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Now LIVE! War Dragons v2.90 (Release Notes)

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  • Now LIVE! War Dragons v2.90 (Release Notes)

    New Garnet Mythic Dragons PREVIEW!

    Two new dragons with very different playstyles are descending into the battlefields of War Dragons. Gloomclaw focuses on slow and methodical control, while Icicle is all about burst damage and sustain.

    Gloomclaw, the End of Hope
    • Malefic Breath (Active, 1 Rage, Blue) - Empower’s the dragon’s breath to apply Gloom Clouds to targeted towers, dealing damage over time.
    • Devour Hope (Active, 1 Rage, Blue) - Gloomclaw heals itself for 12% of max HP for each Gloom Cloud active on nearby towers.
    • Dreadful Roar (Active, 2 Rage, Red) - Gloomclaw lets out a mighty roar that inflicts nearby towers with the Gloom Cloud effect. Any building hit will also take increased +25% damage for the remainder of the battle.
    • Doom Chains (Active, 1 Rage, White) - Any buildings affected by Gloom Clouds are afflicted with Doom Chains for the duration of Gloom Cloud. Doom Chains disable tower attacks, supershots, Red/Blue Mage Tower effects, and do not break on damage.
    Icicle, the Frigid Assault
    • Ice Turret Resist (Passive) - Reduces damage taken by Ice Turrets.
    • Frostbite (Passive) - Icicle’s attacks afflict buildings with Ice Shards, increasing the damage that building takes by 20%.
    • Shattershard (Active, 2 Rage, Red) - Icicle shatters all Ice Shards on the battlefield, dealing massive damage and refunding 8% ammo per Ice Shard.
    • Crystalline Shield (Active, 2 Rage, Blue) - Form an Icy Shield in front of Icicle that absorbs up to 7 attacks, and reduces damage from beam attacks by 50%. Lasts until 7 charges are depleted.

    • Optimized how “Apply Multiple Speedups” chooses speedups to use the minimum amount necessary.
    • Fixed an issue where a tower may become invulnerable when paired with a Mythic warrior (such as Mehaten) on a dragon perch.
    • Fixed an issue that could have possibly allowed for duplicate dragons.
    • Fixed an issue that caused some players to receive a value pack they were trying to gift.
    • Fixed an issue where certain ads would display a black screen.
    • Made preventative measures to reduce the chance of bookmarks failing to load.
    • The “Rename Yourself” menu should no longer be blocked by the keyboard when trying to rename yourself.

    Spell Fixes:
    • Doom Chains animation is now visible when the building is Frozen.
    • Dragons no longer stay on fire when casting Rising Phoenix after Summon Warrior.

    UI Fixes/Improvements:
    • Tapping on a message in the chat summary window will now correctly take you to the corresponding chat channel instead of opening the previous chat location (the chat button will still do this though).
    • Chat text color has returned to being white for better readability.
    • Fixed an issue where a completion checkmark would sometimes not appear when upgrading a dragon perch.
    • Fixed an issue where Ice Shard and Ancient Stone’s images would appear blurry.
    • Fixed an issue where animations would sometimes not display when monuments were destroyed.
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    Invincible tower fix 🙌🏻🙌🏻. Ty much ET! The drags look pretty sweet visually, and as with all new drags time will tell how they fair in battle. Looking forward to seeing them


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      EggToken is there a spell missing/not listed for the mythic hunter? All other Mythics have 4 spells and the hunter seems underwhelming with the 3 spells listed.


      • EggToken
        EggToken commented
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        You're absolutely right! I'm not sure how it was left out, but I'll make that edit now (possibly due to pasting in the image).

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      It's missing ballista resist


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        The warrior's mane is hilarious.


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          First off: Great artwork and great to see important fixes like invulnerable towers being fixed ASAP.

          The new Garnet Mythics remind me a lot of the Fall and winter divines.

          Gloomclaw looks like a beast but reminds me of Tarant with the animal-like design and the shoulder tattoo. The skill set looks like he will have a strong healing combo such as Skarr's Heat Shield + Sacrifice, however the lack of Sacrifice and the fact that he has four spells that all need rage but no resists will make him extremely vulnerable to mage supershots as they might hit him before he can disable them with his skill combo. We are used to 1-2 resists on warriors to tank and brawl through bases so I don't have see much potential for Gloomclaw.

          Icicle (do I pronounce this "Ice-sizzle" or "E-sizzlee"?) is a crazy mixture of Nightshades zombie design, Skarrs antlers and Snowdrops iced wings. He features a new passive (Frostbite) which looks super OP and might dramatically lower the shots he needs per tower. On top of that he has a skill (Shattershard) that reminds me a little of the second shot of Crumble to Dust, but instead of instantly killing he will deal damage and reload ammo. This seems like an interesting combo so instead of cloaking you might be able to just keep on firing. In combination with the passive he might turn out to be the heavy machine gun among the hunters and might have the potential to become the best dragon in game. On top of that Crystalline shield adds a nice defense spell to the two offense spells which makes him much more versatile than Snowdrop for example.
          EDIT: Ice Turret resist has been added to Icicle which should make him extremely powerful, the only drawback might be that he only has blue spells, let's see if that's enough to balance him out.

          We will still need to see them live and in action so at this point I can't argue too much, but the hunter looks very promising to me, too bad the warrior doesn't.
          I hope that sooner or later I can fly them myself, but that might take a while
          Last edited by MareZ; 02-16-2017, 03:25 AM. Reason: Ice Turret Resist added to Icicle
          MareZ ~ lvl20X ~ Garnet Tier Dragons

          Important Threads to find everything you need


          • Oldmandragon
            Oldmandragon commented
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            You mention something about divines at the begining of your post, these are the mythic garnets, not divines at all. Thank god.

            I agree with most everything you posted and am interested to see how it all plays out, you know, in a few years when most of us are able to breed them.

            The only thing I would argue, and mostly because I'm likely being over hopeful and haven't actually see it in practice, but despite the warrior having four spells being possibly crippling, the doom chains actually blocks red and blue Mage supershots, so there's a chance you can control the mages affording you time to gain rage to use the other spells.

            There again though, by the time most of us breed these dragons, tower levels will have raised so high that we probably won't ever get to appreciate the potential of these dragons.

            Still, cool looking stuff

          • MareZ
            MareZ commented
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            Oh damn I messed up lol, completely missed the fact that they were Garnet Mythics, will edit my post
            Yeah I thought about the skill that disables red and blue mages but I honestly doubt you can do that faster than they can supershot you, especially with defenders being present.
            So yeah, you're right, we will probably be able to check those dragons out in a year or so.

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          EggToken when using yellow skin toned emojis from apple devices, android users can see that

          howeverer, when using different skin tone emojis On Apple device 👊🏻👊🏼👊🏽👊🏾👊🏿 <---------- the message appears to be blank on android. No matter what part of game. Anywhere that you can use text it appears blank to android users. Is this due for a fix anytime soon. I Think it's been around for 2-3 months sinc e a patch was released. Not 100%

          not everyone is aware so maybe pg could send game wide mail and mention android users can only see comments with yellow toned emojis. Not sure if that's pg's fault or google etc
          Last edited by Ian; 02-15-2017, 08:10 AM.
          Commend my persistence ^.^


          • EggToken
            EggToken commented
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            I'm fairly certain that's a format problem. Apple and Google's emoji are like different "fonts" so they won't work perfectly unless the emoji pack is installed on both devices.

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          I was hoping in the salvage shop... but really great artwork!
          Winners find solutions, losers find excuses.


          • War fan
            War fan commented
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            They said they were going to ask for beta testers before releasing it.

            So far, though, that's as far as it's gotten-- them saying they were going to ask. No asking yet :-(

          • SuperSax
            SuperSax commented
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            was just about to ask the EXACT SAME THING - thanks!

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          PGJaredEggToken @players

          on behalf of some. When is ETA for emerald tier please. Some say aummer
          Commend my persistence ^.^


          • Psa
            Psa commented
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            Maybe next event 🤔😂

          • Ian
            Ian commented
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            Psar 👊🏻 thanks for feedback matcava 👊🏻🍺
            I guess only time will tell

          • Gary2975
            Gary2975 commented
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            Hopefully Emerald tier is not at least until the Summer. The fall and winter releases were way too soon. Playerbase needs more time to catch up.

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          I think that these new dragons will offer a new style of attack play which would be super fun and interesting.

          I'm not going to get to that level anytime soon but from a dragon perspective and spell layout, i think it would really make sense to make Gloom's Malefic Breath spell WHITE so that you could apply it to every island and then kill mages then apply either the red or blue spell after mage's go down. Dual mages per 5 towers make this Malefic Breath and other spell combo's only applicable to 3 towers out of each 5 which kind of kills it's effect if you ask me.

          Icicle & Shatter shard is basically hit each tower once then hit shattershard to take down the island, it would be even better if each tower or shard were to give a tiny bit of healing too but then these dragons might just be OP.

          But thank you for looking into the bookmark issue, this is the big win for me in this version 2.90 coming out.


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            Your welcome buddy.

            The spells make up the foundation of how the dragon will play out.
            It is actually pretty easy once you think about it.
            Indulge me if you will.

            Everyone knows Warrior dragons are considered to be tanks in the game.
            They often can take a lot of hits.

            The main reason why is because they often have 1 of 2 things.
            • They have a lot of resisting spells which try to nullify the hits
            • They have shields which reduce or stop any damage on the dragon.

            The above information can be seen on tons of warriors dragons.
            The Gloomclaw when you first look at it on the surface.
            You don't necessary see the above 2 things.

            However, if you look at the spells very closely.
            You can see this dragon does have a shield of sorts!
            It is unorthodox in comparison to other Warrior dragons.
            However, I admire PG creatively in coming up with it.

            The spell which I speak of is called:
            • Doom Chains (Active, 2 Rage, Blue) - Any buildings affected by Gloom Clouds are afflicted with Doom Chains for the duration of Gloom Cloud. Doom Chains disable tower attacks, supershots, Red/Blue Mage Tower effects, and do not break on damage.

            When you read the description you can gather that it is disabling towers and supers shots.
            It is basically acting like a shield because the dragon shouldn't suffer any hits etc.

            However, on further observation, you will also see this spell isn't a free lance spell.
            It has a dependency!
            Do you see how it is spell dependent?

            In order for Doom Chains to work, You need Gloom Clouds.
            The spells which causes Gloom Clouds is the below spells:
            • Malefic Breath (Active, 1 Rage, Blue) - Empower’s the dragon’s breath to apply Gloom Clouds to targeted towers, dealing damage over time.
            • Dreadful Roar (Active, 2 Rage, Red) - Gloomclaw lets out a mighty roar that inflicts nearby towers with the Gloom Cloud effect. Any building hit will also take increased +25% damage for the remainder of the battle.

            As you can see the Developers came up with an idea of having spells build on each other.
            Which I think is an awesome idea!
            It fits the Slow & Methodical control focus.
            You can see how the spells will slowly building up on themselves.

            The cost to get our shield(Doom Chains) = 1 rage for Malefic Breath + 2 rage for Doom Chains itself = 3 rage cost.
            Most shields are only 2 rage.

            The cost to get our shield(Doom Chains) = 2 rage for Dreadful Roar + 2 rage for Doom Chains itself = 4 rage cost.
            Most shields are only 2 rage.

            The cost to do our Shield using the Malefic Breath is 1 extra rage over than normal.
            However, I do think players might be able to play around that combo of spells.

            The cost to do our Shield using the Dreadful Roar is 2 extra rage over than normal.

            I think this combination will never be used. It is a cost hog.

            Now lets look at the next spell:
            • Devour Hope (Active, 1 Rage, Blue) - Gloomclaw heals itself for 12% of max HP for each Gloom Cloud active on nearby towers.

            I really love the above spell!
            It gives our dragon a chance to heal + keep fighting.
            I love dragons which have that ability.

            However, on further observation, you will see this spell isn't a free lance spell.
            Once again, We have a spell dependency!

            In order for Devour Hope to work, You need Gloom Clouds.
            The spell which causes Gloom Clouds is as we said before Malefic Breath.

            The cost to get our heal(Devour Hope) = 1 rage for Malefic Breath + 1 rage for Devour Hope itself = 2 rage cost.
            I really like this rage cost.

            When I think of a spell which heals.
            I think of the spell Heat Shield.
            Heat Shield adds a shield which reduces damage + heals.
            I think the healing percentage was like 7%.

            In this example, We will have a 12% heal with no reduction.
            In exchange for not getting a reduction of damage, We get a higher healing percentage.
            I think it is pretty fair.

            It was important for me to show you the above information.
            It will help you understand why I don't think GloomClaw will be good when I explain the next piece of information.

            The next piece of information I will talk about is spell types!
            • Malefic Breath = Blue type
            • Devour Hope = Blue type
            • Doom Chains = Blue type
            • Dreadful Roar = Red type

            Do you see the problem here?

            I am a defender.
            I place a Blue Mage Tower on my Defense.
            I completely shut down all your spells.

            Player defenses are Slow & Methodical?
            We have Storm towers in combination with a Blue Mage.

            Your spells need to build off each other.
            You need to get the spell Malefic Breath rolling.
            You don't have time to delay that spell.

            By the time you kill the storm tower.
            + Kill the blue mage.
            + Push Malefic Breath
            + Set yourself up to push Devour Hope or Doom Chains
            Your dragon will be dead.

            Their is no problem with having a dragon which is slow & methodical.
            Their is no problem with having spells building on each other.

            However, You need the spells to get rolling fast.
            Defense happens fast!
            A blink of an eye and it is over.

            I don't know why the Developers decided to break a tradition.
            The Sapphire Mythical Dragons have 1 white + 1 gold + 1 blue + 1 red.
            The Pre-existing Mythical Dragon in Garnet has 1 white + 1 gold + 1 blue + 1 red.

            They have the new Mythical Warrior Dragon with 3 blue + 1 red.

            You even have it building off of the same Color!

            I have never used this dragon in my life.
            On paper, it has so many problems.

            I think the best way to fix this dragon would be to change some spell colors!

            Malefic Breath is the key spell.
            We need this spell to be unobstructed by blue or red mages.
            The best way to do it would be to change its color to White or Gold!

            Players are going to want to build off of this spell because it is very low cost.
            It makes Gloom clouds.
            We can build off of the Gloom Clouds.

            No one is going to build off of Dreadful Roar.
            We don't have the luxury of so much rage.
            Good defenders leave your rage bar very very low.
            All you have is 1 or 2 rage bars in good defense.

            In some of the great defenses, you have 0 rage bar!
            All you see is a frozen empty bar!

            The spell Dreadful Roar will be used for its increase damage only.
            This spell is nice to have, but it isn't our go to spell!
            This spell color can stay red.

            Now we have:
            • Doom Clouds

            Doom Clouds is an unorthodox shield.
            It isn't really a shield.
            However, It has the attributes as a shield.
            It is very interesting.

            The question is will the building of 1 + 2 cost us?

            We are looking at 3 rage bars to do this spell.
            Maybe rage runes can help us pull this combo off.
            However, It feels very shakey.

            I think the spell color should stay blue.
            I am not convinced.
            The 1 extra rage bar is making me have doubts.

            How many times will we pull this spell off?
            It needs testing.

            Now we have:
            • Devour Hope

            I think with the shakiness of our Shield.
            We will have to rely heavy on our Devour Hope.
            I feel it is going to be a key spell!
            We should change the spell color to White or Gold.

            Gloomclaw, The end of Hope would be proud!

            1 spell white (Devour hope) + 1 spell gold (Malefic Breath) + 1 spell blue(Doom Clouds) + 1 spell red(Dreadful Roar)

            This is a Mythical Warrior right here!
            Look at those spells.
            A thing of beauty!

            We don't care about your Blue Mage tower now!
            You have all your hopes on your little Blue Mage Tower.
            We are going to Devour your Hope with our white spell.

            We are using GLOOMCLAW!
            We are going to END your HOPE!

            The Gloom Clouds will descend upon you!
            Our Clouds will block out the Sun!
            Surrender now!

            " A Warrior dragon fights on because it has the heart of a warrior. The other dragons are sissy dragons"
            - by legendary player named Mad City R.I.P my war dragon brother.

            Well lets change it back now:

            3 spells blue (Devour hope)(Doom Clouds)(Malefic Breath) + 1 spell red(Dreadful Roar)

            It is so sad.

            1 Blue Mage Tower > 3 spells blue (Devour hope)(Doom Clouds)(Malefic Breath)

            Shout out to my defense brothers!
            give them.jpg

            The Mythical dragon will fall!
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            • MareZ
              MareZ commented
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              tbh, I managed to read the first 100 words, realized you either have no clue how crippled the spell combo of the warrior is or you need another 900 words to finally get to the point and noone has the time to go through this essay that is wrote in peom-style so I have to scroll down five full pages. You might have some valid points but I'll never be able to tell.
              I know you will respond to this so I suggest you try to write your response like an abstract: Try a two-liner with max 15 words per sentence.
              It's never too late to improve

            • PlayerJ
              PlayerJ commented
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              Do you honestly believe I would write a novel on a forum with out knowing what I am talking about?
              I must come from a different generation than you.

              I am sorry that your generation is filled with people who write long essays with out knowing what they are doing.
              I am sorry that your generation is in a rush to go no where.

              I will sum up my entire post in 2 sentences.
              1) Mythical Dragons in the game currently have 4 different spell colors.
              2) Gloom only has 2 spell colors.
              Last edited by PlayerJ; 02-17-2017, 10:56 PM.

            • Bear
              Bear commented
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              See why couldn't you just say that to begin with instead of writing a novel?

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            I agree there needs to be way more variety in spell colour for both dragons as they are both heavily reliant on blue spells. And how could u possibly justify having only 3 spells for the hunter? Epic dragons have 3 spells. He absolutely needs a fourth and it should be white or at the very least red


            • Rfdblue
              Rfdblue commented
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              Yup - it wouldn't make any sense for it to only have 3 spells. Considering the number of tokens the mythic hunter (any mythic garnet) costs, the dragon should be indisputably among the best in the game -- and clearly superior to the legendaries. Unclear with the 3 spells listed that Icicle is better than Zaru.

            • Oldmandragon
              Oldmandragon commented
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              I'm not sure of why the sudden dependency on white spells.
              Or what the point in some of these new spells are for. Some of them are quite frankly, weaker spells than the early "originals" and make the stronger dragons even weaker because of it. Plus the new spells having no runes to go with them, yet another weakness. In theory anyway.

              Let's look at some white spells.
              Spell flux, arguably the strongest of the white spells, the first of its kind, and the most versatile and useful. Basically a red Mage destroyer. (Appropriate tower levels taken into consideration of that statement).
              Makes total sense and a hell of a spell on any dragon.
              The white exploding shield. Albeit it was planned to come out eventually, it was introduced to us because rising Phoenix was broken so that's what we got to use until fixed. I'm guessing either the release of this spell was either planned from the beginning or PG thought it was a hit so they worked it into the new dragons. For me, it's bogus. It's an exploding shield. Quite a powerful spell in its own right, but originally being a blue spell, there we found the balance. Being a white spell, it's a "lets shield and explode till the cows come home". Basically, let's amarok our way through game from here to eternity. Pointless unbalanced useless recycle of a spell that never should have been. IMO.
              Then white intimidating roar.
              I barely used that spell when it was red. Always always always, something else was better than using that.
              Fun spell when it came out, lower tier dragon spell. IMO. Blue white red green purple with pink dots, dosent matter. Wasted recycled spell. Unimaginative.
              The white sand spell. Ok. Fair enough. Versatile. Useful. Fun. A game changer? No but a powerhouse for a proper lead.
              Maybe there's more but I'm tired of typing and I won't "playerJ" the post.

              My other complaint would be this crystalline shield. Comepletly bogus spell. Stands up to 7 projectile shots and blocks non projectiles by 50% non projectile shots. WEAK!!!!
              What happens when I roll around a corner and someone has equipped a bunch of frenzy runes on an island? Suddenly those 7 shots break real quick. And I'm still taking damage from everything else only half as much. Stupid spell. IMO.
              Why not a white invincibility spell? Now that's power for a high level or divine dragon that's worth achieving. Blocks all damage. If white, can't be stopped. Unless broken by a Cannon supershot, which in all fairness still breaks the crystalline shield. And, runes still work for invincibility shield. Unlike the crystalline shield.

              I sort of lost my point somewhere. So, I'll call it a rant and end it.

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            How can you discuss changes that should be made to spells that aren't even released yet or tested on dragons that most of us won't even have for a very long time or dare I say, ever?

            All those words and nothing but assumptions to base it off of. Seems a waste of half a day to me.


            • SuperSax
              SuperSax commented
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              thats what I tried to say... Oldmandragon did it just nicer! Thanks

          • #14

            Sure, We can discuss changes.
            WHY NOT?

            We are discussing spell changes right now.
            I can even talk about appearance changes!

            Take a look at the GloomClaw!

            GloomClaw back left foot has 2 claws.
            GloomClaw back right foot has 2 claws.
            GloomClaw front left foot has 5 claws.
            GloomClaw front right foot has 4 claws.

            GloomClaw is a deformed dragon.
            How do you feel about flying a Deformed dragon?


            • Oldmandragon
              Oldmandragon commented
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              Waste your time on whatever you like. Sure.

            • castix
              castix commented
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              Gloomclaw actually has 2 claws on his hind legs and 5 claws each on his front legs. Im sorry but your assumption that he's only got 4 claws is so trivial as your other post here. The artwork doesn't even let you see all his claws of the left front leg. More importantly the artwork is not entirely decisive for how the dragon will look ingame. I doubt anyone would purposely add a unproportional just because of an artwork.

          • #15
            I have a thread with the crashing issue, since nobody wants to answer, I'm gonna link it here. what is going on?