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Updated Rune Drop Rates from Chests

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    I'm glad they made them better. At the same time tho I still have nearly 200 chests now that I can't open because their still basically worthless. We need runes that match the spells of the dragons out there.


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      I'm happy with the changes made, but why can't glyphs be added too? I have so many dragons that can't have glyphs cuz there nowhere near enough in just prizes from event. Its funny that the runes (which we can get in abundance) has only 2 slots and glyphs (which you can only get in prizes and not plentiful) has 3 slots. Just would like to see some better glyphs in prizes or added to chests.


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        Thank you very much for that decision, its nice to play for. Where some chances are increased to get useful runes.


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          PGJared Are legendary drop rate decreased again? 2 weeks ago i opened 45 silver chest and got 4 legendary rune. Today i opened 110 silver chest (3 bonus) and got only 1 legendary drop. Wth? all 3 bonuses were epic drops. Bonus rune should be a guaranteed legendary drop since epics are dropping every 10. Also got 0 wisdom rune and 2 rage rune.
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          • PGJared
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            They should be exactly the same.

          • Valkorn
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            I agree I'm seeing no increase to rage or wisdom rune drop rates