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    You admitted garnets came too soon. Now you are saying emerald will be releasing in this season. Assuming emerald tier's token requirement is much more than garnet wtf!! What is the difference of it from garnet? Isnt it early too? Garnet released after 3 month from sapphire if i remember correctly. You admitted it was early so i was supposed to be min 5 months. Now you will be releasing emerald 3-6 months after garnet. That must be a joke. At least wait until the end of season. And finally increase the token payouts.


    • MachATK
      MachATK commented
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      Nice, so icicle and gloomclaw that was just released becomes irrelevant/breeders. Tons of players have already quit the game and PG still does not see what the overall problem is by releasing emerald teir too early

    • TheBulldog
      TheBulldog commented
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      Pg when will you EVER listen to your playing base?

      We better not be seeing emerald till at least July. As mentioned most players haven't begun working on Garnet yet, and the ones who have are now going to dump them (namely gloom and ice) as breeders for next tier and barely get to play with them. You are mad.

    • Spooky
      Spooky commented
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      It's sort of the worst of all worlds, an immaterial lengthening of the time between tier releases and this season's dragons have sapphire tier spells at best even though emerald comes out a month later or whatever.

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    I really hope Abraxxas is gonna have some bad spells...
    Not a fan of warriors, or this particular one's design, or unpronounceable name, or the fact that it's there to distract us from the main divines - so for once I hope this one will actually suck so I can completely ignore and forget it.

    Also, PLEASE don't release emerald this season. This would literally be the last straw for me (can't speak for everyone but I bet most would agree).
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    • Oldmandragon
      Oldmandragon commented
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      You do realize that it's a divine dragon and you can absolutely ignore it all together

    • DragonHunter
      DragonHunter commented
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      Good point, but I need something to keep me busy.... And events are the only thing to do in this game nowadays, lol.
      And I do like hunters...

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    don't believe Emerald dragons are being released yet, Emerald stones will be available, but not usable until they release the emerald tier of dragons.....down the road


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      I must praise the PG business team here, very slick set of changes.

      1. Bonus divine with a coercive structure where you need to act fast to get it at a discount, before you even see the new hunter or the mythic hunter. All the better if it has a compelling set of spells. Sigils spent on it will result in more demand later if the divine hunter is as good as hoped (tbd)
      2. New chest type for the last two weeks so saving regular gold chests and deferring purchases for the last two weeks is no longer viable (smoother revenue flow + increased revenue at end)
      3. All divines emerald capable, so pretty much a guaranteed increase in tier completion costs again (Fall: ~17/tier, Winter: ~20k), Rubies cut from 17k to 12k in rewards. Sigil payouts tbd.
      4. Emeralds released during the season (new stuff to buy) so presumably all divines have at best Sapphire tier spells and the increase in tier release time is largely immaterial due to point 5.
      5. Egg token payouts unchanged from time when Gold dragons were top tier.


      • itsjustjoe
        itsjustjoe commented
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        Well said as always sir.

        Dang MaQleod - that's some discipline you've got there! I'm weak lol

      • anhquansei
        anhquansei commented
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        Iam not really sure, Fall i was only able to archive saphire skarr and plat nightshade, now i have 2 garnet and 2400 sigils extra.

      • NukSooAL
        NukSooAL commented
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        1)looks like the worst choice out of the three available IMO. Out of the 3 I'd pick fae as the best rageless White freeze verynice.

        2) i think is going to hurt more then most people realize. TBH im glad I went all in and maxed out winter because the strategy I used in winter simply won't work as effectively in spring(stacking ruby winnings +saving chests)

        3)I came close to deleting app over this one no bs, still really pissed off about it.The winter double double drop is probably the the thing that kept me from quitting

        4)idc about emerald i am only breeding legendary and I do just fine in events pvp without it plat,sapphire,garnet or emerald. I don't need anyone to hold my hand,solo people all the way up to 200 I'm only 102 as long as I don't pull a defender

        5)increase it for everyone though I keep seeing dbags wanting to have it increased but only for higher leveled players

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      Echo personally, I think you guys are nuts if you plan on releasing emerald during this season. I'm imagining some crazy token cost for emerald dragons, and no increase in token payouts. Seems like you guys are trying to find a way to completely destroy this game. Congrats, you may have just found it.


      • Enilon
        Enilon commented
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        I agree we need more egg tokens

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      Assuming Abraxxas has decent spells, this will actually work out better for me. I will get Abraxxas cheap, then decide if I want the hunter or the warrior. I know there's no way in hell I am getting them all, and this will make it easier to get 2 without even donating to the decorate the PG office fund


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        There is a silver lining in all of this concerning the Emerald Tier: they have informed us ahead of time that they plan on it being this season. If there is enough outcry, they still have time to have their minds changed.

        As for my own 2 cents: PG "just" released the latest Garnet Mythics. At best we have 3 months of play time with them before they become breeders. I imagine that the only people able to max them before Emerald comes out would be the biggest of the biggest spenders. It's fairly disheartening to see the goalposts move faster than I am, but then I'm only spending on an elite account and not playing as much as I could be. My personal opinion on that particular aspect is that the "endgame" should be EVENTUALLY ACHIEVABLE by a non-spender through a lot of play (borderline "second job" levels) and that if you want to progress faster than that, you spend. That means that when the goalposts move, a person who follows this description should be closer to them than the last time they were moved and that someone who is already at the highest levels will reach the endgame just before the goalposts are moved again. That, in turn, means that the decision to introduce new dragon tiers should come from how far along the moderate spenders are and not the top of the top.

        I know the pushback is that the whales that max their Garnet dragons in the first few days after release are going to be bored, but I would pushback myself and say that having them and being on top for a prolonged period of time is part of the fun for them. Then again, I'm no whale, so what do I know?


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          I'll never spend another dime on this game if I see emeralds this season.


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            Is bronze chest suffered by new chest introduction? So no double drop rate for bronze too?

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            • ZodaTheFrog
              ZodaTheFrog commented
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              I just wanted to ask this question, last season I struggeled a lot to save 2.4k bronze chests and it would be a pitty to do that again with no outcome.

            • anhquansei
              anhquansei commented
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              I dont think that matter much still. I only get abou 3000 sigils out of 1800 bronze. Compare to 16k out of 300 gold

            • ZodaTheFrog
              ZodaTheFrog commented
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              well i got 5.3k sigils out of my 2.4k bronze chests thats 40 to 50 gold chests. for me as a player which doesnt pay more than the elite acc. thats a lot of sigils.
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            EggToken We were promised to get improved spell descriptions.

            Abraxxas' Fire Shield has no description at all if you click on him in the breeding castle.

            Would be great to watch those skill tutorials without having to obtain the dragon and unlock the skill. (If it's possible then please tell me how as I have no idea where to find them)

            Adding rage cost to your skill descriptions in the breeding castle would also help a lot by the way...

            Just found the Spring Seasonal Dragons and Spells! thread, great work! If we had this info ingame it would be perfect
            Last edited by MareZ; 03-09-2017, 02:59 AM.
            MareZ ~ lvl20X ~ Garnet Tier Dragons

            Important Threads to find everything you need


            • EggToken
              EggToken commented
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              We have not forgotten about better tooltip descriptions. There's some technical hurdles we need to figure out for that though, so it's something we're still working on.

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            Hi guys. I have two more questions about the new type of chests.

            Q1. Will this new type of chest follow the buy 30 get 1 legendary free pattern?
            Q2. If there is still free legendary bonus, what prize will be put into this free legendary?

            For Q2, personally I suggest to always let the bonus legendary chest give double amount of legendary sigils.
            1. Give people some minimum payout
            The motivation to buy this type of chest with rubies and money is to get more Sigils. If players cannot get expected amount of sigils, they will stop (See how many guys are angry about what they got and swear never spend again in the previous 2 double sigils time). By setting a bonus legendary sigils will give players some bottom payout and stimulate them to keep opening: "Ok even though I am super unlucky in the first 20 chests, I can at least got a minimum prize of 450 sigils by open another 10, which is not that bad. If this happened in 30 gold chests, I might get nothing. " So instead of opening 20 and then stop and shout in the forum, most people will choose to open another 10 and might keep going.

            2. Consider the value of chests and its target population
            This type of chests are relatively expensive than gold chests even though they cost the same. No event bonus and season bonus include them. Players can only get them with rubies, which cost real money. So hoarding large amount of gold chests from events cannot help.
            (1) For heavy spenders:
            Most of them probably have already claimed or almost finished the mythic before the last two weeks so they don't need large amount of sigils. As double sigils drop rate will decrease the chance of getting other prizes. So if they want to spend, they might prefer gold chests instead of this new type of chests.
            (Yes, PG slightly increased the amount of other prizes also, but higher rate in gold chests > higher amount in new chests as first choice gives less variance under same expectation).
            (2) For small spenders:
            Players will definitely make a plan on how far they can go before opening the chests. They won't blindly open them because unlike gold chests, this type of chests cost real money and those extra sigils won't be able to use in the next season. (And I assume people need this type of chests cannot get enough rubies in event bonus. If they can, they could already get enough sigils as well...)

            Of course, this is just a personal suggestion and I confess that this make me happier as a small spender. But I really think the free legendary drop on sigils will make players spend more.

            EggToken Echo
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            • Spooky
              Spooky commented
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              I broke down the costs in another thread. Max every event in Sapphire and you're at 39k sigils. You need about 77k for the hunter. The gold chest change means there is no point to saving up golds you collect from season rewards since they'll only have the normal ~225/10 chest sigils (assuming this isn't tanked further). So you'll need to close about a 38k sigil gap under the best case scenario to get the hunter, less free chests you open at the lower sigil droprate. Final note: how realistic is it to max every event without spending? (not very)

            • DracolichKing
              DracolichKing commented
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              Hi Marez. I think you didn't get what I mean.
              Assume that when you open 10 gold chests you will get 1 sigils chest + 9 other chests, which contains 50 items.
              Then PG increased the amount in the new chest from 50 to 55. Here is what you are expected to get:
              Open 10 gold chests: 50 sigils + 50*9 = 450 other items.
              Open 10 new chests: 100 sigils + 55*8 = 440 other items.
              So if you are go for sigils, open 10 new chests.
              However if you don't want sigils, go for gold chests gives you better result.

              Ps. Increased amount is a very vague word. If they increase a lot, the new chest is definitely a must go option. (Seriously I doubt that PG will do this). I think PG will probably increase the amount by simply compensate the loss of increased sigil probability, which means ON AVERAGE, you will get similar amount of other items by open 10 gold chests and 10 new chests. But comparing get same amount of items from 8 out of 10 chests with 9 out of 10 chests, the latter one give less variation, which is generally a better choice.

            • MareZ
              MareZ commented
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              DracolichKing this may or may not be true, ultimately we will have to wait and see how much of an increase PG gives us.
              What I mainly disagreed on was your assumption that you need real money for these chests. As you can save rubies from events you should be able to open quite a lot of them at the end of the season.

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            Sorry if it is misplaced here, but I didn't find one Piece of Information. Till when ist spring season lasting - what´s the last day the mythic hunter can be claimed?

            EDIT: Found it - June 7th. Thanks
            Last edited by SuperSax; 03-13-2017, 05:04 AM.


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              Originally posted by EggToken View Post
              Here’s a sneak peek at what’s to come for the Spring Season of War Dragons!
              New Chest Type!
              • A special chest type will be available at the same cost as gold chests in the final two weekends of the season. These chests will have double the drop chance for Spring Destiny Sigils, and an increased amount of all the other items normally found in gold chests (ex: higher number of expedites per drop). With the introduction of this new better chest, gold chests will not be included in the double drop rate event, and will maintain the same drop rates throughout the entire season.
              EggToken can we get some more info on this considering we are approaching end of season? Particularly
              1. cost of these chests in rubies be the same as gold chests i.e. 10 for 4k rubies?
              2. will these replace silver chests or gold chests?
              3. will they be available throughout the last two events or just the two weekends
              4. You have mentioned double drop chance, but will amount of sigils be increased (since you have mentioned other items will have increased amount)?


              • MareZ
                MareZ commented
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                It has all been said. They also said that the amount of sigils will not change, only the drop rate.

              • EmrahT
                EmrahT commented
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                MareZ but they said a increasement of all other items found in goldchest...
                So maybe this time they wont double sigils , but double all other items would be great, wouldnt it ?

              • vin28
                vin28 commented
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                AngelOfVoid War fan MareZ 3 out of 4 of my questions were relevant. Looks like my BS detector is getting better!

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              Echo EggToken CampusLifer PGJared

              There arent information about the quantity of other items in this goldchests. There was written "and an increased amount of all the other items normally found in gold chests" , so would you give us more information about this "special" please.

              I mean , will you double this time all other of this items at this special...
              Or do you change the quality to only legendary ?


              • DracolichKing
                DracolichKing commented
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                Totally agreed with you, EmrahT.
                I'm done with this season and don't need extra sigils. Slightly increase the amount is not enough to steal my rubies~
                I would hold my rubies in the first week to see what's going on. If PG really significantly increased the amount or make morphos stronger in sapphire and garnet (emerald is too far away), I'll spend~
                Last edited by DracolichKing; 05-22-2017, 10:39 AM.

              • DracolichKing
                DracolichKing commented
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                Did a simple math based on hundreds of the gold chests I opened in this and last seasons:
                (1) Average sigils rate: 20sigils/chest in gold chest (Including legendary drop and the free legendary)
                (2) Amount of sigils in 1 gold chest: 125 * 0.85 (epic)+225*0.15 (legendary) = 140
                (3) Sigils drop rate based on the above value is around : 20/140 = 14.3%
                (4) Expected percentage of "increased amount" of other items in new chest: (1-14.3%)/(1-14.3%*2) = 1.20

                That's to say: the amount of other items in new chests need to increase at least 20% in order to compensate the differences caused by double sigils drop rate.
                So I'm going to say, (assume that you don't need extra sigils). If the amount of other items in new chests are less than 120% of the current amount in gold chests (on average). Don't open them, they are wasting your rubies and money. If the value is higher than 120%, like 125% or 130%, it might be worth to open them with rubies: they are indeed better than current gold chests.

                Welcome to provide more data, we can get much more accurate estimation based on more data.
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              • EmrahT
                EmrahT commented
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                Well we dont know what will be... so we need to wait... Its your decision if 25% or 30% is enough for you. Or how the quantity is.
                I myself made my decision and will be prepared and careful. So lets just see what they will be , double or less

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              "New chests will be same ruby cost as gold chests". Lol good one jacking the price up after an employee made that statement in this thread.