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Enfeeble Spell on Spindra

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  • Enfeeble Spell on Spindra

    I am getting some negative feedback where the spell Enfeeble is concerned. I chose Spindra on my alt to get a good understanding of the spells. In Spindra's description it states that this spell can be cast on two towers at one time. I have yet been able to do this; and that's what is driving most of the negative feedback. Any pointers on how to use this spell properly is welcomed; yes, I've watched the YouTube video which shows the primary target being a Mage tower 😉 Or did in fact choose the weakest Divine for this season?

    Thank you Fox🌹

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    You must be doing something wrong bc I have a teammate who got spindra and can regularly hit 2-3 towers at a time. Pracitce with microdoc (level 1 towers) and just enfeeble enfeeble enfeeble. You do know you have to enfeeble twice to kill the towers, right? If you were expecting just once then I can see why you made the post. Also, spindra is definitely not weak, same teammate is 124 and 5 flames 200s.


    • FoxsAngel
      FoxsAngel commented
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      Thank you for your response. Yes, I'm aware that it takes twice to enfeeble means to weaken. What guild is microdoc in or how can I find this base?

    • Lutrus
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      @foxesangel xpfarms is the name of the team.

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    It's all about the location of towers, the closer they are together, the easier it is to hit 2-3 of them with very small radius spells such as Enfeeble or Ice Shock.
    If this is the first time you use such a spell, you will just need some time to practise it
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