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Has anyone figured out backbreeding options for obsidian yet?

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  • Has anyone figured out backbreeding options for obsidian yet?

    topic says it all. If anyone has a complete (or even incomplete) obsidian back-breed list please post your findings. Thanks!

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    My understanding from the CrossbreedingPairs.csv, is that the new Obsidian dragons haven't been added to the breeding pairs yet. Unless they stuck them in with the .61 update.


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      from my breeding castle, I see the following back breed:

      Girasol + Noctua = Nier

      Girasol + Wraith = Marinaras

      im going to breed them now and will let you know how many tokens they each cost.

      Girasol + Wraith = Marinaras is 16k tokens.

      Girasol + Noctua = Nier is 27k tokens.

      seems fair. Nier is a better drag lol

      i may have messed up my breeding plan a little to find this out ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
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        Any back breed for Lumina?


        • Pulse
          Pulse commented
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          For getting Lumina, Girasol + Marianas or Girasol + Hedran should do it.

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        Rhyo + Mafic = Hedran 15k


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          Any back breeds for stormheim out there?


          • Pulse
            Pulse commented
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            Mafic + Wraith breeds Stormheim!

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          Archimera Marianas Slax
          Archimera Wraith Kyrule
          Noctua Marianas Nier
          Noctua Wraith Kerbos
          Marianas Wraith Ferga
          Rhyo Wraith Marianas
          Rhyo Noctua Xenot
          Rhyo Marianas Archimera
          Rhyo Archimera Wraith
          Archimera Hedran Deci
          Archimera Lumina Kyrule
          Noctua Hedran Deci
          Noctua Lumina Deci
          Marianas Hedran Pyrochis
          Marianas Lumina Kyrule
          Wraith Hedran Slax
          Wraith Lumina Kyrule
          Hedran Lumina Deci
          Girasol Archimera Wraith
          Girasol Noctua Nier
          Girasol Marianas Lumina
          Girasol Wraith Marianas
          Girasol Hedran Lumina
          Girasol Lumina Wraith
          Mafic Archimera Noctua
          Mafic Noctua Hedran
          Mafic Marianas Noctua
          Mafic Wraith Stormheim
          Mafic Hedran Marianas
          Mafic Lumina Archimera
          Rhyo Hedran Archimera
          Rhyo Lumina Xenot
          Rhyo Girasol Wraith
          Mafic Rhyo Hedran
          Mafic Girasol Marianas


          • Ezash
            Ezash commented
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            Something seems wrong here... first of all nothing on how to breed lumina... and then Rhyo and mafic breed hedran cheaply... and thatโ€™s not listed there

          • PGJared
            PGJared commented
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            Rhyo and Mafic is second from the bottom. Lumina is Girasol and Marianas.

          • Grachulus
            Grachulus commented
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            PGJared could we please get the costs for these breeds? Many thanks