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Now LIVE! War Dragons v2.90 (Release Notes)

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    I have changed the original post to fix some errors indicating what spell colors and costs the two new Mythics possess. Sorry for any confusion. Hopefully, these changes will help make them more viable.

    Doom Chains - (Active, 1 Rage, White)

    Shattershard - (Active, 2 Rage, Red)


    • Oldmandragon
      Oldmandragon commented
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      Actually J, I almost agreed with you. But then I thought a second how it works,
      Steal essence is a passive spell. Hence it bein yellow. It's passive ability is to steal the spell essence of a destroyed tower.
      At which point the spell essence you use is either red or blue colored.
      The actual spell you cast is not steal essence.

      Or something like that.

    • MareZ
      MareZ commented
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      OldManDragon is right.
      Simple check for you PlayerJ: Take out a hunter with Steal Essence and tap on the Steal Essence passive before you kill a tower to steal a spell. It should give you the info "This is a passive spell" just like when you tap on your resists while flying.

    • PlayerJ
      PlayerJ commented
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      Well than I stand corrected.
      Steal of Essence is a passive spell.
      I thought it seemed normal spell.
      However, Oldman brings up a good point.
      I can't argue with that logic.
      It is good.
      I am simply wrong.

      The game shouldn't change Devour Hope to a golden spell.
      Since, golden spells are passive.
      They should change it to a white spell.

      It will help the spell Devour hope combo better.
      Last edited by PlayerJ; 02-23-2017, 01:14 PM.

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    EggToken please address what people are more concerned about, That the cost of the mythic hunter is 462K tokens. Echo has said it's a mistake. When will it be fixed?


    • EggToken
      EggToken commented
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      It's a bit deserted here at this point in the day, so if anything is to be changed or discussed, it will likely start the morning. That said, if Echo is on it, it's being handled by the right person.

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    With the release of 2.9, game stability has dropped a ton for me (I'm a US-based player if that matters). Attackers constantly lose connection while following me, and I get the "You need a network connection to play" every 4th or 5th attempt at loading targets in the base selection screen. Not impressed so far, but is it just me or are others having this issue too?
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    • odie1993
      odie1993 commented
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      i am getting that plus the spinning wheel of death on multiple things now since the update.

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    Didn't see anything in the update about increasing how many tokens we can get. Is this still being worked on? Only getting a new dragon once every 2 to 3 months is getting old.


    • aldinach
      aldinach commented
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      I could be wrong EggToken, but I'm pretty sure it was mentioned by PGJared in the Facebook live stream with Pixxel where he discussed removing the items out of gold chests that players dislike most (this prompted me to create a poll in the forums that has never been responded to by PG despite a few requests to do so). You can look at my "Gold chests: What would you like removed" poll to see the stream in question.

    • Bear
      Bear commented
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      Yes is was in the Facebook stream because it was a highly voted item from the (useless it seems) player request forum.

    • Spooky
      Spooky commented
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      It was promised in the stream that covered the November requests. I remember it well because my #2 overall request that month was misunderstood and thus never considered. I'm still a little bitter about it tbh.


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    was the additional graphics to show someone repaired towers really needed with all the other graphics related to turrets and storm towers. I cannot see crap now when flying and someone is dropping repairs on the buildings i am trying to destroy. What was wrong with the HP meter just filling when repairs were dropped. We did not need an additional 5 white flames shooting up on the screen to blind everything.


    • Mechengg
      Mechengg commented
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      Another vote for very distracting white beams of light.

    • MareZ
      MareZ commented
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      I agree with the beams distracting.
      Stom Tower supershot + Ice Tower supershot + Armor Towers + Hammer Drop Apocalypse = My iPhone can now replace the sun.

      Oh and the change wasn't in the patch notes aswell.

    • Sprectomegakai
      Sprectomegakai commented
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      marez wow your phone is the sun wow nice much very wow

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    Well done, you finally did it horay the game fell apart!! 👏👏👏


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      It's the new defense animations. They killed the servers completely.
      "The only winning move is not to play" first Wargames, and now War Dragons

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        EggToken There has been another improvement that sneaked in under the radar and isn't mentioned in the patch notes:

        For low end devices (tested on an old iPhone 4) the tower skins have been modified (simplified) to improve loading time. Towers of the own base and even of full high level 40 tower bases now load quick enough on older devices.
        The towers look really funny: Golden five barrel Cannons have one giant oversized barrel, Golden Archers look like big lvl1 Archers with one Arrow, Golden Storm towers have a huge funnel instead of a spiral, ...

        I think this is a great feature for low end devices that makes the game load much faster and smoother
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