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and on a topic other than the garbage update .... dragon question

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  • and on a topic other than the garbage update .... dragon question

    If anyone has the time and inclination, can I ask ..

    1. What's with Jul ?

    His southern cross seems sort of funky but sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't .. and sometimes it costs 3 rage and sometimes a lot less .. does anyone have any hint on how that all works ?

    2. Mehetan

    What's the best way to utilise his spells ? He seems a bit ordinary to me, but everyone raves about him ... I clearly don't know his secrets.

    3. Hauheset

    I've watched the videos (thanks Red!) but i'm still not really sure what he's all about yet either .. anyone got a simple rundown on his spells and how to best utilise them ?

    Thanks in advance.

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    1. Southern cross has always been bugged sadly,

    The trick to getting it to do what it should, is to make sure you only cast it once the towers have locked on you - yes its lame, means you take damage, but at least it will trigger and heal the way it should.

    2. Mehaten - Junk --- breeder only

    3. Hauheset
    -Sand ----> this is his staple spell ---> its a white lockdown that does damage . Fantastic spell
    - Timeshift: this is a two part cloak, clicking it once cloaks you, hitting it again teleports you back to where you hit it the first time. You only have 3 uses of the teleport back spell, but unlimited uses of the cloak part. While cloaked you can cast any spell without uncloaking ; attacks will break cloak

    This ties in with his borrowed time. Basically if you die, you get a few seconds of invulnerability where you can dps at max. If you timeshifted three times, you don't get borrowed time. If you never time shifted, you get maximum borrowed time.

    So in order to use hau effectively in wars:

    sand blue mage - cloak --- sand some more mages and flaks; uncloak at end of island --- rinse repeat for next island

    sand blue mage - cloak - sand some more - time shift at end of cloak --- sand some more ---- rinse repeat next island.

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    • Dakhunter
      Dakhunter commented
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      Adjustment: u can timeshift only 2 times

    • Spooky
      Spooky commented
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      You can timeshift an unlimited amount of times; it is rewind that is limited to 2 uses per battle. And rewind that ties in with borrowed time, not timeshift.

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    Ppl need to understand that Hau is setup dragon this way he also works on lv 400s. If you fly him with the intention to kill as much as you can this dragon is worthless.

    So accept that he will do 30% damage max after he reached the totem and let the follower kill the base. If you did well you sanded all mages and flaks. Should be a walk in the park.


    • Dakhunter
      Dakhunter commented
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      I do that most of the time. Sand as much as possible then let frosty do the cleaning