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Spring Seasonal Dragons and Spells Part 1!

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    I thought the mythic hunter divine had shattershard, cloak, and white crumble to dust as spells?


    • Spooky
      Spooky commented
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      Yes, frostbite, shattershard, cloak and enfeeble (white CtD with reduced radius). Cut and paste error by that poster.

    • ITIL
      ITIL commented
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      xxCLAYxx - Yeah, OP with the correct info is at

      I was having issues posting in General Discussion/Town Hall, and then stuff appeared around 10 hours later >_>;

      The fourth attempt at the barebones version had botched copypasta (Aster's spell set into Morphos's) like Spooky said.

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    Which one is better, Sage or Aster?
    I can only get enough sigils for one so I can only pick one. I like a hunter normally, but Sage's thunderstorm is too tempting.


    • brionac
      brionac commented
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      go for aster the spell combination will work wonders and will outclass sage especially at garnet and emerald tier

    • Oldmandragon
      Oldmandragon commented
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      My sigils are saving for Astor. Hunters typically the better ones, end up being more versatile for leading and backing, the spell set on Astor is very nice, going to make a real nice replacement for the bogus snowdrop last season.

      Thunderstorm is a great spell but a couple of defenders and some level 45 towers and sage is just not going to even come close to comparable.

      But, play for your own fun.

    • xxCLAYxx
      xxCLAYxx commented
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      agree with the others, it depends on your level, playstyle, league, etc

      imo, hunters are top vs defenders and it isn't even close. with no defenders there's a ton of options, though.

      plus keep in mind that you can forge the weaker version of TS and add it to any drag in the game.

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    Anybody have any reasonable feedback on whether i should level up Abraxxus in my spare time or not? I got him purely for the cheaper sigils (saved 6k sigils on that branch the first 2 weeks) and am leveling him but does he ever get reasonable so that he can start to solo XP bases? Right now he is level 10 and i don't know if i should invest more food into him or not


    • xxCLAYxx
      xxCLAYxx commented
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      depends on your level, I suppose.

      generally, I think he's a mediocre dragon at best, and certainly not useful at high levels in wars or events.

      however, it does have the ability to evo to emerald, so it could potentially be useful for high level players as a tank in some events just based on sheer health total

      If you have the emerald evo stone I'd suggest you continue to level it, but not make it a priority. If you didn't get the emerald evo stone, though, it probably isn't worth it because the lineage garnet warriors will probably be more useful.

      keep in mind, though, that PG may increase the malefic breath damage at any point as they try to make poison damage relevant, so maybe there's a chance it will be more useful.

      plus I don't know if you like warriors, or need/want a tank in your lineup, either. as far as seasonal divine warriors go, I'd say he's probably the crappiest of the bunch compared to skarr and tarand, and the other one this season, etc