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Introducing, EggToken!

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  • Introducing, EggToken!

    Dragon Lords,

    We are pleased to announce that EggToken will be officially joining our War Dragons team! You’ll be seeing a lot of him here on the forum, in addition to myself and the other Dragons team members you’re already seeing. EggToken is a part of our Player Experience team, and will be helping to make sure we’re continuing to be transparent in our communications.

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    Greetings All!

    Sorry about the bad avatar picture, they didn't catch my good side. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    It's been my pleasure to explore this forum community for the past couple weeks, and an even greater one to come out of lurking to get more involved. Aside from helping communicate the things that matter between the game team and yourselves, I'll be working behind the scenes on some things that should help out with keeping the game fair and balanced. That's the gist of it for now! May your dragons be healthy and all your spells be one-shots.


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      Welcome Eggtoken! Fingers crossed you hatch into an asset to the community.


      • EggToken
        EggToken commented
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        Thanks gaza8143, I hope to be a dragon someday.

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      No fair. We asked for more egg tokens in game not in here. Please find a way to share your body with us in game egg token, we'll love you very much.


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        Hello Egg Token (may we refer to you as ET) and welcome.

        Can you share any of the things that you will be doing to keep the game fair and balancedTM? Broad strokes are fine if it's too soon for specifics.


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          Good luck 😂. I actually mean that.


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            That's a really big egg token. I wonder how many points its worth in the breeding events?....

            Welcome EggToken, always happy to see new blood join the team.
            What, me worry?


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              Is ET just Jareds alt?

              are we going to see some Kelly style banter with Jared talking to himself?


              • PGJared
                PGJared commented
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                That'd be far more clever than I actually am. ET is someone on my team, since we're trying to have more presence on the forum.

              • EggToken
                EggToken commented
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                Nope, I'm very much my own person/token.

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              Can I speak to your leader, Mystic Egg?


              • CaptainC
                CaptainC commented
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                He's not available right now, he's a bit fragmented.

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              From the title I thought this is going to be an announcement about introducing more egg tokens into the game... well it sort of is.

              Welcome to the forums!

              May I ask for how long you have been part of PG and what your player level is ingame?
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              Important Threads to find everything you need


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                I'd Welcome you, but I'll rather you become a dragon first haha.....

                I'm Truly sorry, for what will come your way from me and the other Forum members, Please be patient with us


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                  Welcome, Egg Token, looking forward to your communications going forward.


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                    What the heck is one egg token gonna get us? Nuttin.

                    Where are your 124,999 friends?