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    My turrets are level 33 and 32. I need 1 more storage upgrade to unlock level 34 towers which means i could upgrade my ice turret to 41 and my fire turret to 45. Instead they will stuck at 35.


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      are we really surprised at this change?

      look at all of the bugs pointed out all over the game. and this is what they choose to fix?

      events don't load properly, every event seems to have new bugs associated with it (even though its the same event that's been ran 6-12 times before!)

      they didn't even notice that the lag in league changes was due to overload and instead of addressing it beforehand allowed it to grow into a problem that created teams getting booted from leagues and placed into an imaginary new diamond league.

      we get the same recycled events over and over, and the only changes made are to increase the points required for the prize tiers, to nerf the prizes in the tiers, and to nerf the contents of chests repeatedly. oh but I forgot they seemed to have changed all of these different unique events into basically the same event but with different window dressing by adding in a bonus timer for every event and removing the raid button. they say they want to encourage team play? the bonus timer encourages players to bank energy and then spend it all in one session of 3-6 hours to maximize their personal points. kudos to the players who do that but playing this game for more than an hour makes me want to throw my phone through the wall. it's boring and repetitive, both the events themselves and the cycle of events.

      anyway, it's no surprise that the major "fix" they announce is to put in additional requirements for some tower or another. it means more revenue for them. the big spenders already have all of those towers so PG doesn't care about the remainder of the player base. PG will get their money when they release lvl 50 towers and the emerald tier.

      meanwhile, in the sake of "balance" both prizes and daily tokens are still at the same level they were back in the orange/green/gold days, meanwhile the dragons and towers cost absurdly more. but hey, at least now the fire/ice towers are "balanced" lol


      • xxCLAYxx
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        it doesn't make a difference, and I think most of us here realize that. it's also obvious in the number of long time players leaving the game, and moderate spenders stopping spending.

        it was discussed elsewhere, but more and more anything done in-game just seems like such a blatant money grab and they're not even trying to hide it anymore.

        it's obvious that no money is spent on internal QC. I don't think they've ever released an event (even an existing one) without some sort of bug, and I don't think they've ever released a new update without something not working and/or breaking something new. they use the players as the QC testers.

        we all know customer service is outsourced, and apparently to the lowest bidder.

        this ice/fire tower "fix" is simply someone changing numbers in a spreadsheet, afaik, which points to them having a minimal (or zero) team working on actual bug fixes.

        their effort and changes are obviously where the money is, and they're a company that needs to make money, afterall, so I don't really find fault with that, but I do like to point out that I think they're possibly missing out on an opportunity to make money over a longer lifespan of the game...

        ...but, everything is pointing to a dying game where the company is trying to squeeze every last penny out of their big spenders before it's not making enough money to bother with the servers.

        the real reason for this change is probably to justify the increased builder hut requirements, shard and wood costs for the upcoming 46-50 towers, so that the big spenders don't complain about the huge jump in cost when they spend their money.

      • Spooky
        Spooky commented
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        Oh man, I can't wait to see what they come up with for 46-50. Maybe a dutch auction model with 3 month exclusivity for the winning bidders to ensure highest price? I have faith in the creativity of the PG finance and behavioral science folks. I think I continue to post mainly out of habit and to some extent to document what is going on, certainly not because I think it will spur positive change.

      • Robert M.
        Robert M. commented
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        What is this thing you say? Positive... change...? What is this mean. I do not know this.

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      Originally posted by PGJared View Post

      In addition to these fixes we have fixed an issue with breeding Renard and Gloomclaw. They now have a chance to breed Gorgonus, Jul or give out a garnet egg.
      PGJared , could you explain what "give out a garnet egg"? Will it give out a random garnet egg?

      Amoeba breeding table entry is strange indeed:


      • GamingwithNick
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        My guess is that the "Unknown Dragon" is supposed to be Jul. And the "give out a garnet egg" refers to Gloomclaw breeding gloomclaw. Which seems useless since there is no garnet research or garnet builder hut requirements.. yet..

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      Originally posted by Algwyn View Post

      PGJared , could you explain what "give out a garnet egg"? Will it give out a random garnet egg?
      It has a chance to breed Gloomclaw, which in that case will function just as a garnet egg.


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        1) Of course its fine to fix some issues , and fire and ice turret was one of these easier tasks...but could you explain how you are planning as team to continue, because some players have now towers what requires a higher builder level, which some others cant use for themself now. So some have a advantage, and some not.
        I have myself as a level 130 a fire tower about level 43 aswell. So i used that situation as many people too.

        What i and others want to know. If you would say for example... thats too high sorry guys we take them down. Then i would think it would just be fair, that i would get all timers what requires that tower, and all in woodpacks or shards. That way there would be no damage at all , if it has to be balanced. Of course one other issue is the won xp at our accounts... and how we rotate it... its not a easy issue... but i hope if something happen , we people get minimum our 100% of it as ressources and speedups to use that in a different way then.

        2)When we are about fixes , can we speak about other problems with buildings here too ?

        One other thing that should be fixed are the totems.
        - they give zero XP when you build them! I builded many of them to a half max level to use embers, but i got no XP , if we fix that, could do some compensation to our account ? I mean maybe i would be 10 level higher if they would work how they should.

        3) Another issue is for our disadvantage is the storage...
        - from level 23-53 every update gave 21-.22k extra space and that requires 13d 14h 24 minutes to upgrade once. About 13 half days at base time how you see.
        - now after some update level 54-62 for storage, which require your account level to unclock it how with others before... gave about 21-22k more space too... BUT it requires 42 days 3 hours and 47 minutes to upgrade per level, so neary 42 days base time to upgrade it ....

        As you see its another pain for us... we have to wait very very long or use 3 times more speed ups for similar value of increase...
        PGJared, i hope you can look over this other issues too with your team.

        4) And now something to fix probably too about research.
        We saw how the bigger player, or "earlier" playing /upgrading people took advantage of the Level 33-45 level system with turrets yes...

        -Now the green eggs of the research center need to be fixed , or you should gave us a option, as with slynx and orange egg, to get green eggs cheaper.
        Because they are very expensive, and requires much in research tree.
        -In old times when green was the top of all ... it was meaningfull to make some research over time which would require much... and spenders had something to pay when they got all dragons afterall. Now the situation is different... green dragon are not even near the top of something.... even if there price is same... the research center need too high sidefragments in green tier.

        I know there was people who spent them already and it would seems to be not fair against them if you just look about this issue... same with old divines , what you dont like to bring, even so no real need... And because of our current situation , that old times arent anymore.... as we had our disadvantage with turrets the time is to fix the research center too. Same goes should go for storage... maybe some have them brought for that price... but they got there cheap easy turrets too... so to balance it it is just fair to fix both things to a fair level!

        Dont i am right with this PGJared ? I mean just look about side path in research center... its too expensive . So please speak with the team and give us a breeding path to get this green eggs cheaper, or decrease the value for them from for example 70 need to 25-30. At least every of us can calculate what it means if you say how much token there is need for one side path... and how much tokens garnet dragon , saphir dragon actually need.
        I hope , if we all want to fix and balance the game... then we need be together with other issues too! Dont we ?

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        • Valkorn
          Valkorn commented
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          Can we talk about how unnecessary the build times for storage are then instead of talking about the curve? Maybe talk about how you thought requiring us to level a building 62 frickin times at 2 weeks each wasn't bad enough you had to kick us extra hard and make 9 of those levels take 42 days. How does that sound fun for anyone? And this isn't even a tower that provides defence or anything like that. This is a tower who's sole purpose is to simply allow us to spend another 42 days to upgrade other towers. Can you say anything as to the logic behind that Jared please?

        • niks
          niks commented
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          I second emrah's words

        • Dravoz
          Dravoz commented
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          PGJared you want us to consider you an advocate for players. Can you please respond to Valkorn and state what changes you'll be advocating for on our behalf.

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        PGJared If you want to fix something , fix research first.


        • EggToken
          EggToken commented
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          Research has many tie-ins with things like back-breeding paths, breeding token economy, etc. that will need to be introduced as more of an all-around rebalancing. Since it touches so many things, it will take a longer period of time.

        • HydraBBQ
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          EggToken I couldnt do a research in the last 8 months. Green eggs are expensive. 800 token each. I know a lot of players are in the same situation and it has been a long time since we asked for a change in research. Adding research eggs to team prizes might solve the issue slowly without changing breeding paths.

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        The Fix is now live!

        One more thing I want to point out PGJared :

        More and more players say that they have excessive amounts of fire and ice frags and are unhappy to see them in gold chests.
        You are also giving them out as sigil prizes.
        With this fix going live, there are now more players that can use less shards than before unless they reach the new caps (lvl175+ to upgrade them to 45 now).

        One more chance for me to poke you about the Salvage Shop that's in the works so players can hopefully exchange those fire and ice frags along with other gold chest items for items they can actually use at their level. Any update on this?
        MareZ ~ lvl15X ~ Sapphire Legendary Dragons

        Important Threads to find everything you need


        • EggToken
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          Salvage shop is still being worked on.

        • Dravoz
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          Being worked on in someone's spare time I imagine.

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        Originally posted by MareZ View Post

        One more chance for me to poke you about the Salvage Shop that's in the works so players can hopefully exchange those fire and ice frags along with other gold chest items for items they can actually use at their level. Any update on this?
        I don't see how the salvage shop is going to make PG money, and my guess is that the majority (and by majority I mean all) of the big spenders have a ridiculous surplus of a variety of items that they'd like to trade in and get free stuff so allowing them to trade in tower boosts and shards for rubies or anything else useful even at a horrible exchange rate is just going to do nothing but harm their revenue.

        just my guess, though.


        • MareZ
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          lmao OMD I know it's very likely to happen that way but please don't crush our dreams so early.
          Atleast they said they will offer beta testing so I hope we can influence the available options and the exchange rates before it goes live.

        • NukSooAL
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          You're trading things that are worthless to you for things you still need I'd also bet the exchange rate will be ridiculous. There was a post a while back where it was previewed by someone, a player not an employee but TBH not sure how they did

        • NukSooAL
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          Here is the link to the salvage shop preview for any that may have not already seen it