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Rune Survey!

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    How many dragon have wind wall?
    Must be a lot as wind wall is one of the most common rune to get.

    we really need level base runes awarded not ones that can not be used.


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      also how about make resist runes work on any dragon, not only for those, who have appropriate resist skill?


      • MareZ
        MareZ commented
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        Not such a bad idea. Too many dragons have spells without matching resists and at some point you're out of wisdom and rage runes.
        Also Robert M. it won't be like having seven resists as native or added resists give 70% and as lynxesss said runes hardly crack the 5%.

      • Robert M.
        Robert M. commented
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        MareZ fair point, at that point it really helps very little, but I have indeed scrapped a ton of glyphs for resists and have a bunch of drags without glyphs. Fair point. However, it does sound rough on the programming side, while I still can't get a fireball to kill towers 100% of the time.

      • lynxesss
        lynxesss commented
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      more rage
      and then more rage
      then the specialist spells that can be used on higher level dragons have become very rare indeed:
      revert, freeze, cloak, invincibility shield

      base runes.... meh
      please clarify which of the runes/glyphs are compatible with the spells sported by the newest dragons


      • #34
        Wisdom, rage , freeze, seething spark, 3-4 rune spaced one glyph.


        • #35
          make runes relevant to new dragons spells. Make runes for Heat Shield, Crystalline shield, umbral spike..etc..and have a list of what current rune could go with these spells.


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            One of the nice things about breeding events used to be rage glyphs in the prizing. Last 2 breed events have been Havoc runes. That's a step backward. If you aren't going to design new runes for new spells, IMO 90%+ of the glyph prizing in events should be rage runes, since, you know, they are basically the only useful ones for any tier beyond gold (green).


            • Slytha
              Slytha commented
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              90% rage runes is a bit much imo. but yeah theyre kinda the only ones that make sense for plat+ dragons. resists to some degree too but i find them not very useful.

          • #37
            1) Rage runes
            2) Invert Runes
            3) Explosive shield runes
            4) Double Blast runes
            5) Cloak runes
            6) Chain Lightning runes(try adding these to phasmos and adding chain lightning spell! Does heck of a lot of damage after you flux the red mages)
            7) Any resist runes
            8) Havoc Runes(Add havoc to Avalanche and trigger first part of seething, the poison breathe, and havoc together and watch high level or expert avalanche tear through level 45 towers)
            Note: these are not in any particular order. Also note that with strategic planning even the current runes can vastly boost higher tier dragons. I just listed some of the ways.

            1) Any of the tower "striker" runes (Lightning Towers, Arcane and Mystic hold the most value imo though)