots (happened on day 1, it seems to get better now)
                - Icicle's Shattershard spell is boken after the patch (reported by a friend)
                - Game became more unstable and laggy after the patch (reported by some friends that use new and old devices)
                - Support tickets being closed after updating the app (reported by a friend)
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                • War fan
                  War fan commented
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                  - Freeze (from steal essence) only damages towers, does not freeze them
                  - All eggs from dragons bred are red (happened on day 1, reverted to tier color later during the day)
                  - Hitting the chat window while in main base launches whatever is under the chat window (2 fixes: make sure nothing is underneath or hit the chat icon on the right side of the window)
                  - Hitting the chat window brings you to whichever chat has the last post visible (league, team or group).
                  - Pretty much all the time: no updating of the small chat window of new posts if the posts are in different chat areas (if last post visible is league, all new posts in team or group won't show there; exception: transfers)

                  And I'm sure there are a bunch more missing

                • MareZ
                  MareZ commented
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                  Found a great thread from Red for all v2.91 Bugs

              • #14
                I have been trying to log in since yesterday afternoon. As of this morning, after THREE uninstall and reinstall cycles, I still have most of my towers covered in scaffolding, I still cannot see the event island or claim chests, and I cannot get the game to load in under eight minutes. I'm very frustrated.


                • EggToken
                  EggToken commented
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                  After each reinstall, your game has to re-download the needed game files/assets to run correctly. Please try leaving your game open for an extended period of time, and most of the graphical issues should clear up once your game has all the necessary files.

              • #15
                The new loading bar is great!

                The new graphics, no idea what you guys did to "optimize" them or if you even touched them, but it is putting a far greater strain on my phone CPU than before.