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Dragon Rider skill trees, and some other questions.

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  • Dragon Rider skill trees, and some other questions.

    Has anyone worked out the full skill tree for the various dragon riders, along with the buff amounts at each level and their cost?

    It looks like the *armor* is locked to a specific dragon type (ice, fire, earth, etc), not the rider itself... is this true? Can the armor be removed from the rider after its equipped?

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    Biggest buff will come from legendary maxed gear.

    Will someone have all gears at legendary?

    - Depends on the spending habit. It's a gamble to forge these. (Season Rider comes with maxed rare gear but beta or later atlas will allow to craft gear and when you collect it it's like opening a silver chest. You know what kind of gear you get but you don't know if it's common, rare, epic or legendary)

    Is it easy to level up gear?

    - Hell no! Even if a free gamer will have a legendary piece there is no way to level it up. Crafting costs like 3k of two gems each and leveling legendary is 34k for the one gem and 41k for the other gem type. For 1 Level Btw.

    Is armor restricted to the element type of the dragon?

    - Yes. If you have earth gear it will have no effect on a dark element dragon and vice Versa.

    So can I unequip my earth gear then and Bond the rider to another dragon and start crafting gear for its element?

    - Sure. Unequipping gear costs 50 rubies per piece.


    • MikeGoN2GetU
      MikeGoN2GetU commented
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      Getting Legendary is all luck. I got one my first craft. I crafted 1 complete set. of those i got 1 legendary, 1 epic, 2 rare and the rest common. I haven't bothered to craft any more as getting those scrolls is a pain and i refuse to spend on Beta.

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    I assume you can also remove dragon riders and bond them to a new dragon? What is the cost for doing that?


    • MikeGoN2GetU
      MikeGoN2GetU commented
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      2 of those Red gem things i believe.

    • Warlord
      Warlord commented
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      Zero. Either one hour waiting Time or 50 rubies. You can't speed it up with timers.

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    So Has anyone completed grogg this season. And what difference did he make ? I'm not sure I should spend on him.


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      Originally posted by Danmc1xx View Post
      So Has anyone completed grogg this season. And what difference did he make ? I'm not sure I should spend on him.
      I'm wondering the same thing.


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        So what element type is the gear that is within Groggs branch tier?
        The Unruly M👀SE


        • ITIL
          ITIL commented
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          Dark, same as all of this season's divine dragons

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        So. What buff does he offer if u complete the branch and put it on a dragon? Just looking for real numbers. Want to know if it's worth it


        • Lutrus
          Lutrus commented
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          10% attack and hp of dragon I believe.

        • Mechengg
          Mechengg commented
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          Somebody shared a screenshot of the dragon Rider with me at level 50. Keep in mind the stats can change for which tree items you select.

          +19.5% attack (10% from gear)
          +20% hp (10% from gear)
          +4.5% Archer resist
          -10% heal time
          -3.5% dragon training cost (food perhaps?)
          +6.0% dragon XP
          +0.9% cannon resist
          -2.0% enemy totem debuff

          Take from it what you will. The branch items account for 9.5%/10% attack and hp with the gear making up the rest.

        • MaQleod
          MaQleod commented
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          That seems pretty substantial. A permanent +20% to both attack and hp is a pretty big deal, especially if you combine it with the standard +30% boosts (I guessing the +30% boost just takes from the base dragon stats and not stacked with the rider?). Either way, that is likely enough to make even a mediocre dragon usable again, or make a top-notch dragon extremely challenging to defend against.

          I wonder, will the addition of the rider be noted in the attack summary when your base is hit?