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  • Research

    hi all,
    wanted Some advice regarding research
    in breeding event I am a little bit locked backbreeding Quetz
    so I Will not score big in event for the team
    i am looking to Some options
    Looking at my research I see I Still have the blue cloak and havoc bonus to do
    also the 10% lightning resist and Some gold research options

    Are cloak, havoc and lightning resist worth the egg tokens?

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    Blue research eggs are pretty cheap, so I would do at least lightning resist and cloak. I don't believe there are any dragons at your level that have Havoc spell, and it seems like the new divines do not have "ordinary" spells like Havoc. Even at level 63, and just getting into Gold dragons, I decided to skip the Havoc research as Urd is the only decent dragon ahead of me that has the spell.
    Can you do some green research eggs? They seem to be the ones my teammates never have enough of.


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      Save your eggs for next event. Explain to your team you need to level up some dragons they will understand


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        Havoc and steal essence?
        got 90k eggs left๐Ÿ˜


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          fast level Quetz so you can open up the sapphire breeding. Use XP pots and run your multipliers. You can get him breedable before the end of the event and then jump into sapphire breeding.


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            Will try๐Ÿ˜


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              These researches are all very good imo. Definitely at least do the cheap ones for now - cloak and havoc. Lightning resist is also extremely helpful and worth the extra cost at some point (its a green tier research iirc). Especially if you fly hunters, you wont want to miss out on any of these.


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                I have all of the red through orange since they were so cheap.
                I have all of the main lines of green (the four straight across items in each of the 3 main lines of base/economy/dragon) as well as the single +2 hunter ammo research item.
                That is as far as i went with research, i'm down to 7 green eggs so i can't progress past the /70 stage of +4% hunter damage to be able to spend my 30 gold eggs on +4% sorcerer attack and then on to the last +12% dragon XP which is really what i was after. Oh well, i'll wait until they make a change


                • MareZ
                  MareZ commented
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                  Yeah I also stopped after the +2 hunter ammo and the starting rage if I remember correctly.
                  The next great research would be healing during cloak (plat research?) but that's totally out of range and too expensive for me.

                • Frequincy
                  Frequincy commented
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                  It would help out with the green research wall at least til they come up with a way to fix it, if PG would take the locks off of the gold and platinum slots allowing the players who do have gold & plat eggs to use those PGJared EggToken think this can get some table talk