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    I have no idea if you all didn't realize this but PG made a mistake in the post. Dreadful Roar is a White spell, the description of the spell is correct though. I think they have mistaken it for Intimidating Roar, a Red spells which also costs 2 Rage and the description says the spell deals some damage and reduces the tower's attack for the entire fight. I also noticed that in Algor's spell index videos the icon of Intimidating Roar was used instead of the new white Dreaful Roar. Coincidence or were some employees too half-hearted getting their job done Β―\_(ツ)_/Β―


    • Excesseus
      Excesseus commented
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      It's white on Algor.

    • castix
      castix commented
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      Hm I see there's 2 versions of it just checked the spell info files.

      To be honest they just need to change DreadfulRoar to whiteDreadfulRoar and Gloom would be a decent add on to the roster.

    • Robert M.
      Robert M. commented
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      Yes PG, please make this the white dreadful roar like the other mythic warrior has.

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    EggToken thanks for posting the 4th spell for the mythic hunter. Will reserve judgement until I see Icicle in the game, but Icicle seems weak for the level of investment required to obtain it. No mage nullification (e.g., sand) or escapability (e.g., cloak, time shift). Rendered ineffective once rage drained. Is this what PG intended?


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      The Developers have released the spells to Icicle, the Frigid Assault
      • Ice Turret Resist (Passive) - Reduces damage taken by Ice Turrets.
      • Frostbite (Passive) - Icicle’s attacks afflict buildings with Ice Shards, increasing the damage that building takes by 20%.
      • Shattershard (Active, 2 Rage, Blue) - Icicle shatters all Ice Shards on the battlefield, dealing massive damage and refunding 8% ammo per Ice Shard.
      • Crystalline Shield (Active, 2 Rage, Blue) - Form an Icy Shield in front of Icicle that absorbs up to 7 attacks, and reduces damage from beam attacks by 50%. Lasts until 7 charges are depleted.

      I feel this Hunter has a lot of potential.

      To get a better understand of this, We have to compare to powerful Hunters.
      One powerful Hunter which comes to mind is Night Shade.

      Night Shades ability to avoid direct hits makes it a force to be wrecked with!
      Night Shades protection ability is unmatched!
      • Nights Shades passive spell allows it to avoid huge damage from Lighting Towers.
      • Nights Shades versatile spells Cloak(Blue) + Reverse Projectile(Red) makes its evasion/detection ability a formidable foe

      Now we come to the moment of truth!
      We have to take into account Icicle protection/evasion ability!

      Icicle has 2 defensive ability's which add some defensive counter measures.
      • Ice Turret Resist (Passive) - Reduces damage taken by Ice Turrets.

      Ice Turrent resistance!
      A Passive spell, we can be proud of!
      Our deadliest of foes will wield such Turrents.
      • Crystalline Shield (Active, 2 Rage, Blue) - Form an Icy Shield in front of Icicle that absorbs up to 7 attacks, and reduces damage from beam attacks by 50%. Lasts until 7 charges are depleted.

      A Shield to defend ourselves.
      This spell can help us avoid damage.
      It is good we have the ability to defend against pure direct assaults.

      I believe Icicle has an above average protection/evasion ability!

      It is not a 10/10 like Nights Shades protection/evasion ability.

      I rank Icicle a solid 6 out of 10.

      However, I wouldn't tell people Icicle has potential if the dragon only had a 6 out of 10 score.
      No No lady's & gentlemen their is more!

      The reason I say Icicle has potential isn't because of its protection/evasion ability.
      Icicle has potential because of its unorthodox Offensive ability!

      The success or failure of Icicle, the Frigid Assault will rest in the hands of an unorthodox Offensive Combo!
      It will begin with the
      Passive Spell(Frostbite).

      Icicle's attack afflicts buildings with Ice Shards.
      The amount of Ice Shards being inflicted will be the deciding factor!
      • Shattershard deals damage + refunds 8% ammo per Ice Shard.

      If Frostbite can generate high amounts of Ice Shards, Shattershard will cause this Dragon to turn into a Firing Machine. The likes we have never seen!
      Icicle, the Frigid Assault will be similar to 2 guns blazing!

      If Frostbite doesn't generate high amounts of Ice Shards, Shattershard will not successfully refund enough ammo to keep the Furious Attack alive!
      The Offensive combination would lose its value.
      Forcing players to fall back on Icicles protection/evasion ability.

      Icicle, the Frigid Assault live up to its name and usher in an Assault the likes of which the World of War Dragons has never seen?
      Icicle, the Frigid Assault fold under the weight of pressure?

      Only time will tell my friends!

      *The Dramatic Finish*

      The clenching of a fist.

      *The Dramatic Exit*
      Doves flying in the background.



      • PlayerJ
        PlayerJ commented
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        Your a funny guy Robert.
        You make me laugh.

        You are calling me a poser for using statistics & mathematics in my evaluations of this game.
        The game doesn't exist in the real world.
        It is a virtual game which has been fabricated in someones mind using statistical & mathematical equations.
        The game is a poser, Robert.

        I'm merely crushing the data.
        Than interpreting what I am seeing.
        This is what people who make Breeding Guides do!
        You see that?

        Awesome! Nerdy Hi-5

      • Mechengg
        Mechengg commented
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        Is one of you guys is "Darkwing" from the team "Standin2Gether"?

        You attacked then quit?

      • PlayerJ
        PlayerJ commented
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        Not me Mechengg

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      So the chat not loading issue that prevents me attacking/defending for the majority of the time still isn't fixed? Great customer service, release more content but don't fix a major issue that's unresolved since the release of 2.71


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        Hi ant. I'm not sure which chat issues you're describing. Can you please clarify?


        • AntM81
          AntM81 commented
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          The one where for some users, particularly U.K. Based it seems, chat fails to load and whilst this happens we can't attack or defend. Has been reported to support multiple times and was previously told it would be sorted for 2.80 but still not resolved and the only update I now get is it's being worked on still after nearly 2 months.
          Last edited by AntM81; 02-17-2017, 12:41 PM.

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        I feel like the hunter is going to die really, really, really fast...guess we will see.


        • Owlrager
          Owlrager commented
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          Time will tell but sure seems like it to me too...

        • Robert M.
          Robert M. commented
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          I would like to see the damage data on the shattershard.

          This could be similar to giving normal shots the initial effect of crumble, so that towers take half as many taps to kill if you have the rage available to blow the shards.

        • Owlrager
          Owlrager commented
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          Sounds like itll be able to deal crazy damage, just cant see that overcoming its lack of ability to dodge/prevent enough damage to drop it quick. Still cant wait to see it though

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        EggToken is it too late to replace ice turret resist with sand or steal essence (ala replacing storm with ice resist for snowdrop)? The feedback thus far has been unanimous concern that Icicle can't defend itself to the degree that a Mythic dragon should be able.


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          I agree with you that Icicle has defensive issue.
          Icicles defensive resources are fairly low.
          I rated him 6/10 in terms of Defense.

          However, Don't rule out Icicle!
          Icicle has potential!
          Icicle has a unique Offense combination here!

          In my post #18, I rated Night Shade 10/10 in terms of Defense.
          No one saw my Offensive rating!

          Believe it or not Night Shade only has one and a half offensive spells.
          • Crumble to Dust
          • Reverse Projectile to a small degree

          Night Shades offensive ability isn't extremely high.
          However, No one cares!

          Night Shades defense ability over shadows its offensive ability completely.

          If Icicle turns into a Machine Gun, No one is going to care about his defense!
          Icicle offense would over shadow his defense completely.

          Night Shade is the guru of dodging/prevent damage( Defensive King)

          We could be witnessing its Opposite!

          Icicle, the Frigid Assault the guru of attack/assault( Attacking King)

          We have to keep an eye on this.
          It is very exciting.


          • TheRedDelilah
            TheRedDelilah commented
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            Each dragon type has a pro and a con:

            Hunters: High/fast/perscise attack, low health
            Warriors: High health, slow attack
            Sorcerers: incredible spells, rely entirely on rage

            In order for a dragon to be good, it's spells have to counteract its weakness. That's also why finding a good sorcerer is difficult, as they need dual (or white) spells and even then they are rage dependent. Hunters that have low defense will die. It doesn't matter what their offensive spells are if it doesn't allow them to immediately take out towers. Shade is a superior hunter because he avoids damage with all his spells plus a great resist.

            This isn't math, this is how the game works in practice. I appreciate you're looking into the details, but in practice it doesn't matter. A hunter with better spells would have been preferred.

          • PlayerJ
            PlayerJ commented
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            How much damage does a defensive tower deal when the defensive tower is dead? (A rhetorical question...of my own)

          • PiratePat
            PiratePat commented
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            Warrior, the flame can damage the tower beside your attack, as you go from side to side rather than concentrate on a single tower at a time. like a swipe, it works.. give it a try. also less time trying to activate your applied spells. tons of damage means less spell applications. heat shield for example, health and explosion - 2 birds with one stone. to each their own.

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          Somewhere I rambled on about spells in this thread and lost my train of thought and though I still can't remember wth I was talking about or for why, I did have another thought.

          This is all fun fun and stuff, discussing the "top end" dragons and how we think it'll be and what changes should be made, but we all know emeralds are around the corner. Spring summer fall next winter, whatever, still not much play time as the year zooms by, it really does.

          All that aside. If you're gonna build a "top end" hunter, why jumble it up with fancy stuff that looks pretty on paper but in practice, is just going. To be "fun" and "neat".
          Give the damn dragon a lightening resist, ice or archer resist, steal essence, and keeping in the theme of white spells, give it a white cloak. That's a war dragon.

          But, should be fun to see new stuff. And one day, years down the road, when the arthritis has taken control of my hands, I may actually end up with the mythic garnet hunter and be able to come back here follow up further with an informed opinion.

          Whew. Lol. Been a long day


          • MareZ
            MareZ commented
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            They did add Ice Resist for Icicle

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          Very nice to see that design team is working full speed, but it would be awesome if developers can do their job as good as designers. When can we expect to see rise for storage protection, or transfers ? Its useless that storage lvl 45+ cant protect half off needed food for 1 dragon. Or other issues that are troubling players for a long time now. Enough with pretty dragons and useless armor addition. FIX the GAME !!!


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            EggToken can you share when this release will come out?


            • Warlord
              Warlord commented
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              I also bet that they will release them BEFORE breeding to force the spenders to spend again.

              Old trick works perfectly.

              Revenue Ftw πŸ™ŒπŸ½

            • Owlrager
              Owlrager commented
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              Yep lol, before...after...same thing. Havent seen any released same time as breeding starts, would be way too convenient πŸ˜‚

            • EggToken
              EggToken commented
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              Early next week is what we're shooting for. Monday is a holiday, and we want to all be on-duty to be able to address any issues that come up.

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            The new dragons both look awesome, cant wait to try them out some day. I'm just starting to get garnets. I would really like to know what the parents are for them so I know what garnets to get first πŸ˜ƒ. I'm getting the sorcerer last because I have Phasmos, and I'm loving him at a higher level.


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              Originally posted by TwiztidKitty17 View Post
              (...) I would really like to know what the parents are for them so I know what garnets to get first πŸ˜ƒ. (...)
              Originally posted by Echo View Post
              Renard + Avalanche = Mythic Warrior
              Ursa + Jul = Mythic Hunter
              You're welcome
              MareZ ~ lvl20X ~ Garnet Tier Dragons

              Important Threads to find everything you need


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                Will this be released with bookmark fixes before the Fort event? Right now people with bookmarks available have a HUGE advantage at the start of the fortification event


                • Mechengg
                  Mechengg commented
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                  My bookmarks are now miraculously working again!!

                  Rejoice & check your account to see if it's been fixed for you as well

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                EggToken A teammate spent 220K eggs and got a little more than 500/1100 fragments for Icicle. That suggests it costs about 500K tokens to get him, or more than twice what Aquileas cost. Is this a glitch or what PG intended?


                • Owlrager
                  Owlrager commented
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                  Was just coming to ask the same thing. Should be the same cost as mythic sorcerer, no?