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Update to Kastor and Fixed Lockdown Spell

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    The original Kastor's design was one of my favorite dragon designs in the game, I loved him, espicially his wings and his pose. He had an organic and believable design.
    The new design is much more "demonic" and "evil" now. It is unpleasant for me. I am sad...

    I have recorded some videos with Kastor when I started playing the game. I am glad that I still have them. It seems that these videos are all that is left of him...

    By the way, it is interesting that you still have Kastor's silhouette on the "Traveling..." screen despite the fact that now this dragon model is not presented in the game at all...
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      Hey guys! just made a video about the kastor update. I noticed he had changed and found it very cool. If anyone has pictures or screenshots of the old Borg model(kastor version green) Id love them! looking to make a video about Borg/Firactus update