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Rune Survey!

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  • Rune Survey!

    Dragon Lords,

    We’re taking a look at the current runes and their distribution in game, and we’d love to hear from you! Please post here with a rune that you want to see more of in game, just like the Player Request subforum. If you see a rune you like, like the post! We’ll take the top 10 posts and convert them to a poll for players to vote on.

    This poll will help inform the way runes are distributed in the game going forward.

    Please Note: This is not for adding completely new runes to the game. This is about changing the runes you see given out in-game to ones that are more appealing.
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    Thanks to Amoeba , information about runes :

    1st Runerequest: Wisdom runes (experience gain + rage gain) !
    (would be great if the chance for getting epic, legend and maybe mystic would be greater from chests)
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    • Itsmexoxo(Darina)
      Itsmexoxo(Darina) commented
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      Yes,more Wisdom and Rage runes would be perfect!👌🏻

    • Slytha
      Slytha commented
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      RAGE runes/glyphs. only because those are of use to dragons that have spells that arent supported by any runes/glyphs.
      id MUCH RATHER have you guys fix old runes (namely storm frenzy/striker) and make new ones for the new spells.

  • #3
    2nd request: Double Blast Runes ( explosive shield explode twice + explosive shield increase )


    • #4
      PGJared since runes are essentially for green dragons and below why are new runes not considered? With the exception of Rage and Wisdom 99% of the player base dont have much use for any of the other runes.

      If the current range of runes is all that will be considered then really Rage and Wisdom with some base defence runes are all we really need to se.


      • YellowMonkey
        YellowMonkey commented
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        Explosive shield and double blast - works on Tarand.
        Invert- works on Nightshades
        Freeze- Haven't tried it but probably works on phasmos
        All resist runes work on all dragons(only ice and fire resist not available)
        Tower runes...Again only ice and fire runes not available.

      • gaza8143
        gaza8143 commented
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        Explosive shield and invert are green spells or lower is what im saying. Both of these spells had legendary and mythic glyphs in the spell trees for both dragons.

      • itsjustjoe
        itsjustjoe commented
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        I agree that some new runes are in order! I'm a little biased (and ignorant) based on where I am currently, but I could really use something for intimidating roar and spell flux.

    • #5
      Would like more of rage glyphs and ice and fire turret resist runes qnd glyphs too


      • YellowMonkey
        YellowMonkey commented
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        To my knowledge there are not any fire/Ice turret resist runes/glyphs. Atleast I have never seen one.

      • War fan
        War fan commented
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        Haven't seen any either, but one can dream...

      • niks
        niks commented
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        That is why i'm asking them to make those?

    • #6
      I'd like to see enhancements made to the information pages.
      I have no idea who half the runes should go on, so I would like to see a list of dragons I could use a rune on.
      For example I currently have 56 unused runes and no idea if I should keep them because they will be good for a future dragon or dumped because I've already got it on the dragons it works for.


      • TheRedDelilah
        TheRedDelilah commented
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        SilentOne - if you look at the War Dragons official site, it does list what dragons have what spells if you click on them.

      • SilentOne
        SilentOne commented
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        But again that's not, ingame, and I can't see any mention of runes on their website at all.

        Ultimately PG needs to adopt the KISS principle, not have people having to search all over the place to find information which they should be supplying ingame.

      • AcrobaticAttackCatSnacks
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        You can use click on the dragon itself. It lists the spells and resists. Read the runes. You can kinda plan what you want to use when.

        It's a little work, going through the dragons but still, the ability does exist inngame.

    • #7
      Make rune drops relevant to levels
      New players get common, then as they grow they start to get common and rare.
      Low to mid range get rare, then as they grow start to get rare and epic
      Mid range players get epic with the occasional legendary as they grow
      High level players get Legendary


      • Robert M.
        Robert M. commented
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        You're not serious are you? You want them to focus that kind of programming effort on RUNES? If you are high enough to benefit from this, you should have enough understanding to know this is a naive request.

    • #8
      PGJared can we talk about what runes should never have been created and should never drop ever again in chests or prizes EVER?

      Some of the runes illustrate the lack of comprehension of the game inside your office, programmers who NEVER play live.
      Evasion rune?
      Poison Resist, Striker and Frenzy?
      Storm Frenzy? Does that even make sense? Does it do anything at all?

      Resist Runes should NEVER be a personal or team prize. They add almost nothing.


      • PGJared
        PGJared commented
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        If you don't want to see them as prizes, just don't upvote them in this thread. This thread is for what people want to see more of. If you'd like to create a thread about runes you don't like, you are welcome to do so. This just isn't the thread for that.

      • War fan
        War fan commented
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        For a low level player, poison resists runes matter a lot.

        For me, they're dust fodder, but that's besides the point.

    • #9
      epic/legendary or higher XP percentage runes, Red runes of this type are rare, but epic or legendaries are non existent it seems.


      • #10
        As they said before wisdom and rage runes are always helpful, but also make glyphs drop again no one aims for runes in prizing because they as they also said above they are useless for most drags above green tier
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        • #11
          I basically opted for the two above, more wisdom and rage runes. Maybe some more specialized to benefit dragons with specific spell sets even (epic rage + explosive shield).

          PGJared but I do have a question also. I don't think I've seen any glyphs drop in a long while. And my inventory of them is almost gone. Are we just not going to get any more of them? And if so can we maybe change things over so that we have 4 rune slots and do away with glyphs completely?

          There is a lot more I could say and ask, but not the right place I'm thinking so that's it for now.
          What, me worry?


          • MareZ
            MareZ commented
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            Glyphs never drop, they come solely from event rewards

        • #12
          I am surprised that no one has mentioned the fireball rune that can be used on both hunter and sorcerer dragons. The runes have become nonexistent except for common and rare and always none that are compatible with the Platinum and Sapphire dragons. Why don't they do the same thing for dragons that they did for towers? That would be worth the cost to be able to move them around since we can no longer seem to find what we need in silver chests.


          • Ian
            Ian commented
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            I get alot if those. I always equip on my hunters with steal essence. With those runes and +20% damage from research those fireballs are amazing to watch for a brief sec lol

        • #13
          Rage and wisdom.

          PGJared. Any chance you and your team can consider unequipping runes on dragons like we can on monuments. Like many, I have useful runes on drags that haven't been active for ages.
          Last edited by Ian; 01-04-2017, 10:34 PM.
          Commend my persistence ^.^


          • Dravoz
            Dravoz commented
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            PG are on record as stating that they're not going to do this.

          • DarkOsgiliath
            DarkOsgiliath commented
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            I second on being able to unequip runes also from dragons, as well as towers. Much same algorithm, just applied to another object, say Dragon that is.

        • #14
          Lightning resist runes/glyphs. ⚡️⚡️⚡️


          • #15
            Rage and wisdom, glyphs are almost non existing. Also freeze runes are very rare.