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    I would like to bump the ballista questions again, although it's like beating a dead horse, but I'm still curious.

    Originally posted by PGJared View Post
    • Poison Damage Rebalance
      • Ballista towers and damage over time spells have been underutilized. After further review this is because they are less effective than many other options, and therefore we have made balance adjustment damage over time towers and spells.
    What I've heard so far:

    Originally posted by EggToken View Post
    As for poison damage: We saw that damage scaling at higher levels for ballistas (35+) was not working as we intended, so it was adjusted to make them a more viable part of a base's defenses past this level. We also hear you on the strength of ballistas at lower levels, and will take a look at that further down the line.

    Gloom Clouds is being adjusted in relation to this new poison damage calculation. In the past it was actually far too high and behaving with unintentional consequences. It's more in-line with what the original intent was now.
    My only experience comes from attacking invader bases that currently have tons of lvl28 ballistas if you pick the right invader base. At that level the ballistas suck so much that I always pick the invader base with the most ballistas to make sure my freshly bred baby dragons have an easy time finishing the base. I would say a base full of cannons, archers, trebs or lightnings is three or four or even five times harder to beat. At this point I wondered why the "fix" was only meant to adjust lvl35+ ballistas. Sadly I haven't seen any and noone really builds any so it's hard to tell.
    On the Glood Clouds skill: I heard it's the worst in game, yet this comment suggests that it has been nerfed. Not planning on getting Ava anytime soon, just curious.

    Originally posted by EggToken View Post
    I just got word that this update will actually include adjustment of poison damage at lower levels too, so lower level players' dragons will still die slowly, but a little less painfully than before to Ballistas.
    I'm not sure what EggToken considers "lower levels" but atleast I've come across some data now:

    Originally posted by PG
    • Poison damage was being limited over time
      • This limit is now removed and the damage has been readjusted accordingly
    • The damage per second has been increased by 200% compared to prior damage values
      • See included table for reference
    • Length of time for total damage to be dealt has been drastically reduced
      • Currently 3 seconds, down from 12 seconds
    • Damage previously scaled incorrectly after level 35 and has been fixed
    • Poison damage stacks: if multiple ballista towers attack, multiple DoT effects will tick on a dragon
    1) Not sure which time limit has been removed, it's supposed to be a DoT effect and it's still a DoT effect. This should be explained more specificly.

    2) 200% buff to the DPS.
    Happy to see a first hard fact, too bad the table for reference only covers ballistas from lvl1-19 so we don't know if all levels have been buffed or how the lvl35+ have been adjusted. (By the way they have been buffed TO 200% or BY 100% aka. they have been doubled. A buff by 200% would be adjusting the base 100% by 200% and end up with 300% aka. tripling the DPS.)

    3) Reduction from 12sec to 3sec.
    Interesting change. I know many have said the damage takes too long to be effective and kill a dragon before half of the base is burnt down. Although this sort of defeats the logic of poisoning or DoT for me. I've never understood how an Archer deals so much damage but a ballista doesn't deal damage at all when the projectile hits. Maybe a high instant hit damage and an additional DoT would be the way to go but I'm getting carried away.
    One thing I'm sure about is that this change basically negated the previous efforts to buff ballistas with runes. Enervating and Weakening runes only make sense if the dragon is poisoned for a longer period of time so the runes weaken the dragon as long as possible. I have saved a few of those runes in case ballistas do make a return but I guess now it's time to dust them all since they would only weaken a dragon for 3sec.

    4) Damage fix for lvl35+ ballistas. As mentioned in 2) I haven't seen any players using ballistas at this level but a few higher level teammates said that ballistas on invader bases hurt a lot now. I might join a few runs and watch it to see it with my own eyes before thinking about building one myself.
    Again some numbers, % values or anything would be helpful to motivate players to actually build this long forgotten tower if it's now strong enough for a comeback. If something didn't hurt a fly and you tell us its DPS has been doubled we still wonder if it can now kill a fly not to mention a dragon.
    Simple question: If you built a base with only ballistas and a base with only Archer or Cannons or anything else and you let a dragon without any skills or resists fly over both bases without attacking a tower, would he make it farther on the pure ballista base or on the pure Archer/Cannon base?

    5) This seems like a good fix. I think it should have been this way from the start, good to see that some logic has been applied.

    EggToken PGJared it would be great to hear from you and get a few more details on this.
    (sorry that I post so late, it must have gone missing in the countless comments)

    TL;DR: Ballistas at lvl28 are still super weak. Not sure how they are at higher levels. PG should give more info.
    MareZ ~ lvl20X ~ Garnet Tier Dragons

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    • EggToken
      EggToken commented
      Editing a comment
      The damage curve was shifted down so that players around level 1-60 (and I'm ballparking here) wouldn't get utterly melted by ballista turrets. Previous to this change, poison damage was capped at the level 35 amount, but we removed that cap so poison damage continues to ramp up after this. Additionally, ballista turret damage now stacks, so if you have multiple ballistas shooting at the same dragon, none of the damage is wasted because each hit does its full damage over time.

    • MareZ
      MareZ commented
      Editing a comment
      Oh okay thanks for the clarification.
      For me this means that when I don't lose significant amounts of health vs a whole island of (now +200% buffed) lvl28 ballistas at my level, they will be just as weak when I'm higher level and run stronger dragons against maxed out ballistas = they likely won't make a comeback. Atleast they are great p
      straw men to level baby dragons so they still server a purpose. I also agree on the posts below.
      I'll stop beating the dead horse now, sorry for wasting your time.

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    ballistas are still useless, I wish the developers would actually play the game and then make adjustments. That would tell them if a certain tower sucks and how to fix it.


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      The buff is noticeable. I take a lot more damage parking in front of a ballista to slow down and regain rage. Ballistas still don't have parity with other towers, but at least they're no longer closer in damage output to farms/mages than actual dps towers.


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        When is the token availability going to improve? Thought that the team was looking into that.