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Joseph (Joebot)

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  • Joseph (Joebot)

    Following of the many messages you have sent me, and his absence for some time now, I write this post to announce that Joseph left the company (for his personal project, my best wishes).
    From now on please tag the other administrators.
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    Winners find solutions, losers find excuses.

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    All the best Joe!!
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    • Matcava
      Matcava commented
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      Last week he was on holiday, I don't know the details so it may also be a sudden decision.
      Please don't turn this post in an accusing one.

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    Sad to hear, Joseph was always helpful and having an ear for the community...
    All the best Buddy!


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      I have never seen anyone being more helpful, diplomatic and connected to the community than Joseph.
      We will miss you and I wish you the best for your future JoeBot .
      MareZ ~ lvl20X ~ Garnet Tier Dragons

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        Thats so sad Will he atleast keep playing the game ? Now that he is not associated with the company anymore, I'd love to know his in game name and the team he plays in


        • Matcava
          Matcava commented
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          Me too 😬😬

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        I suspect this is another warning sign to the end of war dragons. :3


        • AttackMasterv2
          AttackMasterv2 commented
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          I don't think that this is a huge warning as there are other great admins that help now. PGJared is really helpful. Also not a huge percentage of the players are on the forums so it isn't a big deal for them, just for us to some degree.

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        That is the worst news I guess. One of our members was battling with support who kept accusing him of cheating and refused to reactivate his account. Only Joe could see it clearly that it was a bug on the server side and unlock his account back. If everyone has to deal with support and no support from Joe or someone like Joe, this will be the beginning of the end of war dragons.


        • XDragonizer
          XDragonizer commented
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          My point is that one shouldn't be treated guilty first and even worse there is no way for you to prove yourself innocent. You should see support messages to him. They kept accusing him of cheating, exploiting but they can't say what he did. It's like going to a trial and they told you you kill the person but there is no proof and you can't defend yourself, that's it, death penalty. Period.

        • Matcava
          Matcava commented
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          I know and I understand you but this post was not created to criticize the support, there are already so many!
          And I think that the new section of the forum (created by Jared) can be helpful in these cases.

        • Jess
          Jess commented
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          No Metcava he isn't.

          Joseph is missed. He listened. That is sadly lacking from PG now.

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        I don't necessarily think Joseph leaving has anything to do with the end of war dragons, as much as something that will hopefully be a better opportunity for him came along.

        As much support as he's getting here in this thread - the poor guy generally took a beating here on the forums. That's got to wear a person down after a while... "I wonder what's going to happen tomorrow at work - probably spend a couple hours reading people's complaints and getting berated". I could take maybe a month of that before I went off like @Rod did, tracked a few IP's, and made some personal visits.

        Although I admit I was also critical of him at times, I still respect how he took all the complaints and grief with class, and always rose above it. I really do believe he wanted good things for the players, and did his best to help and accommodate all of us whiny, petulant children.

        Wherever you are JoeBot, God bless, and best wishes!


        • rod-
          rod- commented
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          I never carried through on my recurrent threat to visit the pg beach house...

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        PG's whipping boy must not pay enough. There goes the scrap of support that existed. Now we get the copy and pasters that I'm pretty sure have never played War Dragons.


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          On the off chance that Joe is still browsing the forums, thank you for handling a difficult job with humor and diligence and best wishes in your future endeavors.


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            Thanks for all help and good try Joseph... i hope the next admins for this job will try there best in communication and user happyness too !


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              Please clone JoeBot before letting him go. Without him, this forum will be in constant chaos


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              You can't really blame the guy lol. With all of the bullshit that goes on I'm surprised he did it as long as he did.


              • Sprectomegakai
                Sprectomegakai commented
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                hi panda can you make soup?

              • Stelth
                Stelth commented
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                Really sorry to see Joesph gone because he really cared and I haven't seen anyone step up and fill his spot in the last week 😡 Panda are you still unable to log on also? Support Sucks

              • Panda
                Panda commented
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                Lol hell no...PG hasn't done shit for fixing major issues like...can you log in? But if you need extra crap you don't want...all hands on deck.

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              Hey folks. So, to touch on a few points here:
              • This wasn't really a sudden decision, and was amicable. Joe has moved on to work on personal projects and we wish him the best.
              • I'm not Joe's replacement, we're still filling that role. I want to make sure we get someone top shelf for y'all. My actual role is manager of the entire PX (read, support / community) team. Even once we have a replacement for Joe I'll still be around though.
              • I'm not sure if Joe still plays, but I'll be sure to bug him about it.
              • Joe did take a beating on the forum, but he still liked pretty much everyone. I think he took it all in stride really well.

              I'll be happy to pass along all the well-wishes if he isn't currently monitoring the forums. Also, I'll answer what questions I can but please understand that there is a lot of private internal stuff that I just can't go into when anyone leaves a company.


              • MareZ
                MareZ commented
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                Thanks Jared for taking the time to show up here and clarify this! I think it's good when people (me) don't feel like falling into a hole but seeing that someone is there who cares and responds.

              • itsjustjoe
                itsjustjoe commented
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                Admittedly, my information may be outdated, but on Wednesday, I was reading through a thread JoeBot had posted on, and it said 'BANNED' under his avatar...

              • PGJared
                PGJared commented
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                itsjustjoe I banned his account after he left instead of deleting it so his old posts would still be there for players to reference but no one would have access to the account. He's welcome to create a new account on the forum and continue being a part of the community, just not with an account that's tied to the company.

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              I assume he went off to start his own game called War ponies. I bet the currency is carrots.